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Andrew W.K. Covers “Silent Night”, Parties

I stand by the unbending rule that anything Andrew W.K. does is awesome. If we apply the rule to this video of Andrew W.K. sitting at a keyboard covering “Silent Night”, we can suspect in advance that the video will be awesome. Then we can watch the video and confirm, in fact, that it is awesome.

This better be a first step towards a Christmas Party Hard album…

Andrew W.K. covers “Silent Night”

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Wishery: The Ultimate Snow White Remix

Well, it took 73 years, but someone finally remixed the voices and sound effects from Snow White into an elaborate, Crystal Castles-sounding super-remix. I thought the internet would’ve gotten around to making this sometime in the 40s, but I guess the internet was busy fighting that war, plus it was mostly Phantom Menace rumor pages back then anyway:

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It Took A While, But Weekend At Bernie’s Finally Started A Dance Craze

Remember in Weekend At Bernie’s 2 when Bernie’s body got half-voodooed so he would move towards treasure but only in a slouched pseudo-dancing manner and only while music was playing? If you don’t, GET THE F**K OFF THIS BLOG!!! AND THE EARTH!!! YOU’RE USELESS! USELESS I TELLS YA! Unless you are a doctor.

Sidenote: That sequel seriously is just about the worst movie ever, isn’t it? Literally unbelievable that it got made.

Anyway, it’s 2010 and obviously someone has turned “The Bernie” into a dance craze and there’s a video of it online. Enjoy!

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Giants Fans Attempt Worst “Don’t Stop Believin'” Cover Yet

Me, Yesterday: You know, I’d be totally happy if the Giants won the World Series – I have nothing against any of their players, they have loyal fans who are long overdue for a title, and San Francisco’s one of my favorite cities in the U.S. It’d actually be kind of cool to see them win, they deserve it.

Me, After Seeing This Video: Sigh.

I do admire these guys for not being intimidated by the illustrious history of unnecessary “Don’t Stop Believin'” covers and carving out their own very-painful-to-watch-and-listen-to niche. New, crappy lyrics? Just when you thought these covers had jumped the shark, someone comes along and genetically engineers a giant Deep Blue Sea shark and zooms over it in an aircraft carrier. Very impressive.

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OPEN THREAD: Best Music Video Of The 90s?

Pitchfork just released their list of the 50 Best Music Videos of the 1990s in honor of, I don’t know, the Ground Zero Mosque debates or something. Regardless of the context, it’s actually an excellent list, and while I’d rank some of the 50 higher based on personal preference and nostalgia, it’s a really comprehensive cross-section of awesome videos and a great way to waste a crappy Tuesday on the internet.

Which brings us to today’s simple question: What’s your favorite music video from the 90s? Leave your answers in the comments. Top Fives/Tens and explanations are also welcome.

Below, my personal favorite Top 10 videos from the 90s, including some notable omissions from the Pitchfork list:

10. Jamiroquai – “Virtual Insanity” (#28 on Pitchfork List)

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Paul F. Tompkins Produces New Ted Leo Broadway Musical

Well, fictionally, anyways.

Here’s the music video for Ted Leo & The Pharmacists’ “Bottled In Cork,” starring Paul F. Tompkins as a Broadway impresario and featuring cameos by Julie Klausner and John Hodgman. If you enjoy everything about that sentence, then you’ll really like this video:

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Dinosaur Feathers Present Sad Aviator Bird: The Music Video

A few months ago, I was asked to host a Battle of the Bands show in Brooklyn (“Hey, you draw those d*cks on Jack Shepherd’s face, right? Want to emcee our music fest?”), and the winning band — Brooklyn’s own highly-lovable Dinosaur Feathers — earned a budget for two brand-new music videos, which were just completed, and now here they are in the form of internet!

Check out Dinosaur Feathers’ “History Lessons” in all its catchy, poppy, trippy-birdy glory:

After the jump, the sequel*, “Teenage Whore”:

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Vh1’s Hip Hop Honors Celebrates… Every College Party I Ever Went To?

Vh1’s annual Hip Hop Honors show airs tonight at 9, (hip-hop-) honoring the “Dirty South” contingent of rappers and producers including Timbaland, Master P, Jermaine Dupri, and 2 Live Crew, among others.

The “sneak preview” video below — a live performance of the Timbaland-produced “Big Pimpin'” — is basically every college party I ever went to. Or it would be, if the people were dancing a lot whiter, and there was an even bigger light-circle-stage thing: