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Axl Rose’s Faceplant Joins Britney, Kanye On Our Favorite Awkward Concert Moments List

Oh Axl Rose, how the mighty have fallen. Headfirst onto their hands with an embarrassing stumble, if the video of Rose’s concert faceplant in Hellfast, France is to be believed. Seeing Axl flail to keep his balance got us thinking about our favorite awkward concert moments, which include everyone from Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga, and everything from wardrobe malfunctions to slippery piano benches to getting kicked in the head by a gyrating fan. We hope you got a cat scan after that, Usher! After you watch Axl bite it hard, check out our other favorite awkward concert moments after the jump. Oh man, and you can hear everyone laughing on his video! That is the sweetest plum. The sweetest, most horrible plum:

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Alec Baldwin Still Isn’t Married Despite Marriage Bureau Brawl, Topping Our 7 Weirdest Alec Baldwin Moments

Alec Baldwin Still Not Married After Marriage Bureau Brawl
After all that fighting with a paparazzo outside the marriage license bureau (and the fact he is, you know, wearing a wedding ring), Alec Baldwin is apparently still not married to fiance Hilaria Thomas. According to Celebuzz, the 30 Rock actor has a marriage license but allegedly has yet to lock it down. Considering Alec basically went to the mat with a photographer for his license, that’s a little…weird, isn’t? Then again, it wouldn’t be the first odd move Alec Baldwin has made, as demonstrated by our comprehensive list of the Top 7 Weirdest Alec Baldwin Moments we’ve assembled below. Long story short, we cut this guy a loooooot of slack in the oddball department. Maybe it’s the eyes? Check out Alec’s weirdest moments, and let us know what you think. It’s the eyes, isn’t it? Or the maybe the hair…?

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Girls‘ Jemima Kirke Pregnant With Second Baby

Girls Actress Jemima Kirke Pregnant With Second Child

Girls having girls! Or boys; it’s probably too early to know for sure. While she’s most well-known for portraying a free spirit that’s as likely to lose a baby under a gazebo as she is to take care of it, the real-life Girls star Jemima Kirke is officially expecting her second child with husband Michael Mosberg; the baby will join 20-month-old sister Rafaella Israel. Man, if you thought Jessa’s boho peasant tops were flowy before! We are about to enter a whole new universe of flowiness!

As soon as we stopped wishing Jemima congratulations, however (oh, and congratulations!), we started wondering how this will affect the second season of Girls. Based on a recently released still of Lena Dunham‘s Hannah and Andrew Rannells’ Elijah shooting on the show’s set this week, it looks like they’re already filming the next set of episodes. *Gasp* Do you think that (*spoiler alert if you haven’t seen this season’s finale) Jessa will be pregnant with Chris O’Dowd‘s baby when Jemima gets visibly pregnant? They did get married after 3 weeks, after all. Seems like an almost too perfect story line for Jessa to have to write into the plot…

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Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Look Too Shabby In A Pink Wig In His Spoof Of Nicki Minaj

Samuel L. Jackson is notorious for his forcefully loud voice, not to mention the expletives he drops whenever the bleep he feels like it. Since he’s hosting this year’s BET Awards on July 1 we’re wondering which version of Jackson will be in full force. Will it be Long Kiss Goodnight Jackson, Losing Isiah Jackson or Pulp Fiction Jackson? Perhaps it will be a combination, but after watching his promo spoof of Nicki Minaj we’re hoping he’s going to be, well, himself. No toned down PC Jackson, please. Read more…


Did Kris Humphries Tell Myla Sinanaj That Kris Jenner Staged Kim’s Sex Tape? Ewwwws All Around

Kris Jenner Rumored To Have Staged Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

The Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce proceedings just keep getting juicier. According to TMZ, Humphries’ alleged former girlfriend Myla Sinanaj has evidence that Humphries bashed Kim numerous times throughout their conversations and text messages. Apparently, the NJ Nets player told Myla that Kris Jenner staged Kim’s infamous sex tape with Ray J — as in, the one that made Kardashian a household name — and even took a double take to get the perfect shot. If this weren’t bad enough, TMZ also reports that Myla has texts in which Humphries calls her “the love of his life” and tells her he wants to hurry the divorce so they can “spend the rest of their time on earth together.”

As we reported earlier, Kardashian has subpoenaed Sinanaj to get just this kind of damaging info. And if any of these texts turn out to be real, they could have serious repercussions for Humphries in the divorce proceedings, as Humphries’ whole argument rests on the fact that Kim ruined him emotionally by faking what he thought was a real marriage. Not to mention that they seriously add a whole new ew factor to the 72-day union.

Humphries’ questionable relationship with Myla is also kind of ruining any sympathy he could have gained as the heartbroken husband. While Kim has been out flaunting her relationship with Kanye, Humphries has not only left a voicemail for Myla asking her to stop calling herself his girlfriend, but has also claimed that she was prostituting herself to clients at the hotel where she works. Between that and these sex tape allegations, we kind of want to take a shower right now and scrub our eyeballs with bleach.

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Johnny Depp May Be Rebounding With Amber Heard, Giving Vanessa Paradis $156 Million

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Just a couple of days after Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis officially announced their split, all sorts of rumors are surfacing about the couple of 14 years. The Daily Mail reports that the 49-year-old Depp has been seen in a number of different places with his 26-year-old Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard. There were sightings of the two boarding a private plane in Las Vegas, where he was promoting Dark Shadows last month. Then again, Heard supposedly brought along her girlfriend, Tasya Van Ree, on that trip. But now some are reporting that Heard has been visiting him on the set of The Lone Ranger in New Mexico. Maybe she just really likes vacationing in the Southwest?

Meanwhile, The Sun is reporting that Depp will be giving Paradis, whom he never married, $156 million “to keep the split amicable.” They have two children, Lily-Rose, 12, and Jack, 10, who go to school in Los Angeles. According to People, Vanessa and Johnny had been living separate lives for a while, despite the fact that they’ve been fending off rumors of their split for months.

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Keira Knightley Could Give Anna Karenina A Few Pointers On Avoiding Scandal

Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina

The trailer for this fall’s much anticipated Joe Wright-directed literary adaptation Anna Karenina debuted on MSN today, giving us a glimpse at how the Atonement director is bringing the Russian classic to the big screen this November. It looks like a whole lot of sex and inner turmoil clashing with societal norms and politics, just as Tolstoy would have loved. And, of course, he knows how to highlight his star, Keira Knightley.

As we thought about Keira in the role of the scandalous Ms. Karenina, we couldn’t help but realize how very unlike that tragic lady she is. Come to think of it, she’s unlike most 27-year-old movie stars in her amazing ability to stay out of the gossip pages. All we know about her personal life these days is that she just got engaged last month to the Klaxons’ James Righton. When VH1 sat down with Knightley to talk about her new movie, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (in theaters Friday), we asked her how she manages to be so (frustratingly!) private.

“A lot of hard work, and hiding an awful lot,” she told us. “But yeah, I seem to have managed it quite well. I’m making no predictions for the future. But, you know, my privacy is incredibly important to me. .. It’s very important that I get to feel kind of free, and get to do my thing without people taking lots of pictures.”
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Halle Berry’s Purse Just Got Lighter, Ordered to Pay Gabriel Aubry $20K/Month For Child Support

Halle Berry Ordered To Pay Gabriel $20/K A Year

Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, will soon be $20,000 a month richer. Talk about the come up of all come ups. The nastiness of their ongoing custody battle doesn’t look like it’s going to mellow out any time soon. Today is probably not one of Berry’s best.  A judge ordered the actress to pay her ex $20K/month in child support for their daughter, Nahla. According to TMZ, the two are still at war, a war that has resulted in Aubry accessible to a quarter of a million dollars a year of Berry’s money. But, and this is a huge but, Nahla is in the primary care of her mother. Paying child support for a child that is in your care most of the time has to be a hard pill to swallow. Read more…

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Katy Perry Gives A Shout Out To Short Marriage Sister Kim Kardashian In The Hollywood Reporter

Katy Perry Gives Kim Kardashian A Shout-Out In Hollywood Reporter

Members of the Short Celebrity Marriage Club have got to stick together! Who else will understand the trials and tribulations that come with relationships that wear out quicker than a pair of flip-flops? We’re assuming that’s why Katy Perry took time off from looking gorgeous and unburdening her soul in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter to give a shout-out to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. “Nobody knows what really happened except the two people who are in it,” the “Wide Awake” singer told the magazine about the couple’s 72-day marriage. The last time Kim and Katy were referenced together was…oh, at the MTV Movie Awards, where Russell Brand brought up short celebrity marriage and laughed about it in front of the entire world. Um, well…at least you two will always have this special bond! No one can take that from you! It’s not like you can go back and be married longer!

In case you were hoping Katy would share more details about her soon-to-be-ex-husband, we have good news for you, you creep. “There were times when what was going on in my personal life was so overwhelming that I had to bend over to let those tears fall straight out of my eyes and not my false lashes just as I’m about to go up on that ramp and sing ‘Teenage Dream,'” Katy admits now. You can also go ahead and listen to her next album, which will likely discuss Russell at length. “Like how I write my songs, honesty has always worked for me,” Perry explains. “So if it ain’t broke, why f—ing fix it?” Why fix it? Yikes…that’s a little on the nose, don’t you think?

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Demi Moore: Do Hook Up With Joe Manganiello, Do Not Vacation With Ashton Kutcher

Asthon Kutcher, Demi Moore, Joe Manganiello

Demi, Demi, Demi. We seem to remember having this conversation with you before: Getting back together with your ex when you’re in this still-fragile, post-rehab state, is a terrible idea. Even though you’re looking sooo much healthier, and you’re doing an awesome job as the producer of Amanda De Cadenet’s The Conversation, we still think this rumor we heard from Grazia magazine (via ContactMusic) this morning, points to disaster: According to an unnamed source, estranged spouses Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are going on a “sex-free” retreat on the advice of Rabbi Yehuda Berg, their Kabbalah teacher. They’ll be staying in separate rooms and monitored by Berg, the source says.

This is all, of course, still in the realm of gossip and we have no idea if it’s true — but they did go on that camping trip to patch things up before, and they haven’t filed for divorce yet, so it’s within the realm of possibility. But we rather prefer this other possibility, courtesy of Heat magazine (via the Daily Mail): Demi, 49, was getting cozy with our favorite werewolf stripper Joe Manganiello, 35, at the afterparty for the premiere of That’s My Boy earlier this month. No one is saying they hooked up just yet, just that they had “amazing chemistry.” They apparently met back when Moore set to appear in Magic Mike, and stayed in touch even though she dropped out of the project. Coincidentally, Joe split with fiancee Audra Marie last September. So, A) he knows what Demi’s going through, kinda; and B) he looks like Joe Manganiello. Sounds like the perfect rebound to us!

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