Best Week Ever


What To Make Of All Of This Beyontroversy? (Beyontroversé?)

What’s the big deal? Queen B got a little backtracked assistance during her Presidential National Anthem debut. Wouldn’t we all like a little backtracked assistance sometime? But lip-syncing, especially that little move she pulled with the earpiece, made it appear that Bey was hiding it from us. And we don’t like when our celebrities hide things from us. As you can imagine, this became a huge deal and everyone weighed in–causing us to give it this catchy name (you like?) and have our very own Nick Turner set things straight.

What do you say, NicK?


Wait, So Who Had The Best Week Ever? Was It Mel Gibson?

With 51% of the vote, you said Mel Gibson had the Best Week Ever. Too bad we were all STRICKEN BY THE FLU to pay attention to the voice of the people. So we went with the flu. Because, apparently, the only thing you can think about when you have the flu is…THE FLU.

Sorry, Mel, THE FLU had the Best Week Ever. There’s always The Oscars.

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Double Dare Meets Billy On The Street With The Julia Roberts Obstacle Course

There is only one way to sum up superstar Julia Roberts’ glamourous life and career, and that apparently is an OBSTACLE COURSE. Leave it to Billy on the Street to create a street-side (Brooklyn!) Double Dare-meets-Access Hollywood course where each obstacle represents a part of Julia’s existence? Remember The Pelican Brief? Dig through a crude barrel of oil to find a pelican. Eat, Pray, Love? Slide down into a “bowl” of spaghetti and meatballs. Luckily, Rachel Dratch owed Billy a favor (or someone from her “team” did) so she gets to “drink the juice” and crawl through a contaminated lake (ie Erin Brockovich).