Best Night Ever


Best Night Ever for Monday, November 10th!

Wake up, it’s time for the Best Night Ever! Happy 11/11! Celebrate this great day of lots of 1’s with Brian Faas recapping the best moments from last night’s Dancing With The Stars, Inside The Actor’s Studio with Dave Chapelle, and Gossip Girl! Get on it!


Best Night Ever for Wednesday, November 5th!

Hey there, election-hangover! While you were getting back into post-campaign life, we were finding the best clips of TV last night in the Best Night Ever! Here’s Shea Hess with the best moments from Sons of Anarchy, America’s Next Top Model, and Stylista! Yes You Can (watch TV highlights on the internet)!


Best Night Ever for Tuesday, November 4th!

Wake up America, there’s something new in the air…’s the Best Night Ever, brand new for today! (What else were you thinking? That’s weird…) Craig Rowin is here with all the election coverage of the night! Lezzz do it!


Best Night Ever for Thursday, October 30th!

Boooooooooooo! Did we scare you? Do you need to change those undies? Get em’ changed and then cozy up to the undead Craig Rowin with a spoooooky Best Night Ever with clips from The Office, My Name Is Earl, LA Ink, and the season premiere of 30 Rock! I want to suck your blood (Thatswhatshesaid)!


Best Night Ever for Wednesday, October 29th!

Open up and say aaaaah! Here’s the Best Night Ever! And here’s Leslie Collins to give you a dose of Wednesday TV from Deal Or No Deal, America’s Next Top Model, and Stylista! So chew on that.


Best Night Ever, for Tuesday October 28th!

Wa pow! What was that feeling? Stop asking questions, it was the Best Night Ever coming to town from awesomeville to smack you in the face with a new video. Join Max Silvestri and cozi up to the boob tube (on the internet now since it’s a wrap up, duh) to see the best TV moments of Tuesday night from shows like Frank TV, House, and The Biggest Loser! Now go tell all your friends!


Best Night Ever for Sunday, October 26th!

Get your chompers ready for a week of office halloween candy! And get your mind ready for MCC as he brings you the best Sunday TV moments from Rock of Love: Charm School, The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, and Dexter! Now go back to pulling sticky things from your fillings.

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Best Night Ever for Thursday, October 23rd!

Hold onto your hats there pardners, it’s the Best Night Ever! Quit yer’ whining, pull up a chair and catch up with good TV from Thursday with ol’ Craig Rowin and see what tender gold nuggets he found on The Office and Survivor! Go on…git in there!

Hay! I heard Craig’s got himself a website! Go there now pardner!


Best Night Ever for Thursday, October 16th!

Move over Joe the Plumber, because here comes the Best Night Ever, ready to fix the economy! While McCain and Barack were yuckin’ it up at some fancy dinner, Craig Rowin (and his guest Rory Panagotopulos) were cookin’ up the best moments from The Office, Kath & Kim, and Hole In The Wall! Sit back, relax, and relive all those campfire moments of last night’s TV!

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