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Jason Trawick Is Officially Britney Spears’ Conservator, We’re Officially Kind Of Unsettled

We’ve had a couple weeks to digest the fact that Britney Spears‘ fiance Jason Trawick has been tapped as her co-conservator alongside her dad, Jamie. And even now that it’s all official on paper, we still don’t feel totally at ease with the whole thing. But star therapist Dr. Jenn Berman of VH1‘s Couples Therapy has been trying hard to convince us that it’s actually a good thing. “Other people looking out for her seems to have really worked well for her, Jenn recently told us. “It helped her in her healing and well-being. It seems like it’s what she needs.”

The singer has been under conservator-ship since her very public (and very scary) meltdown in early 2008, and for all we know it may have saved her life. Yet still, the whole thing sort of creeps us out. We just don’t like the idea of a grown woman’s husband being granted legal control over her food, heath-care and style choices. Plus, Britney and Jason aren’t even married yet! Not to mention the fact that he’s her agent. What kind of legal firestorm would occur if they split up? “This is a very unusual situation, because generally you don’t see conservatees get married,” LA probate attorney Jeffrey Cohen told People magazine.

On the upside, Judge Reva Goetz admitted at Britney’s conservatorship hearing that he was “impressed” with her progress. So perhaps in the near future Brit can successfully petition to have Jason demoted to just plain old “husband/agent.” But until that day comes, Britney and Jason will top our list of the most unsettling couples in show biz. Check out the rest in the gallery below!

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Hulk Hogan Wants His Sex-Tape Screen Grabs Off The Internet, Now!

Remember we told you there was a Hulk Hogan sex tape in existence last month, right? If your brain protectively wiped that memory, we’ll remind you: This tape, unearthed by Vivid Entertainment, features him getting it on with a naked unidentified woman, whose name Hulk can’t remember. And this bit brings on the LOLs again — the Hulk apparently tells her, in the video, “I started to work out again.” Best of all, his “thong-shaped tan line” is in full view. He insists that he doesn’t know who the woman was because he was on a four-month sex-and-booze binge at the time the tape was shot, saying, “During that time, I don’t even remember people’s names, much less girls.”

Unfortunately, the tape has reared its ugly head again (sorry). TMZ reports that black-and-white screen grabs from the sex tape have surfaced on the interwebz, on, last week to be precise, and more photographs have been published after. And Hogan is hulking out and threatening legal action against TheDirty’s editor Nik Richie. His lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter to Richie, which stated, “As you know, should a sex tape or photographs of Mr. Bollea [Hogan’s real name] exist, they were taken without his consent and therefore the same would constitute a felony in the State of Florida.” Apparently, the site doesn’t care and still has the photographs up. Do we smell a hard-core legal battle brewing? We think so!

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Report: A Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Is Out There 

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Brandy Opens Up About Eating Disorder, Depression While Filming Moesha

What hath Moesha wrought? While the rest of us were watching Moesha Mitchell the fictional teenage deal with crushes, school and her adorably annoying brother Myles, Brandy Norwood the actual teenage was struggling with what sounds like a devastating eating disorder. “I wanted to be so thin. That was my main thing,” the singer reveals on VH1’s Behind the Music tonight. “So I started not taking care of myself — not eating properly, not eating at all, diet pills, regurgitating, and all of these things that girls do.” Oh god, Brandy‘s real life was a very special episode of Moesha. And it probably lasted way longer than a half hour minus the commercials!

The singer also discusses being “crushed” by her break-up with Boyz II Men‘s Wanya Morris. “People don’t understand that being the hottest star or making the most money does not mean anything,” she says. “I’m here to tell you I was making so much money — I was omnipresent — and I was the unhappiest teenager probably in the world.” Man, if Brandy was this miserable as a teen starlet, we don’t even want to know how Countess Vaughn was doing. Actually, of course we do. Leave a comment if you’re reading this, girl!

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Twitter, You Should Be Seriously Ashamed Of Your New Justin Bieber “Nickname”

Come on, you guys! Seriously? We leave Twitter alone for two seconds and you turn around and start nicknaming Justin Bieber‘s….how do we put this delicately…wiener? You start nicknaming Justin Bieber‘s wiener? Wow, and here we thought you had some tiny shred of decency or class left in those Bieber-loving bodies. We were so, so wrong…and we love it.

Let’s get the facts straight first, shall we? Not only did you all endow the Biebs’ junk with the silliest nickname we can imagine and have said nickname blow up on Twitter, you also inadvertently forced Justin Bieber to talk about Jerry during his interview with Britain’s Capital FM. You guys are literally evil geniuses. “My fans are kind of inappropriate,” Justin awkwardly laughed when quizzed about the Jerrmeister by host James Barr. “But it’s funny.” As for why his fans picked such a normal sounding dude’s name for his unmentionables, Bieber was at a complete loss. “I don’t know! They just named it!” he signed. They. Just. Named. It. This is the true power of social media right here, people. The weird, totally perverted power of social media. Bravo to all of you, for real.

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Katherine Heigl And Hubs Josh Kelley Adopt Second Daughter

What’s the only thing better than one adorable baby? Two adorable babies! (Or three or four or any number up until, say, 12. Then you really have to stop and take a look at your life) Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley are clearly in agreement with us, seeing as how they’ve just adopted a second child. “Yes, they have adopted,” their rep confirmed to E! Online today, while People reports that the family has welcomed a second daughter. Anyway, regardless of the baby’s gender…squeeeeeeeee!

No word on the baby’s age or name yet either, nor whether their latest child was adopted in the U.S. or internationally, though the National Enquirer is allegedly claiming Heigl and Kelley are the proud parents of a baby girl from Louisiana. Really, all we know about Heigl Baby #2 is so far is that 1) she will definitely be enjoying/constantly pestering a big sister (the One For The Money star adopted daughter Naleigh back in 2009) and 2) the world will probably have forgotten all about her mom’s starring role in Killers before either of her kids are old enough to see it. Haha, just kidding! We will never let the world forget about Katherine Heigl’s sexy spy rom-com with Ashton Kutcher! Her children’s children’s children will know about Killers!

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Tamera Mowry Expecting First Baby, We’re Expecting A “Cousin, Cousin” Spin-Off



Just yesterday, well, more like 15 years ago, Tia and Tamera Mowry were playing curly haired teenagers in the popular ’90s sitcom Sister, Sister. All grown up, married with an acting career and reality TV show, Tamera is expecting her first child with Fox News correspondent husband, Adam Housley. The 33-year-old tells People, “We can’t wait to meet this little miracle!”

Last May when the couple wed, they revealed on Tia & Tamera they weren’t in any rush to have children. That all changed after a trip to South Africa that put things in perspective. “It’s just so beautiful there, and you get a whole new perspective on life, the things that really matter,” Mowry-Housley explains to People. “Adam and I looked at each other and said, ‘Why wait?’ ” Her sister Tia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 10 months before today’s announcement. We’re already envisioning the first cousins’ play dates, since they will be less than two years apart. Imagine the joy of the twins being able to watch their children grow up together. So freaking adorable. A huge congrats to the Housleys!

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TheFABlife Is Now VH1 Celebrity … But Just As Fab As Ever

Greetings, faithful readers and readers who accidentally stumbled here! You’ve probably noticed that “here” is a little different from what it was yesterday. The blog formerly known as is now VH1 Celebrity.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, if you’ve been following us for the past couple of years, not too much. We’re all about bringing you the latest celebrity news and gossip; red-carpet, on-set and on-the-street photos with keen fashion analysis; interviews with your favorite stars; in-depth looks at the upcoming movies and TV shows we know you’ll love and, of course, our own special flavor of pop-culture commentary. The VH1 Celebrity name just seems to encompass all that a little better than TheFABlife.

The old @TheFABlife Twitter handle has switched over to @VH1Celebrity, so you’ll notice a different name in your feed too. Our Facebook page will change shortly. And you can look forward to some more exciting (currently top secret!) developments in the months to come.

So, what do you think? We welcome any feedback in the comments below!

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Fake Nikki Reed Tweet Blows Up The Internet With Rumors Of Rob Feud

Either Nikki Reed tweeted a super rude text about Robert Pattinson while at Coachella, or the world’s most skilled Photoshopper just pulled a fast one on every Robsten fan on the Internet. That was our initial thought when we first saw the alleged tweet sent by Reed: “Met a girl at #Coachella who asked me to give a letter to Rob. Um, I will if his bodyguards let me…” That’s a subtle burn right there! Fortunately, according to Gossip Cop the supposed slam is simply the work of an prankster. So what we’re hearing is…Rob will get any letter that we hand to Nikki Reed? Oh good! We spent ever so much time writing them!

Nikki herself took to Twitter this afternoon to clarify that someone had merely Punk’d us all. “I never tweeted that guys. Go to my twitter and whosay page to see my tweets. Anyone can write a tweet with my twitter handle,” Reed tweeted with a near audible sigh. “I never write nasty things about people. Especially not my friends or co workers. That was clearly photoshopped. Let’s get it together and stop getting excited over negativity. Lets focus on the good and start spreading positive messages.” Right, spreading positive messages we’ve written on tear-stained stationary and handed to Nikki Reed! Thanks so much for passing those along, girl!

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Micheal Lohan And Rosie O’Donnell Go Head-To-Head Over Lindsay Insults

We’re not going to pretend we didn’t see a Michael Lohan/ Rosie O’Donnell feud coming; we just always imagined it inside some kind of giant steel Cage of Death. “You’re out of your mind! You’re a crackhead! The last thing she did good she was sixteen,” O’Donnell said about Lindsay Lohan  on the Today show this morning, when co-host Donny Deutsch suggested Lilo is “our generation’s Elizabeth Taylor.” Lindsay is, after all, portraying Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. Declared Rosie, “I don’t think she’s right for the role and I don’t think she’s capable at this point to portray that character.” Oh come on, Rosie. Lindsay is not a crackhead! Plus, Mean Girls came out when she was 18 and you know it!

While Lindsay has remained silent about Rosie’s diatribe so far, her dad Michael predictably has not. “Who the hell is Rosie O’Donnell to judge anyone, especially Lindsay, who has far more talent than Rosie ever had?,” he snarled to TMZ, adding, “Two failed talk shows, a failed marriage, etc … He/she who is without sin. May they cast the first stone.” Excuse me, Michael? You’re really going to call Rosie O’Donnell’s talent into question? Might we remind you of a little film entitled A League Of Their Own? Let he who has not taken on Kato Kaelin in a celebrity boxing match cast the first stone, is what we say.

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Justin Bieber, Writing A Song About Mariah Yeater Is Probably Not Your Wisest Move

Justin Bieber
says his new album is all about self expression, so much so that he wrote a song about the most controversial incident of his past year. “I’ve written a song about that whole situation with that girl who said she’s having my baby, Mariah Yeater. I’ve written about my mom, loads of things I’m going through,” he told Heat magazine at a listening party in London on Monday. This was just two days after he tweeted about Yeater with a link to a clip of Borat saying, “You will never get this.” Which, before that, most of us had pretty much forgotten all about her, hadn’t we? She dropped the paternity suit against him back in November, and he took the paternity test anyway. We assumed, and a PR expert agreed, that this was because he wanted to shut the story down for good. So why bring it up again, Justin? Doesn’t writing a song about a crazy chick you never met just kind of encourage more crazy chicks to come out of the woodwork, in the hopes that you’ll write songs about them one day, too?
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