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Cheryl Cole Informs America That We Should Just Forgive Chris Brown Already

Cheryl Cole Says Chris Brown Should Be Forgiven

It’s been over a month since someone has brought up the time Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna back in 2009. Sounds like it’s about time for a famous person completely unconnected to the incident to talk about it for no reason! “I think it’s really kind of Rihanna [to forgive Brown]. She’s come out and publicly forgiven him, really,” British pop star Cheryl Cole proclaimed during a radio interview on In: Demand with Alex James. “I think it’s about time we all [forgave Brown], if I’m completely honest, if you want my opinion,” Meanwhile, we will never forgive Cheryl Cole for making us think about one of the ugliest pop culture moments in recent history. How can we forgive when we aren’t allowed to forget, Cheryl? How?

For his part Brown clearly appreciated the shout-out, tweeting at the singer, “thanks for the support and believing in me as an artist!” No questions as to why anyone would still be talking about this, Chris? Fair enough.  “I think it’s time we all moved on,” Cole concluded. “That guy is talented as hell.” Thanks for your input, Cheryl Cole! While you’re at it, we’d also love to hear your thoughts on the Greek government’s austerity measures and Facebook’s falling stock prices. You’re not involved in either of those situations either, right?

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Katy Perry Ditched Guitarist BF … Days After Russell Brand Said He Still Loves Her

Rob Ackroyd, Katy Perry and Katy's grandmother Ann Hudson, her date at the Billboard Music Awards

Katy Perry’s iridescent gown and too-dark lipstick earned her a spot on our worst-dressed list at last night’s Billboard Music Awards. But we neglected to mention that she accessorized the over-the-top ensemble with the cutest of all arm candy: her 91-year-old grandmother, Ann Hudson. Seriously, how much do you adore her bedazzled walking stick?

Anyway, Ann’s presence as Katy’s date makes a lot of sense when you take into account the rumors that she broke up with her very short-term boyfriend, Florence + the Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd. We only just learned they were dating at Coachella last month! “It wasn’t that serious,” a source told Us Weekly of their hookup and breakup. “It’s not a nasty thing and they are still talking, but Katy told him to do his thing and they’ll talk soon.”
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Beyonce, Kim Kardashian Beef Rumors Spread Across The Pond

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian party with Jay-Z in London, Beyonce stays home

We absolutely hate perpetuating catfight rumors around here. The idea that women inherently hate each other makes us crazy. But for weeks now, we’ve been hearing stuff about Beyonce dissing her husband’s friend’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. To the point that we don’t think we can just stick our fingers in our ears and pretend that nothing’s happening there. Even if we hope that’s still the case. What happened is this: Jay-Z’s best friend TyTy‘s birthday party was in London over the weekend, and, according to MediaTakeout, when Beyonce heard that Kanye West was bringing his new ladyfriend along, she fought with Hov to try to get Kim uninvited. And when that didn’t work, she refused to come.

Any truth to this? Well, we do know that Kimye, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Rita Ora and others were all photographed leaving a private party at DSTRKT club in London on Saturday night. Beyonce was nowhere in sight. You know what else we know? That Beyonce has a 5-month-old baby at home and a major three-night concert gig in Atlantic City coming up on Memorial Day. So maybe, just maybe, jetting off to London didn’t seem like the most important use of her time.
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Did We Narrowly Miss A Fight Between Ray J And Whitney Houston’s Family Last Night?

As a former reality star and Whitney Houston‘s on-again, off-again boyfriend, rapper Ray J is undoubtedly used to his fair share of drama. That being say, we doubt he often finds himself dealing with drama this…unseemly. According to TMZ, Ray J and Houston’s family allegedly almost got into a brawl at the Billboard Music Awards last night after Pat Houston demanded that security remove Whitney’s ex from his seat. Brandy‘s brother refused to move, and it wasn’t until security pointed out that any kind of physical fight would end up on TV that Pat Houston reluctantly retracted her demand. Jeez. Makes Ray J’s DIY porn stardom with Kim Kardashian look downright dignified, doesn’t it?

So why was Whitney’s sister-in-law/manager so determined to get Ray J kicked out of the event, which included a tribute to the late, great singer by Jordin Sparks? Allegedly Pat and the family hold Ray J somewhat responsible for Whitney’s drug abuse. Earlier this spring, Ray J found himself dodging accusations from Bobby Brown’s sister Leorah Brown, who claimed that he was Houston’s “runner boy” and provided singer with cocaine, a drug that played a significant role in her drowning death. “Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved,” Ray J allegedly complained to friends after the awards show was over. No, no, no, an insane televised fistfight would have ruined the opportunity. This just makes everyone feel like they need to take a shower…

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Nick Stahl Is “Safe” In Rehab, Wife Rose Says

Rose and Nick Stahl, who entered rehab over the weekend

Days after reporting husband Nick Stahl missing, Rose Stahl said the Terminator 3 actor has entered a 30-day rehab program at an undisclosed facility to overcome the worst addiction cycle of his life, she told People. “Now that he is safe, it’s time to focus back on healing,” Rose told the magazine.

Stahl, 32, had been living apart from his wife and their 2-year-old daughter, Marlo. Rose filed papers in February requesting that his visits with their daughter be monitored, citing concerns over his drug use. She filed a missing persons report last week, saying she hadn’t seen him since May 9. But on Saturday, Nick emailed friends saying that he had checked into rehab.

“I gotta lotta hope,” Rose told People in an email of her husband’s recovery, adding that she hadn’t intended to publicize that he was missing.

Stahl got his first big role at 13 in the Mel Gibson movie Man Without a Face and played John Connor in 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. He also starred in HBO’s Carnivale from 2003-2005. Though Rose said he hasn’t taken any acting gigs in recent months, he has starring roles in three independent movies listed in post-production on IMDb.

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Mark Zuckerberg Marries Girlfriend Priscilla Chan, Updates Facebook Status, Of Course!

Mark Zuckerberg marries Priscilla Chan

There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg and his normally reticent girlfriend, Priscilla Chan are trending on Twitter today. It’s because of that very surprising update the Zuck posted on that other social networking phenomenon — Facebook. Mark married his partner of nine years, Priscilla, yesterday in a private wedding held in the backyard of his home in Palo Alto, California. And it isn’t just a surprise to the world. It was a surprise to the approximate 100 guests who attended as well. They thought they were coming for Priscilla’s med school (University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine) graduation party! Her wedding ring is rumored to have been designed by Zuckerberg himself, and is said to feature “a very simple ruby.” The photograph — love the gown and the veil — and the update are on his Facebook page. Of course they are. On another note, there’s something kind of old school about this picture, that we really like. Maybe it’s the dress? Maybe it’s the pose or the sunlight filtering in the background? It makes them look quite serene and happy.

This is going to be a very tough week to top for him. His 28th birthday was on Monday — May 14. He just got married. And let’s not forget the fact that he’s going to be rolling in billions thanks to the Facebook IPO. Major congratulations to the newlyweds. We expect more updates soon!

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Is Will Smith’s Ukrainian Kisser The Man Who Gave Madonna Hydrangeas?

Will Smith slaps Ukrainian reporter Vitalii Sediuk

We were happy to end our week with this ridiculous image of Will Smith backhanding a Ukrainian reporter who attempted to kiss him at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III. But then the story got even better. After TMZ posted the video of the incident, which just made us feel much better about every awkward encounter we’ve ever experienced on the red carpet (sooo embarrassing when actors stare blankly at you for asking a question about vampires), we started to dig around to figure out who this reporter was. The site said kissing actors is his shtick. And we found something sooo much better than some guy pulling a Borat impression with unsuspecting Hollywood stars. We are almost certain that the man in question is none other than Vitalii Sediuk. OK, sorry, that name meant nothing to us either. Until we dug a little further and discovered he is the guy who gave Madonna those dreaded hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival last year. Watch both videos below and we think you’ll be convinced too.

My first instinct is to thank Vitalii, for making the rest of us reporters look good. My second is to want to backhand him ourself. I can just see stars starting to put up plexiglass barricades between themselves and us. When all we really wanted to do is find out whether they prefer True Blood or Twilight.

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Rumors Of A Lesbian Romance With An ANTM Contestant? That Is Just So Raven

Raven Symone Rumored To Be Dating AzMarie Livingston

As actress Raven Symone has made abundantly clear, the definition of what is or is not so Raven changes almost everyday. According to recent rumors, however, allegedly having a lesbian relationship with America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion contestant AzMarie Livingston might be the most Raven thing of all. Earlier this week The National Enquirer started some rumors regarding the Cosby star’s lady-oriented love life. “She’s at a point now where she doesn’t care what her family thinks, and she’s in love with AzMarie,” their source claimed. “She’s a lesbian and wants to live that way. She feels her parents are still trying to treat her like she’s a kid, and she’s told them she’s going to do what she wants.” Sounds about right. Yup, this story just gets more and more Raven with ever new detail!

So is the gossip true? Raven, who is currently killing it on Broadway in the lead role of Sister Act, took to her Twitter this afternoon to…well, not to deny it, that’s for sure. “I’m living my PERSONAL life the way I’m happiest. I’m not one, in my 25 year career to disclose who I’m dating. and I shall not start now,” Symone tweeted. “My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m datings to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life.” Dating a model and telling us mind our own business in the classiest, most dignified way possible? Would that the entire world could be half so Raven!

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Taylor Swift Gets Lunch With Foster The People’s Mark Foster, But Is He Her Next Breakup Song?

Taylor Swift goes on a lunch date with Mark Foster

Taylor Swift went for lunch with Foster The People front-man Mark Foster yesterday, and apparently in Hollywood that means you’re ready to settle down and put a deposit on twin cemetery plots. Gossip sites are tossing their cookies at the prospect of the two young musicians hooking up, but it’s a Friday afternoon so we’ll bite. The pair were spotted dining al fresco in LA yesterday, with Taylor rocking her trademark Ladies-Of-The-Canyon steez in a flowing peach sundress and floppy hat. Foster, ever the rocker, showed up looking like Dr. House in a sport-coat, t-shirt and jeans. It’s remains to be seen if T-Swift “fostered” Mark’s “people”, but the willowy songstress has been linked to her share of dudes over the short span of her career. Just last month it was rumored that she was seeing pious footballer Tim Tebow, and that’s only the latest of oh so many. Check out the gallery below for a complete run-down of Taylor Swift’s romantic past!

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Jenny McCarthy Plans To Celebrate Turning 40 By Posing Nude For Playboy

I’m not even 30 yet. I will be in a couple of months, but I don’t know if I’d ever have the cojones to do what Jenny McCarthy‘s doing to celebrate her birthday. And the woman is turning 40! But then again, one would have to have Jenny’s body to do what she’s doing. Her actual big day’s on November 1, but to countdown to turning the big 4-0, Jen’s going to be posing naked on the cover of Playboy‘s July-August issue. And it’s not just the front of the magazine. She’s got a whole spread inside as well and she’ll be in her … you guessed it … birthday suit.

This is like wish fulfillment for her, as she had said, back in 2009, that she wanted to pose nude for the magazine again. “I would be so flattered if they asked me. It’s probably not going to happen but I think I want to do it again,” were her words. Ask, and thou shall receive, Jenny. Her first naked spread for Playboy was back in 1993, FYI, and she received the “Playmate of the Year” title after it. How does one even prepare for something like this? Ask your trainer to move in? Swear off food? Forgo all liquids except water? Or perhaps, all of the above? Jokes aside, we’re sure that Jenny’s going to look like a million bucks.

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