‘The Breakfast Club’ 30 Years Later: Where is the Cast Now?

The Breakfast Club

The 1985 John Hughes teen comedy classic The Breakfast Club celebrates its 30th anniversary on February 15. That’s right, it’s been thirty years since the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess, and the criminal walked into detention as strangers and left as something else. The beloved coming-of-age film — which was a critical and box office success upon its release — featured some of the biggest stars of the ’80s, who all graduated to various levels of success after The Breakfast Club. Read more…

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The Secret to Ava DuVernay’s Success


For aspiring entertainers, it’s easy to want to give up the dream when you turn on the TV or flip through a magazine. You’re bombarded with images of superstar prodigies, making millions doing what you’re hustling to do and amassing thousands of fans all before they’re even old enough to rent a car. The myth is: once you’re 25, you’re way past your prime. That Oscar? Forget it and find a desk job. Read more…

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A Guide to Clint Eastwood Films Streaming on Netflix


Clint Eastwood is behind the lens of another Oscar contender: American Sniper. Led by Bradley Cooper, the film adapts the biography of Chris Kyle, a celebrated Navy SEAL Sniper who struggles to reconcile his family life with his four tours in Iraq. Already a critical hit, the film, which is in limited release now and out everywhere Jan. 16, is a shining trophy on Eastwood’s stacked career mantle. Suffice it to say, that mantle is worth perusing.
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The Best Film and TV Reunions of the Year

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For any pop culture junkie, 2014 was a nostalgia overload. It seemed like every other week, actors from cult TV shows and movies would tweet reunion pics with their former cast members, sending fangirls and boys into a frenzy.
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Who Is Ava DuVernay?


It’s time to hop on the Ava DuVernay bandwagon before it leaves you in the dust. Thanks to her beautiful film Selma, which focuses on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches led by Martin Luther King, Jr., the 42-year-old filmmaker just made history: DuVernay is now the first African-American woman to ever earn a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director. An Oscar nomination is sure to follow.
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Here Are 15 Movie Musical Adaptations That Don’t Suck

Movie Musicals

Film and television adaptations of popular musicals haven’t been doing so hot lately. After enduring the disastrous live-action Peter Pan that aired on NBC earlier this month – not to mention last year’s The Sound of Music featuring Carrie Underwood “acting” – plus less-than-stellar translations of Nine (2009) and Rock of Ages (2012), is it possible Broadway and the screen just don’t mix?

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