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LEAKED: The Final Shot In The Game Of Thrones Finale

The Game Of Thrones Season 2 Finale airs this Sunday night, and while we usually refrain from posting spoilers here on BWE (unlike SOME OTHER websites with the letters “EW” that also actually provide actual information), this one was just TOO SHOCKING not to pass along.


Behold, the final shot in the Game Of Thrones Finale:

Game Of Thrones Over

Dun dun DUNNNNN!!!!!!

Before you say to yourself, “Does that joke even make sense?” I will answer your question with another: “What joke?” You Just WAIT.


Nintendo Versions Of Radiohead Albums Are The Internet’s First Good Thing

Here are the Radiohead albums Kid A and OK Computer re-created as 8-bit Nintendo versions of themselves. It’s both albums in their complete entirety and you can skip between songs, and it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll hear all life.

I knew if we kept coming back to this virtual flaming garbage heap that we call “Intranet”, eventually it would generate something amazing; it’s like that old adage about a million monkeys working at a million typewriters then killing time from those typewriters by looking at the monkey internet – eventually, they’ll produce a remix of Hamlet shouting Big Lebowski quotes at Admiral Ackbar.

8-Bit Kid A:

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MIT Student Creates Real Life MarioKart, Sustains Critical Shell Injury

Real Life MarioKart

An MIT grad student named Charles Guan has built a working “Chibikart”, a tiny motorized go kart with four-wheel drive designed to look ever-so-slightly like a real life MarioKart cart. The Kart is 30 inches long, can reach speeds of up to 26 MPH, and comes equipped with a cup holder full of the 4,500 condoms which you’ll need immediately after getting off this thing.

Here’s a video of Guan’s kart in action. He really seems to have the hang of the thing, until the very end of the video when the computer lightning-bolts him right as he’s going over a jump and he falls into lava and ends up fifth but it was total BS:

(via The Daily What Geek News)


“Super Mario Summary” Is All The Frustration Of Regular Mario Bros In Half The Time!

Today’s awesome “Because It’s The Internet” find comes to us from Johan Peitz, who designed this nerdily impressive “Super Mario Summary”, which is every level from Super Mario Bros. 1 re-imagined as one screen apiece and playable with a keyboard.

It may take a tiny fraction of the amount of time as actually playing through NES Mario Bros, but it fully captures all the nostalgia-inducing frustration of the original, right down to causing me to yell “I F***ING HIT ‘JUMP’!” out loud in my office just now while VH1 was filming a segment for a morning show and I hope the mics picked that up.

Whenever you get a spare second/day, check out the game here. I wish I could play more, but I have to…what’s that? You all want me to take the day off from work and just play Super Mario Summary and try to get all the coins and the highest flagpole ratings? FINNNNEEEEE, if you insist! You can keep looking at the pics of Hugh Grant and the World’s Fattest Cat in the meantime.

(Thanks, @matthewkfanclub!)


16-Bit Mad Men Is Your Ultimate (Final) Fantasy

Here’s an absolutely amazing graphical piece from Tauntr depicting the “Zou Bisou Bisou” party scene from the Mad Men Season 5 premiere as a 16-Bit, Super Nintendolike pixel party.

(Click For Full Size):

Mad Men: 16-Bit Zou Zou Bisou

Awesome! I always did say that the Super Nintendo Final Fantasy games needed more philandering, awkward workplace burlesque, and pseudo-rapey sex-power games. I was an advanced third grader.

Can we buy this game on the Wii and play it somehow? I’ve been trying to fuse my Wii to my DVR for an hour now and nothing’s happening. I thought for a second I was playing “Frozen Planet” but it was just Chill Penguin’s level from Mega Man X. Will keep you posted.

(Tauntr via Popculturebrain)


Super Morrissey Bros. Is The Smiths Reunion You Didn’t Know You Needed

Here’s a really terrific mashup called “Super Morrissey Bros.”, an entirely 8-bit version of The Smiths’ single “This Charming Man” complete with NES-Mario sound-effects. I know I frequently call for the condemnation of this garbage dump we call an internet, but this is so awesome, it just bought the internet an extra week:

May I humbly request the follow-ups, How Soon Is Bowser?, Peach, Peach, Peach Let Me Get What I Want, and Thwomp Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before?

(via Reddit)


Mario, Luigi And Peach Re-enact Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games” Literally

Here’s a redone version of Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games” music video featuring Princess Peach (played by Jenny Bede, who rewrote these lyrics), caught in an aching love triangle between her present and past lovers, Mario and Luigi (both played by Brendan Murphy).

The rewritten lyrics and story, as ridiculous as they seem, actually make a lot more sense than the original LDR video. And if you can’t stand to hear that tune again, at least watch this video just to see the impeccably accurate body-proportions on Mario and Luigi at the 1:03 mark. The LANA is in the DETAILS:

I figured we’d get some nice remix-mileage out of “Video Games,” but between this Peach video and Lana Dog Ray, I really have to tip my Yankees cap to you, internet.

(via Kotaku)


The Breaking Bad Old-School RPG Looks Really Addictive

The folks at Collegehumor put together this amazing video of Breaking Bad (our favorite show) re-imagined as a Final Fantasy-type 90s role playing game (our favorite thing ever at the time). The parody perfectly nails every nostalgically good/bad aspect of 90s RPGs and our reactions to playing them (skip…skip…), while also giving us some cartoon Walt & Jesses to tide us over during this trying BB-withdrawal period.

The video contains spoilers, so don’t watch it if you’re not caught up on Breaking Bad or you’re still stuck on Tiamat the original Final Fantasy:


Nerd God, Bless This Video Game Nativity Scene

British video game retailer Gamestation unveiled this large-scale “Video Game Nativity Scene,” asking users to vote for video game characters to represent the participants in the traditional Christmas Nativity. The scene they’ve constructed is really elaborate, slightly offputting, but very impressively nerdy.

Click for Full Size:

That’s Sackboy as Baby Jesus, Princess Zelda as Mary and Marcus Fenix from Gears Of War as Joseph (yikes – sorry, Link), and Mario, Metalgear’s Solid Snake, and Obi-Wan Kenobi (ehh, not sure he’s truly a ‘video game character’ but we’ll let it slide). Yoshi represents the Donkey, and Sonic The Hedgehog is just kind of there as another barn animal.

Overall, pretty impressive, if a bit ominous looking. I voted for Bo Jackson from Tecmo Bowl as my Baby Jesus, but I guess he just missed the cut.

Not visible but present: The God-mode avatar from Doom.

(pic via Splash News / more info here)