5 Amazing Water Droplet Animal ‘Sculptures’

Ridiculousness Alert! German Artist and Photographer Markus Reugels — who you may recall from his insane water droplet photographs — just unveiled his latest creation, a “Water Droplet Zoo,” meaning, he spent thousands of hours photographing colored water droplets to come up with ones that abstractly resembled animals.

Make sense? Doesn’t matter, because it’s cramazing — here’s 5 of the photos on display (Click For Full Size):


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11 Absurdly Elaborate Costumes From The Heidi & Seal Halloween Party

Heidi Klum and Seal threw a Halloween Party Monday night (no, not their weekend ‘Bodies Exhibit costume’ party, a different one), and clearly, their celeb guests felt the pressure to match their notorious costume-ridiculousness with ridiculously elaborate costumes of their own.

Here, to make sure SOMEONE on the internet is covering celebrity Halloween costumes (it’s so hard to find coverage, riiiight?), and to lightly compliment these celebrities we so often disparage, are 11 Absurdly Elaborate Costumes from the Heidi & Seal 2011 Halloween Party (click any for Full Size):

1. Heidi Klum & Seal

2. Philipe & David Blond

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The 20 Best Obviously Unlicensed Halloween Costumes

Why plunk down $100 for an “official” Spider-Man costume when you can get a perfectly good “Heroic Web Throwing Man” suit for a fraction of the cost? Here’s our handy BWE rundown of some costumes that are nice and legal without all the unwanted hassle of being “actual things.” Generically enjoy!

20. Wizard Academy Warlock

Harry Potter

We must battle against The Costume Who Must Not Be Named!

19. Dreamgirl Shop-a-holic

Elle Woods

She’s Legally Yellowhaired.

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The 50 Nerdiest Jack O’ Lanterns

We all have nerdy obsessions, but spending countless hours channeling those obsessions into intricately-designed pumpkins truly represents another stratosphere of too-impressive-to-be-sad geekiness. In honor of these brave, unselfconscious souls who assuredly got laid instantly after carving these, here’s a list of The 50 Nerdiest Jack O’ Lanterns Ever:

50. Battlestar Cylon

49. Tetris

48. Settlers Of Catan Board

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9 Animals Carving Their Jack O’ Lanterns For Zoo Halloween

What’s better than seasonal pumpkin-themed coffees, beers, and pastries all put together? How about pumpkin-themed ZOOS??

The London Zoo spruced up some of their animal enclosures this week by adding pumpkins so the animals could kind of curiously nudge them and eat them and make us laugh GET THEIR JACK O’ LANTERNS READY FOR HALLOWEEN!



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The 50 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Halloween Costumes

When selecting a Halloween costume, there’s as many different approaches as there are non-friends’ Halloween parties you annually weasel your way out of attending: Do you go with something sexy? Something scary? Something just cool or funny or dumb or nostalgia-ey? It’s pretty much up to you.

However, there’s one category of ready-made costumes that should never, EVER be worn: Costumes that are trying to be funny, sexy, or referential, but when you actually see them, they’re creepy as f**k. To help weed out this phenomenon, we’ve collected 50 examples from actual, current costume websites — from monstrously inaccurate characters to joke-costumes bordering on the rapey, here are this year’s 50 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Costumes:

50. Shrek Donkey

Remember that scene in Shrek The Third when Buffalo Bill murders Donkey and wears his face?

49. Orangutan

Orangutans look like this (and are friends with dogs). They do not look like this:

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The Next 10 Die Hard Sequels

Fresh off 2007’s cumbersomely-titled (but surprisingly good) fourth Die Hard installment Live Free Or Die Hard, the Dying Hard franchise has just announced a fifth Die Hard movie starring Bruce Willis and given it the official title: A Good Day To Die Hard.

Like many other shrewd franchises, Die Hard has chosen not to give its sequels convenient numbers, and instead given them increasingly long and roundabout titles that no one will ever say. In support of this chaotic but amusing trend, we offer up our own suggestions of Titles For The Next 10 Die Hard Sequels:

1. A-E-DIE-O-U And Sometimes Hard

2. IIIIIIIIIIIII Just Wanna Die (Hard)

3. Sex, Dies And Hardiotape

4. Get Busy Livin’ Hard Or Get Busy Dyin’ Hard

5. Die Hard: The Hardquel

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20 Celebrity Halloween Costumes We Can’t Believe Exist

With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve taken the liberty of using our collective celebrity-and-Halloween-costume-loving minds to scour the internet’s vast array of celeb-themed costumes — knowing full well that there are people out there who’ll buy anything — to unearth this list of 20 Celebrity Halloween Costumes We Can’t Believe Exist. From the hilariously non-topical to the “There’s a factory actually making these in 2011?” (that’s an adjective), here are 20 celeb-themed costumes we just couldn’t imagine anyone buying. Unironically, at least. As for ironically, well, we might have a 20-person celebrity group costume on our hands…

All costumes are pulled from actual, active Halloween costume websites:

20. Jay Leno

Team Coco, meet Team Excellent Costume-O.

19. Coolio

You’ll be spending all your night living in a HALLOWEEN Paradise (of people being like, “Great Coolio costume!”)

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15 Pixar Characters Who Miss Steve Jobs

Somewhat overlooked in the unending and entirely deserved praise for Steve Jobs over the past 12 hours is the fact that if it weren’t for Steve Jobs, Pixar would not exist.

To honor yet another wholly significant contribution in the life of Steve Jobs, we pay homage to our personal favorite aspect of his incalculable legacy with this list of 15 Pixar Characters Who Also Miss Steve Jobs:

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5 Commercials Proving That The Taco Bell Dog Was Kind Of An A-Hole

In honor of National Taco Day, we planned to post a series of videos fondly remembering everyone’s favorite catchphrase-spawning 90s taco mascot, Gidget the Taco Bell Chihuahua (RIP!) However, as our interns began illegally thieving these 90s relics from the Library of Congress, we couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming evidence stacking up proving that the beloved Taco Bell Chihuahua was, in fact, kind of an a-hole?

We now pass the evidence along to you — not to put a damper on National Taco Day, but here are 5 Commercials Proving That The Taco Bell Dog Was Kind Of An A-Hole:

1. Bus Hijack

Briefly forgetting that Taco Bell Tacos are cheap and readily available, Gidget hijacks a bus full of people and attempts to vehicularly murder a mother of two.

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