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Jessica Simpson Sold Baby Maxwell’s Pics To People For Reported $800,000

Jessica Simpson

Though she failed to cash in on the news that she was pregnant last fall (probably ’cause her bump revealed itself too early), it seems Jessica Simpson has found other ways to fund little Maxwell Drew’s shoe fund. According to WWD, People magazine will pay her $800,000 for the first pics of her daughter with fiance Eric Johnson. That’s not quite the millions celebs like Matthew McConaughey and Brangelina have made recently, but it’s still a nice chunk of change. Especially considering the fact that many famous parents, like Jay-Z and Beyonce, have been going the (classier?) route of posting the pics on Twitter and Tumblr for free. JSimps is also going to make a reported $4 million on a “weightloss deal” when she loses those baby pounds, according Us Weekly.

For all her Chicken of the Sea quotes, Jessica never ceases to amaze us with her business savvy. She’s never been a remarkable singer and her acting career fizzled quickly. And yet through reality TV, her still-growing fashion empire and our endless fascination with her, she is wildly successful and never far from the public eye. Already, it looks like little Maxwell’s got a chance to follow in her footsteps. You go, Mama!

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Johnny Depp Shoots Down Rumors About His Split From Vanessa Paradis: “Absolutely Not True”

Johnny Depp Denies Split From Vanessa Paradis

Viva l’amour, ya’ll! While we were pleased as punch to hear Vanessa Paradis deny break-up rumors about her long-time lover Johnny Depp earlier this year, we still appreciated hearing Johnny set the world straight himself. “The rumors are not true. They are absolutely not true,” Depp told the U.K.’s The Sun while on the Dark Shadows premiere red carpet in London. We are just so glad these two are holding it down 14 years and two child later; it gives us hope for our own plans to marry an eccentric millionaire. Plus if they broke up, Johnny would probably have to fork over all his boho French cred. He’d be required to give back all his necklaces and start reminding people he’s actually from Owensboro, Kentucky. Hey, that’s how break-ups work over in Europe. We don’t make the rules!

When the split rumors first popped up in January, everyone immediately drew conclusions about the fact that Paradis hasn’t joined Depp on the red carpet in over a year and a half. All we have to say is…you don’t think she’s already been on roughly 5,000 of them? Maybe Vanessa just wants to stay home in whatever the French version of the Snuggie is. The woman puts up with those blue sunglasses, after all. Blue sunglasses! If Johnny’s choice of eyewear didn’t sink this relationship, we doubt anything could.

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Lindsay Lohan Continues This Week’s Intense Caterpillar Eyebrow Trend

Lindsay Lohan, Kate Upton Wear A Strong EyebrowQuick, someone tell Laura San Giacomo that everyone in Hollywood is jacking her steez! Like all humans with eyes, we love a woman with a strong brow. If we could steal the top third of Lily Collins’ head, guys, we would. You know we would. After Lindsay Lohan showed up to the A&E Upfronts in New York with some incredibly dense brows, however, we realized that not all drawn-on eyebrows are made equal. Or rather, one insane Groucho Marx-style faux eyebrow is equal to three or four normal ones. Lilo isn’t the only one making an eyebrow statement, however. Lena Dunham kicked off the look on Girls this past week when her character Hannh got herself a pair of Joker-style eyeliner pencil brows. Coincidentally, Kate Upton also rocked some unnaturally dark numbers at this week’s Met Gala. Of course, Lena Dunham wore hers for comedic effect. Lindsay and Kate…what’s your excuse?

Get used to this look sticking around for a little while longer, thought. Based on the photographic evidence at hand, we must be on the cutting edge of something big. Need proof? Here are Lindsay’s eyebrows at the White House Correspondents Dinner two weeks ago versus the bad boys she airbrushed on last night. Were we exaggerating about them?

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Reese Witherspoon’s Mom Sues Reese Witherspoon’s Dad For Bigamy

Reese Witherspoon's Dad Sued For Bigamy By Her MomReese Witherspoon always seemed a little too normal and level-headed to be a celebrity, didn’t she? She’s so perky and controlled. Mix in a dose of parental bigamy, however, and you realize that Reese is just like the rest of us: caught in the web of some crazy family drama. According to E! Online, Reese’s mother Betty Witherspoon is filing a lawsuit against husband John Witherspoon for marrying second wife Tricianne Taylor this past January. The problem? Despite separating in 1996, Mammy and Pappy Witherspoon are still very much a legally wedded couple. As if Thanksgiving wasn’t awkward enough already. Now imagine if your dad had sister wives!

As if that wasn’t enough, Reese’s mom is concerned that John Witherspoon is suffering from dementia and is being manipulated by his new wife for her own personal gain. “When I confronted my husband, he said he didn’t know who Tricianne Taylor was and that he did not remember getting married,” Betty claimed in the suit. “I also fear for my husband’s personal safety and the safety of my family.” Good god. What would you even do in this scenario? Cry in the car while pretending to be running to the store for cranberry sauce? We’re clearly still stuck on the family holidays aspect. Once your in-laws found out about this, you would never hear the end of it!

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Debra Messing, Ice-T, Coco, Sam Ronson Party With Mariska Hargitay For Real-Life Special Victims

Hilary Swank, Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing at the 5th Annual Joyful Revolution Gala

I’m sure almost every night in New York and Los Angeles, there is a room that contains handfuls of celebrities, bankers and society ladies clinking glasses and pledging thousands to some cause or another. But, though I have been to a whole lot of those kinds of soirees, I feel like the one I went to last night, a benefit for the Joyful Heart Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC, is a little bit different from the others. I can’t imagine there are many other events where you would see Ice-T and Coco meet wide-eyed teenagers, Debra Messing loudly promising to kiss a stranger, Samantha Ronson teaching a Christie’s auctioneer how to hold a mic, and Hilary Swank dancing in her seat as Harry Connick Jr. improvised lyrics in praise of Mariska Hargitay. (I mean, it’s no Channing Tatum grinding with Elton John, but still.) And in-between it all we are moved to tears by stories of women surviving rape and abuse, and others fighting for a future where “Special Victims Unit” sounds like a quaint relic of the past on par with typewriters and scullery maids.

Variations of this scene have been going down for years, since Law & Order: SVU star Hargitay decided to make it her mission to heal the kind of victims she’d been helping onscreen as Det. Olivia Benson. And I can tell you from experience (and full disclosure, one of my BFFs works for Joyful Heart) that this isn’t some token cause for the actress. She throws herself into it, and brings her very famous friends along with her.
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Russell Brand Is Your Host For The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand Is Hosting The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

So we already know that Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield will be presenters at  next month’s MTV Movie Awards. The next logical question was — who will be hosting? Luckily, we haven’t had to wait too long for the answer. We just got word that the host for the 21st Annual MTV Movie Awards is going to be …  *drumroll*Russell Brand!

MTV just announced the news and Brand, in his usual funnyman style, has also released a statement about being the main man of the show, saying, “This MTV Movie Awards will be more impressive than The Avengers, and you won’t have to wait an hour for someone to Hulk out.” What do you think, guys? Is Brand going to be an awesome host or will he end up being a little too OTT? Review his two stints as VMA host in 2008 and 2009 and get back to us with your answer. The MTV Movie Awards will air live on June 3 from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California.

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Anna Faris Is Pregnant With Her First Baby

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt expecting their first baby

Major congratulations need to go out to Anna Faris and her husband, Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt. The actor couple are expecting their first child together. Their baby news comes three years after they tied the knot. This was after they met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight in 2007. Anna’s divorce from Ben Indra after their four-year marriage was only finalized in 2008, and she and Chris were hitched a year and a half later. It was only last year that Anna told People, “We would love to have kids someday. We want a family for sure. Chris wants a big family. It’s timing. It’s so hard in this industry.” All we know is the baby is due this fall, but don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl. But considering the comedic chops of the parents, we are so sure that baby Faris-Pratt is going to be born with quite a funny bone. Mazel tov, guys! They make such an adorable, low-key couple.

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Rihanna Rushed To The Hospital After Met Gala, Raises Concerns Of Her Party Hard Lifestyle

rihanna rushed to hospital after met gala

Poor Rihanna. Putting out an album every year seems like it’s taking a toll on the singer’s health. Entertainment Tonight reports she was rushed to a New York City hospital after her fabulous attendance at the Met Gala Monday night. One of her followers asked her why she had been quiet all day when Rihanna replied by tweeting a photo of an IV in her arm. She didn’t give a reason why she was in the hospital, but according to Entertainment Tonight a source tells them she “had a fever and flu since last week and needed an IV but is fine now.” Read more…

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The Original Spidey, Tobey Maguire Interviews Current Spidey, Andrew Garfield For V Man

Andrew Garfield Cover V-Man, Interviewed By Tobey Maguire

Before we get into anything else, can we please just say how delicious Andrew Garfield looks on the June cover of V Man? We’re crushing hard-core. What’s really awesome about this spread, though, other than the pictures, is the fact that they got the original Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire to interview Andrew. How cool is that? It’s like — Peter Parker, meet Peter Parker! The whole piece is quite conversational in nature and full of them cracking jokes. For instance when Tobey, laughingly, asks Andrew, “Would that be the release of The Amazing Spider-Man?!” and Andrew replies, “That’s the one! Do you know about this movie?”

The conversation reveals the actors’ mutual admiration, as Tobey responded to that previous statement, “I do know about it! Actually, when it was coming together, I was particularly excited at two moments: One was when [director] Marc Webb got involved. I think he’s an interesting and cool choice. And then I was certainly curious as to who was going to play Peter Parker. When I heard it was you, I was literally like, F— perfect!” The two also chat about the audition process for the role, and how physically demanding it is, while comparing notes about their own particular experiences. We have to say, it sounds kind of grueling, emotionally and mentally more than anything!

[Photos via V Man]

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Now John Travolta Didn’t Grab A Masseur’s Junk? Proof Emerges To Support The Actor’s Innocence

John Travolta Sued For Harassing Masseur

Stories that John Travolta has propositioned his masseurs exploded over the Internet over the last two days. Well, him being gay is a rumor that has been around forever, but now that serious allegations of harassment are being pointed at him, the rumors are taking an ugly turn. A masseur is currently trying to sue Travolta for $2 million, for inappropriate sexual contact, saying that Travolta booked the masseur for a $200-an-hour massage appointment and then proceeded to grope him. He then, allegedly, suggested he be allowed to give the masseur a “reverse massage,” and said, “Come on dude, I’ll j— you off!!!”

Soon after, a second lawsuit emerged from another masseur in Atlanta, claiming even more inappropriate sexual conduct which included a lot more “glutes work.” While we’re waiting to hear about what Travolta’s team has to say about this second allegation, they’re already working hard on dismissing the first one, with a spokesperson saying, “This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred. The plaintiff, who refuses to give their name, knows that the suit is a baseless lie. It is for that reason that the plaintiff hasn’t been identified with a name, even though it is required to do so.”

Perhaps this bit of information from TMZ will help their case more. The first masseur says that the harassment went down at the Beverly Hills hotel in L.A., but the site has photographs of Travolta the same day that the supposed man-handling went down … in New York. Can’t be in two places at the same time, right? The photograph is dated January 16, and TMZ also has a receipt totaling $382 with the addition of a $100 tip paid by Travolta, the same day, at Mr. Chow, also in New York. How about that? This stuff could completely alter this suit! The second case details that the dirty business went down 12 days later, on January 28 in Atlanta, so we’re waiting to see what defense pops up from the actor’s team about that. Photographic evidence is pretty hard to refute.

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