Best Week Ever


DEBATE: Is Bradley Cooper Hotter As A Frenchman?

Yesterday, video surfaced of one very tan, very dapper Bradley Cooper promoting his new movie The Hangover Part II on French television. And then… The Biggest Bombshell of 2011: Bradley Cooper Speaks French. At first, people were like “OMD” (Oh Mon Dieu). And then they were like “Quuuuooooiiii?” because no one could understand what was happening.

But indeed, it is true: Bradley Cooper speaks fluent French. He also graduated Georgetown University with a degree in English… How gauche. He also used to have really dorky hair.

But there did seem to be a trend emerging after yesterday’s original post: Many ladies (and gents) found Bradley to be infinitely sexier after learning about his French tendencies. One commenter posited:

“Je was never tres into le Bradley Cooper, mais he just got beaucoup more attractive.”

While another added:

“Merci Michelle. Au revoir, maintenant je suis une stalker professionnelle de Bradley Cooper.”

Which translates into:

“Thank you Michelle. Goodbye, now I am a professional stalker of Bradley Cooper.”

And a trend emerged: While English-speaking Bradley Cooper was certainly nothing to sneeze at, French-speaking Bradley Cooper was… well… why don’t you click play and watch me say the words I’m feeling live and in person. HINT: I rip a baguette in half on live television:

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