The Most Whistle-riffic Tweetastic Songs That Use Ref Whistles

Music is a an everchanging art form that grows and evolves with new styles and techniques, new artists and sounds. Remember the keytar? They didn’t have that instrument of the angels 100 years ago. The beatbox? An instrument of the mouth that really blew up in the 80′s. But what I like are the instruments that aren’t instruments at all – until some genius decides, “Hey, that’d sound bangin’ in a song! Let’s use it! High fives!” Enter the Ref whistle. Once used only for sporting events, by traffic cops, and gym teachers, the Ref whistle has become an exclamation point in music to say, “Hey,I just blew that Ref whistle and you know what that means…let’s get this party goin’!” Here are some prime examples:

Ying Yang Twins – Get Low
Let's get things going with a recipe for a new rap song: 1 part "da club" location. 2 parts fast rapping hip hop group that sounds like most other hip hop groups and wears HUGE t-shirts. 1 Chalis full of Krunk Juice. A dude with dreads and a ridiculous hat whose sole purpose is to scream a lot (Lil' Jon will do). 300 booty shakin' girls. and 1 Ref whistle blown constantly. Play 3 1/2 minutes and put on repeat for Spring Break. Enjoy.

Planet Unicorn Theme

AcceptableTV brought us this gem of a show about a young gay boy who wished for a planet full of unicorns, and thankfully he got that wish. Thus, Planet Unicorn (heyyyy!).

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12 New Excuses for Undecided Voters To Stay Undecided

guyWe are 12 days away from the finale of America’s Next Top World Leader, and everyone wants you to get off your chaise lounge and VOTE. But somehow you still haven’t made up your mind. To prepare for the fire of questions you will face from your friends and those warm people handing out campaign buttons and pamphlets on the street, here is an excuse a day to get you to the voting booth. If you finally decide to go.

12. I HATE Palin. But I love pageants. So…I’m giving it some time.

11. I figure if I wait it out, McCain could go anyday, and then I won’t have to make a decision.

10. I’m waiting til’ Halloween to see how convincing the Barack-Biden and McCain-Palin costumes are. I don’t want 4 years of bad costume choices.

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A List Of Insane Bikes

Biking is back (did it ever leave? Can I get ‘what whaaaaat!’) and it’s getting pretty insane. Hipsters are parading around the hippest parts of hip cities on their fixed gear bikes, nerds are modding out their bikes, and engineers are in the game doing things to bikes that make them more aerodynamic and just nerdier. Now I’ll be the first to say that I bought a bike a few months ago (like I said did it ever leave? What whaaaaat!). I opted for a sensible 10-speed that has been sensibly resting against the wall in my apartment for a while now. Bikes are the new city accessory, I agree, and I’m not hating. But some of them…come on people. Come on.

Here are some of the crazy bikes out there. And trust me, they’re only getting crazier.

The Disco Bike:

Do you remember in the movie Rad where they did a couples bike dance? Two months after that hit theaters this bike was invented. You take the disco and the bike with you, and you’ve got a romantic bike dance scene anytime.

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The 10 Most Stupidly Accurate South Park Song Parodies

Bono in AfricaThe song parody — always clever, usually interesting, and yet, almost never actually funny. Except when South Park does them and clearly doesn’t give a sh*t, resulting in something that’s almost always both laugh-out-loud funny and strangely accurate in its lameness.

Or maybe I happened to catch the “Cher” clip on a rerun the other night and threw together a lengthy excuse to post it on BWE. Oop! Too late. Enjoy.

10. R. Kelly — “Trapped In The Closet”

If only there were some way to watch R. Kelly watching this clip and commenting…

9. Phil Collins — “You’ll Be In Me”

They’ve made light of AIDS, Iraq, and pedophilia, but Matt & Trey had some balls to go after the Tarzan soundtrack:

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The 10 Least Catchy Wall Street Protest Signs

The proposed Wall Street government bailout has drawn considerable backlash from irate protesters. Everyone knows the best part of any worthwhile protest are the hilariously lame protest-pun signs, but while these Wall Street haters may have principles, they don’t seem to understand the concept of catchy protest slogans. Here are some of the lowlights:

10. “No Wall St. Bailout”

Wall st Bailout

Not ‘catchy’ per se, but stellar graphic design skill.

9. “Now Clean It Up For ME Now!!!”

Wall St Pig

Man, Primus is pissed.

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Five Possible Roles For The Two New Lost Cast Members

According to, Lost has added two more cast members for the upcoming season — Saïd Taghmaoui, who will play “Caesar”, and Zuleikha Robinson, who will play “Ilana”. Executive producer Damon Lindelof wouldn’t comment specifically about their roles, but he did mention that the characters would play “an important part of the setup for the final act of the show in season 6.”

Ilana and Caesar

Because we’re a bunch of shameless whores when it comes to Lost, we’re not going to sit idly by without wildly speculating about how these two characters are going to factor into the show’s eventual conclusion. Here are five possible roles for the two new cast members that would tie up a few of the show’s thousand loose ends:

1. Caesar and Ilana are Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Caesar and Ilana come out of their polar bear suits and reveal themselves as secret agents working for Charles Widmore. Desmond proclaims “Wait — so you’re unstuck in time too?” Caesar says “Yup, you got it.” Abrupt cut to Lost titler.

2. Jack and Kate were really Caesar and Ilana the whole time

Mission Impossible Masks

Jack and Kate each dramatically remove their masks and Mission Impossible-style voice-changing thingies, and reveal that they were these other people the whole time. They both agree this is surprising. Abrupt cut to Lost titler.

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10 Professional Dogs Taking The Day Off

In honor of Labor Day, and in solidarity with all of us who don’t want to work on Monday, here are 10 pictures of professional dogs slackin’ on the job.

1. Surgeon Dog Surgeon Dog
Milk Bone, some water and a pillow, stat!

2. Professor Dog Professor Dog

Dog won’t be grading (or eating) any homework this weekend!

3. Construction Dog Construction Dog

Lying down — typical Union worker! Also it’s a dog.

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The 30 Porniest American Apparel Ads

30. It Fits

“It” = A penis? The clothing? A clothed penis? A penis?

29. Leotard

Truly an outfit for any occasion, from ‘casual’ to ‘getting nailed in mid-figure skating routine.’

28. Panties Door

All hot chicks pose topless in front of a door for forty-five minutes every morning.

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