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Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Accused Of Operating A Fradulent Cancer Charity

Khloe Lamar Cathy's Kids

Uh oh! What has already been a rough year for Khloe Kardashian is about to get worse. She was unceremoniously canned by Simon Cowell after one disastrous season as X-Factor host (after her nipple got some primetime exposure), rumors swirled that O.J. Simpson is her biological father, her struggles to get pregnant have been turned into farcical fodder on Kim And Kourtney Take Miami, and now her candy craving hubby Lamar Odom’s cancer charity is under fire for not actually giving any money to helping fight cancer.

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Amanda Bynes Turns 27, So Let’s Look Back At Her 10 Most Outrageous Moments From The Last Year

Amanda Bynes 27th birthday

Today Amanda Bynes turns 27 years old, and let’s hope it goes better than age 26! Just several days after her birthday last year, Bynes life turned into a rollercoaster ride round the tabloids, a journey fraught with insane traffic offenses, Twitter mayhem and erratic public behavior. It’s gotten to the point where we kind of wonder if it’s a Joaquin Phoenix-like piece of performance art. That’s the only way to truly explain her outrageous antics lately. In honor of turning another year older (and hopefully wiser), let’s take a look back at her crazy year.

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