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As If Getting Into A Tiny Bikini For Terry Richardson Wasn’t Enough, Kate Upton Goes (Nearly) Topless

Kate Upton Poses Topless For Terry Richardson

When we look at photographs like these, we realize that Kate Upton was probably put on this earth to make the rest of us want to crawl under a rock and sob into our Cheetos. It’ s a very specific kind of karma, but someone’s got to do it. Which is why we can’t understand this. Why would someone as blessed as Kate Upton — don’t kid yourselves guys, God ordained that body — want to hang out with someone as skeezy as Terry Richardson? Wasn’t Cat Daddy enough? We’re still looking at Terry as Quagmire from Family Guy after his very enthusiastic “alright” right after adjusting Upton’s bikini strap in the video. Actually, while we’re asking questions — how does someone like Terry Richardson manages to get someone like Kate Upton to writhe so seductively that Youtube ends up banning their collaborative video? Which is also weird because granted that Kate was wearing the tiniest bikini ever known to mankind, but there was no nudity of any kind.

Which directly leads to our next point. We thought that Kate had paid her dues by posing for Terry in scraps of fabric. But the photographer’s site revealed that the model busting a move for him (and the rest of the world) was just the tip of the iceberg. A new batch of pictures have surfaced on the site of Kate, softly lit and glowing, nearly topless, but not quite. She’s hiding her modesty by crossing her arms over her chest. Not that it still isn’t NSFW, but if there’s anyone worth the risk, it’s Kate. You’re probably heading to the gallery right now to illustrate our point.

[Photos: Terry’s Diary]

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Kate Upton Teaches Us How To Do The “Cat Daddy” In A Bikini, Makes Us Wish We Were Terry Richardson

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Tulisa Contostavlos Is FHM‘s Sexiest Woman In The World; Will America Be As Psyched To See Her?

Tulisa Costavlos FHM's Sexiest Woman Alive

FHM HAS SPOKEN! The British mag spent the last year looking critically at every single woman on earth and, after doing so, deemed British celeb Tulisa Contostavlos the Sexiest Woman on Earth. Better luck next year, all other females on the planet! The actress, X Factor judge and singer-songwriter (formerly of the group N-Dubz) is a bonafide It Girl in the U.K., but the question in our mind is…can she cut in America? So, of course, we wanted to see how the new sexiest woman in the world compared to British crossover stars…or wannabe crossovers. So how does Tulisa stack up with others who have tried to make it big across the pond? She already has her own perfume line, which is a good start at least…

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  • Cheryl Cole: Considering how huge Cole is in the U.K., it’s no wonder Simon Cowell kept trying to make her happen here, bringing her on for a judge’s spot on the American version of The X Factor last year…before kicking her off. Seeing how jazzed people seem to be about her new video for “Call My Name,” however, we’re pretty sure Cheryl is in this to win this. Our conclusion: Even if you don’t make the transition the first time, Tulisa, there might always be success further on down the line. Or at least another fragrance.
  • Jessie J: Even though her leg was broken for what seemed like eons, the Gaga-esque pop star was everywhere in America this past fall, including the VMAs and in our ear holes with “Domino.” Our conclusion: Leg braces? Kind of a hot look. Something to think about, Tuls.

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Bobby Brown Says He’s Still Loves Whitney Houston “To This Day”

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We already gave you a preview of Bobby Brown’s interview with Today’s Matt Lauer, in which the singer attempts to clear his name by dispelling the age-old rumors that he was the cause of Whitney Houston’s addiction. Now we have video of the sitdown, and it’s, of course, even more heartbreaking. In addition to recounting how well she looked the week prior to her death, he tells Lauer that he still asks himself if he could have helped her more.

“Maybe I could have done something different. You know?” he says. “To ensure she had a longer life. But you have to want it.”

Although happily engaged, he had no qualms expressing the love he had for his ex-wife of 14 years. Brown’s perception is that the couple had a great and “beautiful” relationship. “I can honestly say that I loved that woman with everything that I am,” he admitted. “I truly and genuinely love that woman. And I still love her to this day.” He said it’s no secret (not even to his fiancee) how he felt about Whitney. “I was in love with her deeply,” he says of his late ex.

It’s commendable for Brown to take the high road by only having good things to say about Houston. From the outside looking in the couple may have appeared to be a little rough around the edges. But that’s not to say the love they had for each other wasn’t real. Take a look at the couple during the happier times of their marriage.

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Miley Cyrus, We’re Gonna Let You Finish But Demi Lovato Would Be The Best X Factor Judge of All Time

According to TMZ Demi Lovato is currently the front runner for X Factor‘s fourth judge’s chair, where she would be nestled snugly between L.A. Reid and Britney Spears (if BritBrit ever makes her involvement official, of course). We know this gossip comes less than a day after rumors that Miley Cyrus was allegedly reading her own X Factor judge contract, pen-in-hand, bu


Were Rihanna And Meek Mill On A Date At The Strip Club?

Rihanna and Meek Mill Stripper Club

If there’s one thing we absolutely know about Rihanna, it’s that she doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of her living her life to the fullest. In typical badass Riri form, the pop singer shows off how she relieves stress, posting two Instagram pictures of herself enjoying the “best stress reliever,” which in this glam girl’s world means making it rain on scantily clad dressed strippers. Mocking critics who have condemned her for not behaving like a role model she added the hashtags to the picture of an unknown stripper backing it up on her: “#RoleModelS— #NaviS—.” Read more…

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David Arquette Was Totally Sober On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night, But He Could’ve Fooled Us

“I haven’t had a drink or ANYTHING since Dec. 30, 2010. You’re a knuckle head. I’ve been like that since birth,” David Arquette tweeted in response to a random woman’s reaction to his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance last night. But man, you can’t blame that “knuckle head” for thinking the actor was on something! He arrived at the show with bloodshot eyes, laughing through every single answer, much the way a very high person does, or a person who is just naturally hyper and childlike, we suppose. And maybe he was just giddy about the brand-new Wonder Woman tattoo he got just before heading to Kimmel’s studio.

David Arquette's new Wonder Woman tattoo
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Amber Riley Collapses At Glee Screening, We’re Glad She’s OK Now

Amber Riley Collapses At Glee Screening At TV Academy

The whole cast and producers team of Glee was in North Hollywood last night at the TV Academy of Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood for a screening of the show, followed by panel discussion held in front of Emmy voters. Sadly, the event took a pretty scary turn when our gurl Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes on the series, collapsed while doing interviews on the red carpet. Luckily, she recovered quickly and was even able to participate in the panel discussion later.

She also tweeted some explanations about what and why it happened. The first message read, “Hey guys, I’m okay. I got a little dizzy from all the photog flashes! You’d think I’s be used to it by now, still a red carpet amateur I guess. Gonna get checked out but I feel fine. Thank you for all the concern and well wishes.” She added in another post, “I’d also like to thank the photographers for being do professional and not taking photos of me on the ground. I truly truly appreciate it. Could have been super embarrassing.”

The photo you see above is therefore of Amber before the incident. Glad you’re OK, lady! She really must’ve given everyone there a fright.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Cops Called To Kat Von D’s Home After Threatening, Creepy Phone Call

Kat Von D Calls Cops At Home

This has got to be one of the creepiest things ever. TMZ just revealed that Kat Von D received an extremely disturbing phone call from a crazed fan or deranged prankster on Monday night. The person called her home and began asking her a series of personal questions and then hung up, only to follow up with a text message on her cell phone. Kat, being under the impression that the individual was on her premises, call the cops around 10:45 p.m.

All these details were actually revealed by the police themselves as they came swarming in en masse. They really got the whole “to serve and protect” deal down, as not only did they show up in a fleet of cars, but they actual sent a helicopter to scour the neighborhood aerially. The good news is that they found no one, and Kat is safe. She still had to file something called an “annoying persons report,” which we hope made her giggle even through all the stress.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Is The X Factor Trying To Snag Miley Cyrus For A Judging Gig, Too?

Dang, X Factor, how much money are you playing with? Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid must be scooping gold doubloons out of their personal coin-filled swimming pools right now, because new rumors suggest that Miley Cyrus is in talks to be an X Factor judge in addition to one Miss Britney Spears. “There have been talks with Miley,” a source admitted to Celebuzz, though the names Fergie, Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato have also been bandied about. The clear solution is to just hurry up and hire all of them, Simon. So you can only get a fresh stack of cashmere v-necks and your entire body waxed every other month. It is a small price to pay for quality television!

Meanwhile, it’s been almost a month since we heard that no, for realsies this time, Britney is about to sign on as an X Factor judge to the tune of a cool $15 million (or $16 million, depending on who you asked). The fact that nothing has officially happened yet doesn’t necessarily mean Britney Spears is out of the running in favor of Miley Cyrus, though. And considering the show’s second season doesn’t start until September, we’re betting we’ll hear a lot more “rumors” in months to come. Actually, we’ll go ahead and start some right now. Jessie J! Mandy Moore! Madonna! Um, Beyonce! Again!

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The Wanted Continue Their Bad Boy Campaign, Say They Weren’t Allowed to Look At Britney Spears

The Wanted are such bad boys, ya’ll! Bad boys with great hair who sing in dulcet harmonies and just need one special lady to reveal the gentle lamb within. That’s the P.R. angle The Wanted is currently working with, right? Why else would the British band have “gone rogue” and revealed a super-unflattering detail about opening for Britney Spears? “We signed a confidentiality thing that we should never say anything about what happened, but let’s tell it anyway,” bandmember Tom Parker (always the troublemaker!) told Fresh 102.7. Added Siva Kaneswaran, “I was in the hallway with me tour manager. Basically we were looking with a laptop, trying to get WiFi, and we were facing the middle of the hallway. Her bouncers came down with her and told us to face the wall . . .” Interjected Tom, “As Miss Spears is walking through. We’re like, come on!” Wow, revealing that a famous person did something weird? Bad Boys 4 Lyfe!

The boys spilled their Britney dirt mere days after the band ripped on Christina Aguilera, which makes us think this whole thing has to be an ingenious publicity campaign designed to appeal to the 13-year-old girl in all of us. That’s the only explanation we can see for all the spots The Wanted has been blowing this past week! Unfortunately for them, Xtina and Brit Brit are not middle schoolers anymore. And their days of putting up with bad boys are long, long, long over.

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