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Dad Returns From Afghanistan Dressed As Captain America To Surprise His Son

Here’s a video of a military father returning from Afghanistan and surprising his son by showing up at his birthday party disguised as Captain America. It is as adorable and tear-jerking as all of that sounds, times several billion.

The kid’s reaction to the reveal at 1:36 is just priceless, but I think my favorite part might be the kid answering the door and super-casually saying “Hi” to Captain America at 0:16, because in the mind of any child, it’s just completely plausible that Captain America would just show up at your house someday.

Good luck topping this video, Avengers movie:

I wish Captain America would show up at MY birthday…

What was that, Dan?


(Have You Seen This, via Videogum)


2-Year-Old Sings Adele And It Is Adel-orable

Here’s a video of Lil’ 2-Year-Old Makena singing along to Adele’s “Someone Like You”, and it is completely not the most adorable thing ever. Just kidding it completely is the most adorable thing ever I’m just killing time here because obviously it’s the most adorable thing ever, you knew that like half a word into the description.

I guess if you pay attention to the lyrics, it’s a little tragic that this 2-year-old has spent upwards of half her life lamenting her lost love, but she does it with such grace and passion, I’m sure she’ll land on her feet (she’s been walking for a solid 6 months at this point).

Ladies and gentlemen, your future winner of America’s Kidz Got Singing:

(Thanks, Megan S!)


Baby Pretending To Get Shot Is Drop-Dead Adorable

Here’s a video of a baby pretending to be shot by a phone app, which doesn’t really sound like an adorable thing, but it is in fact the most adorable thing. It is eight seconds long, and the kid milks every second.

What a method actor this kid is, at less than a year old! Look out, Sean Penn – this kid already destroyed a fellow baby’s Fisher Price paparazzi cam.

Behold, the shocking final scene of Reservoir Pups:

(via Videogum)


Of Course George Takei Has His Own Personal ‘Happy Dance’ And It’s This

Here’s a video of everyone’s favorite George Takei impersonator George Takei celebrating his successful raising of over $158,000 for the Broadway-bound musical Allegiance, the first musical according to Takei to deal with Japanese-American internment during World War II.

In celebration of raising said moneys, Takei does what anyone who’s successfully raised money for an internment-camp-related piece of entertainment would do: Dance his own personal absurd ‘Happy Dance.’ This is basically every viral video from 2007, but George Takeiier:

(via Dlisted)


Oh Awkward Kristin, You Have Awkwardly Stolen Our Hearts

Here’s today’s Viral Internet Video Du Jour Dot Gov, a thirty-second out of context clip simply titled “Awkward Kristin”. It doesn’t need much more introduction than that, because like all truly great works of art, it speaks for itself.

Like every video on the internet, part of me assumes this was staged, but also like everything and everyone on the internet, I don’t really care so let’s all ignore this sentence.

She’s a natural! Truly our generation’s this guy:

(via Like 7 Different People)


Pomeranian Puppy Refuses To Eat His Broccoli

Pomeranian Puppies: They’re just like us puppies!

Here’s a 7-week-old Pomeranian reacting to a piece of broccoli on the floor with extreme suspicion and fearsome caution, much like any human child confronted with the same situation (you’re supposed to feed your kids on the floor, right? Definitely read that somewhere in a dream.)

The only difference is, when Lil’ Pom over here goes wild and assaults the broccoli, it is frickin’ adorable. EXTRA DESSERT FOR YOU, cute thing that I can’t believe is an actual earthly animal and not a Tribble:

(Daily Picks And Flicks, via The Daily What)


Two English Bulldog Puppies Take Their First Steps And You Own Them Now

Here’s a video of two very tiny English bulldog puppies taking their first steps and squeaking constantly in the process.

When you watch this video, you will find it adorable, then black out and enter a trance, then wake up the following morning on your bathroom floor with two bulldog puppies licking your face and you’ll be like “Did I just steal two English bulldog puppies while I was on some sort of out-of-body cuteness bender?” and you’ll start to feel guilty then one of the puppies will fall over slightly and make a squeak-toy noise and you’ll laugh and immediately forgive yourself.

Just, don’t say you weren’t warned:

(Cute Overload, via The Daily What)


Three ‘Flying People’ Fly Around New York City Very Awesomely

“Whoa, check out those three people flying around New York City!”

“Yup. Dat’s New Yawk for ya, kid. People’s be flyin’ sometimes, ya know?”

“Ahh, actually they’re large model planes shaped like humans, but what an awesome illusion! Check that out!”

“I done seena lotta flyin’ people in dis town in mys lifes, kid, but’cher all right – don’t fuggedaboutit!!! Cold enough for ya?”

Not sure where that exchange was going, but seriously, check out this video of three ‘people’ flying through the skies New York City. It’s so impressive, people in New York actually take the time to look up and be impressed by it:

Given New York City’s sensitive airspace, I’m shocked that the people shooting this weren’t immediately shut down and tazed five seconds into this video. Or maybe they just cut that part out. Either way, cool thing, people!


Teen Can Say Any Word Backwards Instantly And It’s SUOLUCIDIR

Here’s a teen in Oklahoma with the odd but incredible talent to hear any word and repeat that word backwards within three seconds. The video is literally just three minutes of her friends throwing out random words and her saying them backwards, but it is strangely and completely transfixing. Or should I say…whatever ‘transfixing’ is backwards, I’m not making the effort to type it.

If I’m ever trapped in a situation where I absolutely need to know what some words are backwards and I have a very limited time to do so, this is the person I want by my side, and I MEAN that:

I’m very glad that, like, a Nike logo didn’t pop up at the end of this and it didn’t turn out to be some BS viral marketing thing. New Nike BACKWARDS shoes – TI OD TSUJ!!! (LeBron James pulls a basketball back through a hoop then lands and runs away backwards).

(Thanks, Rich!)


LOL & ORDER: Kid Humming Law & Order Theme Is Legally The Best

Here’s an adorably committed kid humming the Law & Order theme song while accompanying himself by banging a washing machine. It is, without a doubt, the best musical performance I’ve seen so far in 2012.

It’s like a young Michael Winslow meets a young Stomp meets a regular-age Law & Order. Is it too early to crown a Song Of The Summer? Cause I just enscribed that crown then set it on that washing machine.

Law & Order, meet LOL & AWESOME:

Between this video and John Mulaney’s SVU standup bit on Conan, it’s been an exciting 24 hours for Law & Order themed things. Not to mention the 56 hours of actual Law & Order that aired during that timespan.

(Thanks, @haulihan!)