Laguna Beach Finale– Recap!


Did you miss the Laguna Beach finale last night? Of course you didn’t. Well, just in case you know somebody who did miss it, send them over to TVGasm for the recap.

Full Laguna recap here. When you’re done wiping the tears from your face, let’s talk about LC’s upcoming show The Hills. Can’t. Wait. For. That.


“Dear Martha, Good Show… Corny Ending”


I have a confession to make:  I went into the new The Apprentice:  Martha Stewart
with lower expectations than most. I’m not a Martha hater but after the
last season of Trump’s Apprentice, I had soured on the show and its
concept. Now that I’ve seen the premiere of Martha’s version, I can
happily admit I was wrong. I really enjoyed the show – so much so that
afterwards I celebrated by whipping up some fresh homemade cream sauce
in honor of Martha. And then I cleaned up and went to the kitchen to
cook something as well.

TVgasm has the recap on Martha Stewart‘s latest show. But to sum it up for you real quick-like, The Apprentice just isn’t the same without Donald Trump’s marvelous hair.[TVGASM recap]


Emmy Flashbacks


Somehow it didn’t seem like a complete waste of time watching the Emmy Awards this year. Maybe it was the occasional Family Guy clip or William Shatner singing the Star Trek theme song but it could have been so much worse. Star Jones could have been our host. Anyway, Oh No they didn’t has all the emmy recaps you can handle.

Emmy Arrivals

More Emmy Arrivals

Emmy ‘Idol’ Downloads

Emmy award time

Emmy Hair

Kristen Bell Performance

If you missed out about find out about all the winners and losers.

Also check out TVgasm’s Emmy Award Live Blogging transcript.


Real World: Austin– Start Stalking the 7 Strangers

Thanks to the Internet, you can be a stalker in 3 easy steps. First step, go here and find out the details  behind Real World Austin cast members, where you’ll find a list of the bars they have been caught visiting on a regular basis. The list is complete with full addresses and phone numbers so you can call in advance to see if your favorite member is dancing on the bar yet.

The second step is to read these two live journal accounts of "Counselor Shawn" which you can find here and here. 

Finally once you hunt down the cast member’s bar of choice, be sure to thank me when you get yourself invited back to their house. Or you could steal me a towel. Either way, I’ll take what I can get. Oh and be sure to remember to say ‘hi’ to your mom when the camera rolls by.