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Krispy Kreme’s “Best Friends” Video Is Pretty Much Friendship 101

I looked at the sky and cried one tear when I saw there was a new Krispy Kreme video. It was of joy. Then I cried one more tear when I saw Krispy Kreme’s best friend Money Maker Mike had been kidnapped by a 17-year-old drug lord named James. It was of sadness. Then I cried some more tears when I remembered that Krispy Kreme would probably get shot 500 times and use his infinity knives to defend his buddy. Oh, and also it occurred to me that:

  • Putting Money Maker Mike in a hood is really unnecessary when James is clearly just taking him back to his mom’s house.
  • That burned-out house behind Krispy Kreme is probably where he lives, right? For cred?
  • The lines “I knocked him out with one punch/yup, yup, he had a knuckle sandwich for lunch” are just adorable.
  • It’s okay for an adult to nearly tear up at these goofy bros making videos and being buddies, right? Right? I’m going to say yes.

Rest in peace, Tupac Shakur. You missed some great stuff being gone, but mainly this video.



Michael Jackson Didn’t Die, He Just Benjamin Buttoned Into This Kid

Americas Got Talent Michael Jackson Kid

Here’s a clip from America’s Got Talent of 6-year-old Issac Brown, an unbelievably adorable kid from St. Louis performing a kid-tastical version of The Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back”. (A six-year-old singing “I Want You Back”? Crazy! That song’s totally written for someone who’s AT LEAST eight.)

I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson just aged-backwards into this kid, Benjamin Button style, with the MJ-creepiness morphing into hilarious charisma:

That Kid Is The… (Circle One): Best / SUPERBEST ?

Sidenote: It’s nice to see Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent – FINALLY he has the creative freedom he needs to really do his own thing.


Nintendo Versions Of Radiohead Albums Are The Internet’s First Good Thing

Here are the Radiohead albums Kid A and OK Computer re-created as 8-bit Nintendo versions of themselves. It’s both albums in their complete entirety and you can skip between songs, and it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll hear all life.

I knew if we kept coming back to this virtual flaming garbage heap that we call “Intranet”, eventually it would generate something amazing; it’s like that old adage about a million monkeys working at a million typewriters then killing time from those typewriters by looking at the monkey internet – eventually, they’ll produce a remix of Hamlet shouting Big Lebowski quotes at Admiral Ackbar.

8-Bit Kid A:

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Gotye Only Exists So We Can Watch Videos Of Babies Dancing To Gotye

Baby Dancing To GotyeThe internet seems to be aflush with “kid-ized” Gotye videos these days (if ‘aflush’ isn’t a word, then pretend I said ‘fullerino’), where parents keep filming their kids singing or dancing to “Somebody That I Used To Know” in the hopes of sharing their hilariously spontaneous love of synthy breakup songs for the internet’s welcoming amusement.

It’s basically at the point now where I’m preeetty sure Gotye only ever existed to give kids an opportunity to be filmed dancing to Gotye, marking the most forward-thinking viral-marketing moment in music history (or at least, ever since Rick Astley foresaw the internet existing eventually and recording that hilarious psyche-out in the late 80s and being like, “You’ll understand this in 20 years…”)

My point is, let’s all watch this adorable and great video of a baby dancing to Gotye:

Check out two more videos proving the above thesis over at Strollerderby.


PROVEN: The Entire World Knows The Fresh Prince Theme Song

Will Smith Fresh Prince Theme England

Here’s Will Smith appearing on the Graham Norton Show in England to discuss still being recognized to this day primarily from Fresh Prince, then proving this theory by organizing a giant group singalong to the Fresh Prince theme, and everyone in the audience ( / world) knows every single word.

I recall once having an argument with friends about what song the most people in the world know all the words to, and I lobbied hard that amongst our general age group, the Fresh Prince theme had to be right up there, if not #1. I’m glad this video seems to have finally proven that, so take note, whoever I was arguing with that night (college friends and/or a Yorkie I was dogsitting one weekend in ’03 while watching Fresh Prince reruns):

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Painfully Sincere Facebook Song Will Be Our National Anthem Inside Of Five Years

I can’t say for sure that we’ll all eventually pledge allegiance to a flag printed with Mark Zuckerberg‘s face. I’m just saying loving Facebook as much as the writers of the “Thank You Facebook Song” love Facebook is the new patriotism, and this video is a visual victory garden.

Personally, I suspect we’re all going to be singing “I’m tagging you, you’re tagging me and we’re making history” before every cyborg baseball game soon enough, our jaunty neck scarves soaked with sentimental tears.



The 15 Lamest Bands With Really Intense Names

We haven’t done a random ‘music argument’ list in a while, so here’s a topic for discussion: Really lame bands with really intense band names. As in, bands whose actual music doesn’t live up to the aggressiveness, violence, or intensity implied by their band name, often to hilarious degrees.

A CRUCIAL DISTINCTION: “Lame” does not necessarily mean “Bad”. I enjoy many of the bands on this list – I enjoy Billy Joel too, for example, but Billy Joel is overwhelmingly lame, and these things are not mutually exclusive.

Here are The 15 Lamest Bands With Intense Names, ordered by increasing discrepancy between “Name Intensity” and “Music Lameness”, using official science:

15. Five For Fighting

The band name connotes “Five Minutes” for a fighting penalty in ice hockey, or just five people who are “for” fighting, two concepts that are both slightly incongruous with the ever-so-whinily delivered lyric “Only a man in a funny red sheet / Looking for special things inside of me.” THEM’S FIVETIN’ WORDS! (That means starting five fights)

14. Savage Garden

savĀ·age – adjective

1. fierce, ferocious, or cruel; untamed: savage beasts.
2. uncivilized; barbarous: savage tribes.
3. desiring to stand with you on a mountain, bathe with you in the sea, live like this forever until the sky falls down on me.

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Donna Summer’s Greatest Simpsons Moment

Simpsons Work Hard For The Money

Disco icon Donna Summer passed away today from cancer at the age of 63.

To be honest, we feel slightly inadequate attempting to properly eulogize someone whose career largely predated our upbringing (save for the occasional “Last Dance” karaoke butchering in our adult lifetime), so instead, here’s our personal favorite Donna Summer-related moment.

Here’s Homer Simpson singing “She Works Hard For The Money” using a tape-recorder-robot to successfully get out of a day of work. Apologies for the poor video quality, but I was ecstatic this was on the internet at all:

RIP, Donna Summer – thanks for the hits, and Homer thanks you for the flawlessly-executed day off.

You can watch a higher-quality (and WAAAAY stranger) Spanish version after the jump:

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LOL FOREVER At This 90s Punk CD Commercial

Punk CD Compilation

Yo man, you like Punk music? Nah, not that wussy Stooges / Clash BS, I mean like, REAL Punk. I’m talking Huey Lewis And The News, Men At Work, Crowded House, Tommy Tutone – you know, PUNK Punk. Bands that are so punk, you almost need a punkier term to refer to them. Let’s call it “Punkpunkpunk” cause they’re like triple the Punk.

This early-90s ad for a CD compilation called “Punk” has all your favorite Punk tunes and more! It’s like stepping into CBGB’s in mid-1979 just in time to catch the Thompson Twins launch into a heroin-feuled rage and drop their instruments right in the middle of their generational punk anthem “Hold Me Now”. TUNES, MAN:

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Kids Re-Enact “Sabotage” Video For Most Adorable MCA Tribute Yet

Sabotage Kids Video

We’ll never get tired of the internet’s Adam Yauch tributes, but we especially won’t get tired of videos where three kids in wigs and mustaches re-enact the “Sabotage” music video scene-for-scene.

The title of “Most Adorable Musician Tribute Ever” has officially been claimed. No offense, Coldplay, but you are not three kids in wigs and mustaches re-enacting the “Sabotage” music video scene-for-scene:

(via The High Definite)