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Billy Bob Thornton Says He Was “Too Insecure,” “Chickened Out” Of Marriage To Angelina Jolie

Billy Bob Thornton Talks Divorce From Angelina Jolie

Most people were of the opinion that Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie were an odd match during their three-year marriage. Unfortunately, Billy Bob was one of those people, and it pretty much ruined everything. “She has one way she wanted to live her life and I had another way to live mine,” Thornton tells ABC’s Nightline in an episode set to air tonight. “I was just too insecure.” Of course, the non-stop gossip about the couple’s 20-year age difference and, uh, relative attractiveness didn’t help matters either. According to The Informers actor, he felt “like the Phantom of the Opera hiding in the catacombs” compared to Jolie. “People actually said that I didn’t deserve to be with her,” Billy Bob shares. Oh boy…were we  one of those people? Jeez, we’re sorry. All those Phantom of the Opera jokes were just too good to pass up!

This kind of explains why Thornton and Jolie are shockingly amicable for ex-spouses. Angie penned the introduction to Billy Bob’s recent memoir, in which she praises him, saying “He has an unmatchable wit and can make you laugh until your face hurts.” Similarly Billy Bob lauded Jolie when she was directing her first film In the Land of Blood and Honey. “She’s real smart, and very creative, and I think it’s a great job for her,” he said. Admits Thornton in his interview, “We had a great marriage and I chickened out because I didn’t feel good enough. That’s all that happened. It was no big deal, we never hated each other.” We can’t help but feel partially responsible for this…which means we are kind of partially responsible for Angie ending up with Brad Pitt. You’re welcome, everyone! Except Billy Bob! Again, so sorry about that!

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Josh Hutcherson Explains The Mystery Of His “Broken” Nose

Josh Hutcherson explains why he had surgery on his nose

Hate to admit, but we’re kind of with TMZ on this one: It is just a wee bit disappointing to learn that Josh Hutcherson didn’t break his nose in a dramatic Hunger Games arena re-enactment, in a street fight to protect a damsel in distress, or in some kind of rough sport accident.

“It’s a deviated septum. I was born like that. I was 90 percent blocked in my right nostril and stuff,” he told the gossip site’s cameraman while walking in Beverly Hills yesterday. “I just gotta get it healed up and everything.”

This kind of contradicts what he tweeted last week about recovering from a broken nose, doesn’t it? Or, maybe he just meant that they had to break his nose to fix it? Well, we hope that while the surgeon was helping Josh breathe, he didn’t do anything to “perfect” his schnoz. That tiny bump gives him character!
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Terminator Actor Nick Stahl Is Reported Missing By His Wife

Nick Stahl Reported Missing

Nick Stahl‘s wife, Rose, has filed a missing persons report with the LAPD, saying that he’s been missing since May 9. Stahl, as you know, played John Connor in Terminator 3 and was also on Carnivale, a show we loved. We checked his Twitter account and his last tweet was on May 1. Rose has stated she saw him last a week ago, and sources revealed the worrying news to TMZ that he’d been hanging out in Skid Row, L.A. and may have gotten himself into trouble. This may be connected to the fact that Rose also filed papers in February this year stating that she was no longer living with her husband and wanted the court to restrict him to monitored visitations with their 2-year-old daughter because Stahl was reportedly doing drugs. His spokesperson had refused to comment on the situation. We just hope he’s OK and surfaces again!

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John Mayer Cops To Being An “Idiot” On Ellen, But Can We Get Past All His Bonehead Mayerisms?

Wow, John Mayer was remarkably contrite during his Ellen interview this week. The John Mayer who reflects wisely on his past seems like a totally different human being then the one who was embarrassing himself non-stop a few years ago. Ugh, does that mean we have to reevaluate our opinion of him? “It was a very strange time and it sort of rocketed me into adulthood. It was a violent crash into being an adult,” Mayer said of his numerous mistakes. “For a couple of years, it was just figuring it all out, and I’m glad I actually stayed out of the spotlight. … It was like, ‘No, idiot. Go away and be 33 and 34 instead of 28 for the fourth year.’ ” We applaud John’s journey down the road to self-discovery, but we have to wonder: Can we really get past all those amazingly dumb things he said in public? And do we haaaaaaave to? In case you’ve forgotten about John’s blunders, perhaps you’d care to remember…

  • His thoughts on ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson: “Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me. It was like napalm, sexual napalm. Did you ever say, ‘I want to quit my life and just f—in’ snort you? If you charged me $10,000 to f— you, I would start selling all my s— just to keep f—ing you.’ ” Read more…

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John Travolta’s First Sexual Harassment Accuser Drops Case

John Travolta Sexual Harassment Accuser Drops Case

Looks like John Travolta will be returning to a life of seemingly non-stop massages soon enough! According to E! News, the first masseur to accuse the Savages actor of sexual harassment last week has officially moved to dismiss the case. No word on what caused the still-unnamed claimant to submit the notice of dismissal, but it might have something to do with the apparently dependencies in his story. Soon after the masseur claimed Travolta manhandled his manhood on January 16, photos of the actor in New York taken that exact same day cropped up, forcing the claimant to admit that he might have been confused about the date and time. We completely understand how that could happen though! It’s hard to remember all the A-list stars we rub down with fragrant oils too, let alone recall the dates and times they made an appointment. What are we supposed to do? Put it in an appointment book?

However, John shouldn’t slip back into that pillowy soft towel just yet. While lawyer Okorie Okorocha dismissed the first masseur as this client, he still represents the other masseur alleging sexual harassment at Travolta’s hand, a man who is currently seeking $2 million as recompense for Travolta’s alleged inappropriate touching. And that’s not even counting the cruise ship accuser! Since it’s only Tuesday, maybe you should go ahead and avoid all spa-related activities for the rest of the week, John. Or, you know, hire a female masseur. Might be worth a try!

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Tom Cruise Won’t Let (Media) Bullies Slam Him Up Against The Lockers, He Tells Playboy

Tom Cruise

Today we read Playboy for the articles. Or, one really, really long article. The mag’s interview with Tom Cruise stretches for five pages online and covers everything from his childhood motorcycle stunts to whether he’s had or would ever get plastic surgery (nope) to the time he sang “Pour Some Sugar on Me” for Def Leppard (amazing). If you are a Tom Cruise fan, you should read the whole thing. If not, we’ll just share the most interesting part for people who still can’t shake that image of the couch-jumping, Scientology-touting Cruise of 2005.

Asked if he feels like he was judged too harshly after the infamous Oprah outburst, he gives a relaxed (rambling) answer that concludes: “How harshly I’m judged or not judged, I don’t think about stuff like that. I feel lucky. I remember as a kid I wanted an adventurous life, and I’ve gotten it. So if someone judges me harshly, it’s okay. I don’t even judge them harshly for doing it.”

BUT that doesn’t mean he sits back and takes whatever the media will dish to him. “I remember back as a little kid, going into a new school. Always, you know there will be a guy coming up at you, and you just wait for it. The first day someone’s going to slam me against a locker, and then it’s on. I don’t want the fight, but it’s there, it’s happening.”
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John Travolta’s Lawyer Shoots Down Third Sexual Harassment Claim

In addition to a spa rub-down and “glutes” work, John Travolta also allegedly enjoys a nice neck massage. A nice, gross neck massage. According to former Royal Caribbean cruise steward Fabian Zanzi, the Old Dogs actor allegedly asked for and received a very special, very inappropriate neck massage from him in 2009, when Zanzi stopped by to deliver something to Travolta’s stateroom. While TMZ located an official incident report about the encounter and it doesn’t mention any sexual harassment, Zanzi is now adding some previously undisclosed details to his story, allegations like “Travolta opened his robe and gave him a big hug while his penis was erect … and offered him $12,000 for sex and silence.” Fanzi was allegedly punished for giving the neck massage, even though giving the neck massage seems like it would itself be a form of punishment. In fact, it’s a Catch-22! It’s a vicious cycle of open robes and bear hugs!

Since he’s had to deal with so many similar claims over the past week, John Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer was quick to deny the charges, claiming, “The incident report now confirms Mr. Zanzi fabricated his story about my client. He never stated that my client did anything wrong. Obviously, if he had engaged in any inappropriate conduct he would have reported it to his supervisors.” This story begs a lot of questions, most importantly: John Travolta takes cruises alone? How is that even possible? You’d think someone would notice a solitary Tony Manero hanging out near the seafood buffet, right?

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Simon Cowell Presents Your New X Factor Judges: Britney Spears and Demi Lovato!

L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears talk X Factor season 2

It’s finally official, set-in-stone, greenlit and ready to go! After weeks of rumors, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were officially presented this afternoon as the newest judges on The X Factor. We announced last week that Britney finally inked a $15 million deal after years (OK, maybe just months) of back and forth negotiations, and this morning we passed along unconfirmed reports that Demi was signing on as well. But now we know for real that the two Disney alums will be taking over seats left by former judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

“I’m so exited about this whole experience,” she said at the Fox network “upfront” this afternoon in New York. “I’m ready to find a true star.” Demi was equally enthusiastic. “I’m exited to represent my generation.” For his part, Simon was his usual cocky sharp-tonged self. “I’m thrilled they The Voice have decided to compete with us in the fall,” he said with a smirk. “I wish them luck.” Bold words, considering that the first season of the show didn’t match the overwhelming success of American Idol a decade before. But…come on, it’s Britney freakin’ Spears. She’s sure to be a much-needed shot in the arm as far as the ratings are concerned! Right? Or are we just showing our age…?

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Brandi Glanville Wanted To “Kill” LeAnn Rimes: Ladies, This Has To Stop

Hoo boy. The public venom between singer Leann Rimes and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has been a-bubblin’ and a-boiling’ for over three years now, ever since Leann stole … uh, borrowed Brandi’s husband Eddie Cibrian without asking back in 2009. While their fighting faded into background noise a long time ago, the whole saga has taken an unexpectedly dark turn this week. “I remember walking up … and there she was with my baby in her lap,” Glanville told Australian magazine NW HQ about seeing Rimes with her ex and Brandi’s children for the first time. “My blood was boiling, and I thought I was going to kill her. I really thought I was going to physically hurt her.” Hmmm, that seems like something to tell your friends or your therapist, Brandi, not an entire continent.

Meanwhile, LeAnn allegedly considered getting a restraining order against Brandi for similar sentiments. “Brandi has told LeAnn to her face multiple times that she would kill her if she could,” a source claimed to Celebuzz. “LeAnn is scared of Brandi and believes she is unstable. LeAnn’s own mother is concerned for her daughter’s safety too and regularly calls her to tell her so.” To which we say, knock if off, you guys! “You guys” meaning anyone who continues to pay attention to this drama! Three years of public insanity is too much. Note: Do we understand that we’re basically undermining our own argument by even addressing their squabbling? Yes, but today’s developments seemed so insane we had to say something. There has to be something better for these two to do. Isn’t “How Do I?” due for a remake, LeAnn? Isn’t Sydney just dying for its own RH franchise, Brandi?

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Chris Hemsworth Welcomes New Baby India Amid Snow White Premiere Mania

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
has been traipsing the globe, promoting his one-two punch of summer blockbusters, The Avengers (which had its second week at #1 at the box office and is breaking records all over the place) and Snow White and the Huntsman, which had a weekend-long press junket in London (we were there! more soon!) and premieres there today before its June 1 release. We wonder how his wife, Spanish model Elsa Pataky, feels about that, since she just gave birth to their first child, daughter India Rose, last week. Actually, Chris must feel a little guilty about having to work this weekend, since he wouldn’t even confirm whether India was born on Friday, as Us Weekly reports.

“It’s amazing, it’s really, really exciting,” he told E! News over the weekend. “It’s tough being here and not back with her.” Luckily, it sounds like Elsa had the baby in London, so he didn’t have to go too far to be with her.

As for the name, Hemsworth didn’t have much in the way of explanation for E!’s Giuliana Rancic: “It was just a name we liked, I always kind of liked Indie or Indiana for a boy and she liked India.” So, either they’re big Harrison Ford fans, or they fell in love with my dog India.

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