10 New Photos Of Downton Abbey SEASON THREE!

Here are 10 new photos of the cast of Downton Abbey filming Season 3, slated to air in England this coming September (and on PBS in January of 2013). The photos are somewhat mundane, but we know how absurd Season 2 of the show got, so we can only assume that they’re actually photos of EVEN CRAZIER STUFF happening that we just don’t know yet.

Here are the 10 Downton Abbey Season 3 photos, along with our educated guesses of what is probably happening:


OH MY GOD IT’S CARSON! Where is he walking? To Downton Abbey to arrange silverware? To a new RIVAL Abbey, UPTON Abbey? Or he’s dead and his spirit is returning to haunt Thomas for using the incorrect livery for Tuesday night soup with a young up-and-coming politician named WINSTON CHURCHILL?


The entire Third Season is filmed first-person from Lord Grantham’s perspective, and this is everyone smiling at him.

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10 Things You’ll Need For Your Arrested Development Viewing Party

Netflix just announced that they’ll be releasing all 10 of the new Arrested Development episodes on THE SAME DAY, which means, obviously, that it’s basically already time to start planning our official Arrested Development viewing parties. Here’s a list of 10 Things You’ll Need For A Successful Arrested Development Viewing Party, assuming, of course, “The Final Countdown” is already on your iPod several times over:

10. Booze


9. Banners


8. Balloons


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Honor The Titanic’s 100th Anniverary With The 20 Tackiest Titanic-Themed Gifts

April 15th, 2012 will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, one of the most notoriously tragic events in recent human history (redeemed somewhat by its indirectly causing Downton Abbey). If you’re looking to honor this momentous anniversary in a classy manner truly befitting the dignity of the Titanic’s lost souls, then there’s probably something else you can do, but if you just want to drop a few bucks on a random object with “TITANIC” slapped on it, then you are in luck, sir or madame with specific wants!!!

Here’s our official BWE Buyer’s Guide to the 20 Tackiest Titanic-Themed Gifts. CLASS is officially in session:

20. I Heart Titanic Tank Top

An exact replica of the one worn by the ship’s Captain 100 years ago:

[Photo: Amazon]

19. $19 Heart of the Ocean

I want you to draw me wearing this… Wearing ONLY this… and this ‘Titanic Rules’ hat… and these sunglasses with the hologram eyes… and this “Titanic Is #1!” foam finger…


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In Honor Of Tax Day: The 12 Sexiest Celebrity Tax Evaders Ever!

Everyone knows that not paying taxes can become a celebrity’s legacy. (Go with me on this.) When someone mentions Willie Nelson or Wesley Snipes, if you don’t automatically make a joke about weed or Passenger 57, the next easy go-to in your bag of Nelson-Snipes jokes is totally about tax evasion, I just know it. But stars who don’t abide by the tax code are such a common thing that it’s not that shocking anymore once you hear who’s been in hot water for it. Martha Stewart. Snoop Dogg. Val Kilmer. Teri Polo! Clearly she wasn’t reporting her income from being a Miss America judge.

So sure, lots of celebs get in trouble for it, but haven’t we all wondered who the sexiest tax evaders are? We sure have:

12. Burt Reynolds

This centerfold was no angel (see what I did there?), Burt owed the state of California $225,000 back in 1996.


11. Sophia Loren

Back in the early 1980’s, Sophia owed Italy over $600,000. You know if Berlusconi was president back then, she would have gotten away with it.

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The 20 Things You Find When Looking For Last Year’s Tax Return

I had my annual appointment with my tax guy this week, which is USUALLY the one day a year I actually feel like something resembling an actual adult (I’m shoveling Starburst Crazy Beans into my mouth while typing this), except for this year, because I spent several hours tearing my room apart looking for my 2011 tax forms and couldn’t find them, but what I DID find was just random stupid thing after random stupid thing to remind me that I’m a complete failure as a functional grownup.

Here are 20 Things I Found Much Quicker Than My 2011 Tax Forms – hopefully most of you who’ve wasted a day looking for something can relate:

1. Two Copies Of Super Mario Bros. 3

2. Incubus Ticket Stub From 2002

3. Ernest DVDs

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A 2012 Major League Baseball Preview Based Entirely On Team-Name Cuteness

The 2012 Major League Baseball Season is officially upon us, and while I’d love to channel my enthusiasm into a big “MLB Season Preview” post, most of my past attempts to sneak pseudo-sportswriting onto BWE have been met with varying degrees of reader-apathy.

So, rather than completely give up, let’s meet somewhere in the middle with something everyone on Bestweekever DOES like: Random, adorable photos of things. Here’s a division-by-division breakdown of what to expect this Baseball Season based entirely on the cuteness of one photo representing each team nickname. LET THE ANALYSIS BEGIN:

American League East

1. Baltimore Orioles

2. Boston Red Sox

[Photo: Flickr]

3. New York Yankees

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5 Photos Of Michael Fassbender In Birthday Hats

Today marks not only our first day here on without the irreplaceable Michelle Collins (we are in extreme tragic denial and thus cannot emotionally elaborate on this sad fact), but it also JUST SO HAPPENS to be the birthday of one Michael Fassbender, aka, quite possibly Michelle’s most-covered hot topic of all time.

In honor of both Mr. Fassbender’s birthday and Michelle’s impossibly-timed departure, we present on her behalf this imaginary list of 5 Photos Of Michael Fassbender In Party Hats:



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