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Kat Von D, Deadmau5 Engaged – Did He Really Ask Her On Twitter?

Kat Von D and Deadmau5 got engaged over the weekend

Congrats, Kat Von D and Deadmau5. After dating since September, and breaking up in November, the electronic musician and legendary tattoo artist are engaged. But we really, really hope that Deadmau5, a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman, was a bit more romantic than meets the eye. As in, we hope he asked her in person before posting this Twitpic:

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Jenna Dewan Tatum Is One Hot Mama On The VH1 Divas Purple Carpet

Jenna Dewan Tatum at VH1 Divas

We don’t really mean that headline how you think — since we’re against calling “baby bump” on ladies who have yet to announce anything themselves. We’re mostly just admiring Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s fairy princess look — complemented by that princess-worthy headband and bright, youthful makeup — on its own merit. But when we saw Mrs. Channing Tatum step onto the purple carpet for tonight’s VH1 DIVAS, where she’s a presenter, we thought, “Whoa, mama.”

“On the way to @VH1DIVAS! I am in full fairy mood tonight,” Jenna tweeted.

Also, this empire cut is like one of the many dresses we pregnant ladies saved from our un-knocked-up days and have been able to pull out and wear in full, er, bloom too. So, if Jenna is not yet carrying a mini-Chan, this sexy look might inspire her Sexiest Man Alive to get to work on that ASAP, and then she can recycle this look later!

“I’m ready; I think she’s ready,” Channing Tatum told People about starting a family in his Sexiest Man interview last month. We’re ready for you, too!

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Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Other Celebs Tweet Out About The Tragic Shooting In Newtown, Connecticut

Celebs respond to the If you're close enough to a computer to read this, you've obviously heard about the tragedy befallen the town of Newtown, Connecticut. Latest reports say that 18 of the 27 people shot in a school shooting at Sandy Elementary are children; police have announced that Adam Lanza has the suspected gunman. If only to distract yourself from the grim procession of new details, we gathered celeb tweets for the survivors from everyone from Rihanna to Rashida Jones to Michael Moore:

If you’re close enough to a computer to read this, you’ve obviously heard about the tragedy befallen the town of Newtown, Connecticut. Latest reports say that 18 of the 27 people shot in a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary are children. Police have announced Adam Lanza as the suspected gunman; his mother was found dead inside the school. If only to distract yourself from the grim procession of new details (and the tears intermittently falling out of your eyes), we gathered celeb tweets for the survivors from everyone from Rihanna to Rashida Jones to Michael Moore. For more serious advice on how to cope with the tragedy, head over to MTV Act.

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Kate Middleton Prank Victim’s Suicide Note May Point Finger At Hospital: Report

According to tabloids one of the suicide notes left by Jacintha Saldanha calls into question her treatment by the hospital

Jacintha Saldanha’s husband, Ben Barboza, and children, Lisha and Junal

Every detail that emerges about the death of King Edward VII Hospital nurse Jacintha Saldanha just keeps getting sadder, and unfortunately, the blame game has only escalated over the past week. The nurse, who was working as a receptionist when she patched Queen Elizabeth-impersonating Australian radio hosts through to the nurse treating Kate Middleton, left three notes when she hanged herself last week. According to U.K. tabloid The Mirror, it seems that the 46-year-old mother of two felt persecuted by senior staffers at the hospital.

“One of the letters, which is the longest, deals with the hospital and is critical in its tone,” a source reportedly told the Mirror. “Needless to say, [husband Ben Barboza] wants a full inquiry into what happened, and he wants to make sure the truth comes out. Within the letter Jacintha calls into question some of the treatment she received at the hospital.”
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Amanda Bynes’ Hit-And-Run Charges Reportedly Dismissed – Good News At Last!

Amanda Bynes' hit and run charges were dismissed, according to reports

When you’re Amanda Bynes and it’s 2012, we suppose every day in which you are not arrested, in a fight with paparazzi/tabloids, locking yourself in bathrooms/dressing rooms or making a scene at spin class is a minor victory. But this week, the “retired” actress has a bigger victory to celebrate, according to Radar. Her lawyer, Richard Hutton, was able to reach an agreement with the victims in her two hit-and-run cases, and on Wednesday, those charges against Bynes were dismissed.

A little reminder, in case you’ve mixed up all of Bynes’ mishaps of the year: In early April, the All That alum allegedly side-swiped a police car in L.A. and was arrested after being found not fit to be behind the wheel. Then in August, she was driving a rental car when she was rear-ended, which the other driver blamed on Bynes’ recklessness. She fled that scene as well.

The aspiring designer isn’t out of the woods just yet, unfortunately. She’s still facing charges of DUI and driving with a suspended license. She seems to have the right idea these days, though: Stay in New York City, where you don’t have to drive anywhere!

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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Deny Engagement Rumors. It’s Too Late: We Want That Celeb Wedding

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis Deny Engagement Rumors

Between their Kenyan marathon runner sex and Olivia’s endearing vagina death monologue, Jason’s Bidenisms on SNL and their general cuteness as a couple, we were more than ready to grant Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis our blessing to get engaged and subsequently get married in Kansas City. You know, like we heard they were doing. Sadly E! now reports that the couple has since denied the engagement rumors, but it’s far too late. We’ve got the taste of celeb wedding in our mouth and we will not spit it out. Let the spirit of celeb weddings fill our body and allow us to see the future! We see a tea-length dress and lace! We see Bill Hader giving a hilarious yet tasteful best man’s speech. We see a photobooth! Let there be a photobooth!

Seriously though, we did think it was cute when RadarOnline reported this morning that the Horrible Bosses actor and Tron: Legacy star, who have been dating for a little over a year, were making plans to tie the knot in Jason’s hometown of Kansas City, Kansas. Nevertheless, Wilde’s rep dashed our hopes by explaining that it’s simply “not true” the two are to be wed. Maybe our “Olivia And Jason Forever” gallery will gently nudge them toward picking out china patterns. Do people even do that anymore? We would probably know the answer to that, if we were invested in any weddings besides those of celebrities…

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10 Things We Are Desperately Hoping They Find In Lindsay Lohan’s Storage Unit

Lindsay Lohan's Storage Unit Seized

Despite that money Charlie Sheen lent her last month, Lindsay Lohan is apparently coming up $16,000 short on her storing unit, meaning her belongings are likely to be auctioned off. TMZ reports that Lilo might potentially lose “expensive designer clothes, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items” if the unit is seized for non-payment. If she’s got so many frocks and heirlooms in there, why not…sell…some?  Oh, because Lilo’s literally cannot open the unit until she pays for it. Got it. Today’s drama is only the latest money problem Lohan is facing; you might recall that the IRS has taken control of her accounts over unpaid taxes. On one hand…jeez girl. On the other hand, what an insane episode of Storage Wars this will make. We’re calling it now that they’re going to open that sucker up and find:

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Rihanna Posts Another Angry Tweet Pointing Towards Split From Chris Brown

Rihanna tweets hint at trouble with Chris Brown

Last time we checked in, Rihanna posted a series of tweets over the weekend that hinted at trouble with her rumored boyfriend Chris Brown. The pop queen was reportedly angry that Breezy flew to Paris to meet up with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, whom he dumped in October so that he could see Riri guilt free. Her passive aggressive tweets on Sunday night made vague references to the feud, but this morning she posted an even more pointed message, almost certainly aimed at the man who famously assaulted her nearly four years ago.

“Never underestimate a man’s ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes,” she wrote to her more than 27 million Twitter followers this morning. Strong words coming from the lady who’s been under an incredible amount of fire for not only resuming contact with her former abuser, but seemingly entering into a romantic relationship with him again.  There’s a lot to unpack in there, and a lot of incidents it could be referring to. Is it the beating? Is it the Karrueche Tran visit? Who knows, maybe he just left the toilet seat up. And of course, it might not be about Chris at all.

Despite her loaded Twitter activity, some close to the mysterious couple deny that claim Riri doesn’t give a damn about Chris’ rendezvous with his ex. Insiders tell Hollywood Life that all reports of a rift between the two are “lies” and that they “talk every f—ing day, every hour and every second.”

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Daniel Radcliffe In a Jager-Fueled Bar Tiff? Rumors We Hate/Love

Daniel Radcliffe reportedly got kicked out of a bar after getting in a drunken fight with the DJ

This is one of those stories that could go either way: Daniel Radcliffe could have been simply enjoying himself a little too much for one night out in NYC; or he could be on a downward slide toward self-destruction. Given our eternal love for DanRad, we’re inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, though. The story, according to the New York Post, is that the 23-year-old Harry Potter star was on a date at Beauty Bar in Manhattan, where he was downing Jagermeister.

“All was in good fun, and a special request for a Dusty Springfield song was even granted before a Jagerbomb-fueled Radcliffe got into a twist with the DJ,” a witness told the paper. “He was soon encouraged by management to grab a cab.”
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They Arrested Carly Rae Jepsen’s Nude Pic Hacker! Sadly, That Means There Are Actually Nude Pics

Carly Rae Jepsen's Nude Photo Hacker Arrested

Hurray! Also, uh oh! After months and months of gossip about real and faked Carly Rae Jepsen nude photos, TMZ reports that the total lamer who allegedly hacked the singer’s computer has been arrested after turning himself into police on Friday, December 7. It’s all great news…until you realize that it confirms both that Carly got hacked and that she had nude photos taken from her possession. Were we the only ones naive enough to think after all this time it might still be a rumor? Of course, why would Jepsen’s peeps and the authorities have been trying to nail this guy since March if it was a rumor? Boy, do we feel dumb! We also feel like the only people on the planet who don’t keep nude photos of themselves on their computers.

While in custody in Vancouver, 25-year-old Christopher David Long was charged with “fraudulently obtaining telecommunications services, unauthorized use of computer, mischief to data, identity fraud, and possession of stolen property.” Mischief to data! What, did he Photoshop Paula Deen riding Carly, too? Was Sad Keanu watching it all go down? Oh, the indignity! Long was later released and must return to court on January 4. On the plus side, if any naked Jepsen photos get released over the holidays, at least we know who’s butt is getting thrown in jail. We’ll say a little holiday prayer his is the only butt we have to blog about.

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