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Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied Get Married! Celebrate Their Love In Pictures

Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman

After months of fooling us into thinking they’d already gotten hitched in secret, Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied finally, for real got married on Saturday in Big Sur, California. The Jewish ceremony took place in a private home after dark, People reports.

The couple, whose son Aleph is 14 months old, first met and started dating in 2009, on the set of Black Swan — basically the least romantic movie we can think of. But dancer/choreographer Millepied was perfectly able to get past Natalie’s psycho ballerina character and the two announced their engagement and the baby on the way in December 2010. A month later, they started making all the red carpet rounds together, adorably showing off Natalie’s baby bump as she picked up trophy after trophy.

The two do an amazingly frustrating job of keeping private, but that doesn’t mean photographers haven’t managed to snap some super sweet pics of them displaying their affection. Here’s a little photographic celebration of how much these two clearly love each other! Congrats!

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5 Impressively Nasty Comments Elton John Made About Madonna This Weekend

There’s only one diva big enough to publicly take on Madonna, and Elton John really went for the protruding jugular while discussing the MDMA singer during an interview with Australia’s Sunday Night host Molly Meldrum yesterday. “If Madonna had had any common sense, she would have made a record like Ray Of Light, stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly,” he rants. The fact that is by far the nicest thing he has to say about Madge during the entire segment is pretty telling. Touching on everything from Madonna’s on-going tour problems to her beef with Lady Gaga, the “Yellow Brick Road” singer had a number of choice things to say about Madge, comments that the rest of us wouldn’t even mumble under our breath lest we want a stiletto heel slashing our faces. Comments like…

  • “She’s such a nut now.”
  • “Her career’s over, I can tell you that.”
  • “That tour’s been a disaster.” (Note: between the gun waving and the audience booing, we kind of agree.)
  • “It couldn’t happen to a bigger c—.”
  • “She looks like she’s a f—ing fairground stripper.” (Note: what kind of fairs are they having over in England?)
  • “She’s been so horrible to Gaga.”

Elton also took the time to gush about Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna. Just in case you needed a little bit more salt in that wound, Madonna!

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Russell Brand Rumor We Hate: Did He Force A Wardrobe Assistant To Flash Him?

Russell Brand

We have been solidly on Team Russell Brand for a while now, purely based on some of his really hilarious and surprisingly insightful interviews, his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the fact that we appreciate sill British humor. We were even willing to forgive that horrifying paparazzi phone-throwing incident and the fact that he defended Daniel Tosh and Dane Cook for their insanely offensive comments. But if this story from The Sun turns out to be true (and yeah, not many stories from the Sun do), we may have to reconsider our loyalty.

According to the British tab, Brand recently delayed filming on the upcoming Eric Idle musical What About Dick? because he refused to begin a scene until a wardrobe assistant flashed her boobs for him. “Russell tried to persuade a wardrobe assistant to show him her breasts but she was having none of it — at first,” a source reportedly told the paper. “But when it started to look like they weren’t going to get any work done she gave in and flashed him. Russell is a charming scoundrel and everybody let him get away with murder on set — except Billy.”
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Stevie Wonder Files For Divorce From His Wife After Three Year Separation

Stevie Wonder Files For Divorce

Just when our mourning over Tom and Katie’s divorce subsided, TMZ reports after 11 years of marriage the legendary Stevie Wonder has filed for divorce from his wife Kai Millard Morris for irreconcilable differences. In the divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Wonder asks for joint custody of their two sons ages seven and 10. In 2001 the couple tied the knot, separating eight years later in October 2009. Despite his feelings toward his soon to be ex-wife, Mr. Wonder agrees to pay both child and spousal support. Such a stand up guy. Our inquiring minds want to know if Mr. Wonder sang “I Just Called to Say I Love You” to his ex-wife in an attempt to reconcile. Sad to see the couple divorce after over a decade, but let’s all hope this doesn’t get nasty. And for our poor little hearts, no more celeb divorces this year. Please!

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Kristen Stewart Fans, How Do You Feel About Will Ferrell’s “Trampire” Joke?

Today has been blissfully free of disturbing Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart news. Radar insists that Kristen has been banned from the Cosmopolis red carpet, but that sounds pretty silly to us, since we’re pretty sure that is the last place on Earth she’d ever want to appear. Instead, we have the above video from last night’s Conan.

“I don’t know if you follow the news at all but there’s this actress, Kristen Stewart, OK. She goes by KStew,” Will Ferrell begins, on the verge of melodramatic tears. “And she had a boyfriend, right? Robert Patterson. He’s RPass. And she cheated on him. And they’re broken up. They’re not going to get back together ever. And what they had was so special, Conan. You don’t even know what they had. They were in love and she just threw it all away. I don’t know if there’s anything I could have done to prevent it. And … I don’t know what it means for the Twilight franchise. I just don’t know.”

“I’m sure it’s going to be fine,” Conan says, attempting to calm his guest.

“It’s not going to be fine! Ever! It’s never going to be fine. What they had was so special. You would never know! … She is a trampire!”

We find it rather funny ourselves, mostly due to our own Robsten fatigue. But what we really want to know is how you fans feel? Are you ready for this kind of comic relief after all the drama? Or do you just feel like this is another blow to the nature of your devotion? Sound off on Twitter or in the comments below.

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Katherine Jackson Regains Guardianship Of MJ’s Kids; Somehow We’re Even More Confused

Katherine Jackson Gets Back Guardianship of MJ's Kids

As if we didn’t feel bad enough for the Jackson family (La Toya is the one who got a reality show on OWN?)(Just kidding, you know we’ll DVR that), matriarch Katherine Jackson is now alleging she may have been tricked or coerced into going to a spa in Arizona in July. The woman is a grandma, people! Come on! As you might recall while sighing heavily and shaking your head, Paris Jackson‘s memaw lost custody of her grandkids to TJ Jackson after leaving the state and becoming incommunicado for an extended period of time. Fortunately Katherine regained shared custody of the kids as of today, so we have to ask…what is even going on? What was the game plan here, people? Whoever’s the mastermind behind this whole disaster needs to go back to the drawing board, because we don’t understand any aspect of this whatsoever.

As we tried valiantly to break down for you last week, Katherine left Cali a few weeks ago to attend her sons’ Unity Tour performance in New Mexico. Instead, she ended up at a spa in a different state with daughter Rebbie, where upon Katherine says her phones and iPad were taken from her. While Katherine assumed her grandkids knew of her whereabouts, her disappearance actually caused them to flip out and alert the authorities. You know, like someone might do if his or her grandma suddenly stopped answering her phone. “At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me,” Katherine says in documents filed today as part of her bid to get back guardianship of MJ’s kids. Mistake number one, we guess.

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While The Other Jacksons Are Fighting, La Toya Jackson Gets Her OWN Reality Show

La Toya Jackson Gets Her Own Show

There’s some good news from the Jackson family after all the bickering amongst MJ’s kids and siblings. La Toya Jackson has landed her OWN reality show, Life with La Toya, set to premiere in 2013. Now we know why she has managed to stay away from all of the Jackson family shenanigans. Can’t mess up the once in a lifetime chance to have her own show on Oprah’s network, now can she? Read more…


Taylor Swift Gets Ethel Kennedy’s Seal Of Approval

Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift
As we previously reported/celebrated, 22-year-old Taylor Swift has been inching her way into political royalty with her new possible flame, 18-year-old Conor Kennedy.  This is one cougar tale we are definitely rooting for, and it looks like family matriach Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, is in agreement. While promoting daughter Rory Kennedy‘s new HBO documentary Ethel, which happens to be about her, Ethel Kennedy showed her approval of T-Swift, according to RadarOnline. She denied rumors of playing matchmaker between her grandson, Conor, and Taylor but said that the Kennedys would be “so lucky” to have the country pop star in the family. Though Rory Kennedy wouldn’t speak to the romantic relationship unfolding between the young lovebirds, she bolstered the Kennedys’ endorsement of Taytay, commenting that Swift is a “great friend of all of ours.”

We are pretty excited that the Kennedys are onboard with this match. Read more…

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This Katy Perry, John Mayer Thing Is Actually Happening; We Kind Of Get It

When Us Weekly first reported spotting Katy Perry and John Mayer canoodling at Soho House in West Hollywood last week, we had mixed feelings — doubt, confusion, reluctant understanding, nostalgia for the Russell Brand days. And those feelings haven’t gone away now that we have photographic evidence that the two singers have been enjoying each other’s company. They were snapped in a car outside the Chateau Marmont, also in West Hollywood, on Wednesday night. A witness told Us they were holding hands across the table, kissing and laughing together.

We sort of get it. On his side, he clearly loves stunning, very famous ladies, with fantastic curves (or two out of three in the case of Taylor Swift). On Katy’s side, we did hear that the main rift between her and Russell was that he was ready to settle down while she still wanted to party it up and enjoy her youth, fame and fortune. Dating a notorious player like Mayer is certainly a good place to start when sowing wild oats. That’s probably what she thought she was getting with admitted sex addict Brand, after all.

For the love of music, though, please no one encourage these two to sing a duet. The thought of their clashing styles makes our ears hurt.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Miley Cyrus’ Home Swarmed By Cops, Who Were Not There To Scold Her For Nude Pics

Miley Cyrus

Police, the fire department and a rescue squad all showed up at Miley Cyrus‘ house in Los Angeles yesterday, responding to a 911 call. And no, it wasn’t someone freaking out over her latest nude-photo leak. Turns out Cyrus and the emergency responders were the victims of a despicable prank called “swatting,” in which people call in fake emergencies to 911 in order to get SWAT teams to show up, and we really hope the game doesn’t spread further due to this story.

“We responded to a call of a kidnapping in progress, one person shot, at an address on Amanda Drive,” North Hollywood police told ABC News. The house, it turns out, was completely empty.
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