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Hulk Hogan Fears Another Sex Tape Will Leak, Fans Of Horrendous Sex Tapes Rejoice

Hulk Hogan fears the release of a second sex tape

Only one minute of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape was leaked to Gawker last week, but that sixty seconds was all it took to make us want to drill into our brain and suck out the memory of it with a shop-vac. Hell, it was so bad it caused Linda Hogan to get a DUI! Ok, that’s probably not true, but it totally deserves to be. So when we learned today that the Hogans are scared a second tape might leak, we’d like to offer them a hearty: “SO ARE WE!”

The wresting/pasta legend is reportedly bracing his family for the possibility that more of his sexual exploits have been recorded for the ages, and they may be coming to a web-browser near you. “After the first video was leaked he warned Linda, Brooke and Nick that he could of been caught on camera in the past,” a source close to the family told RadarOnline. We interpret that as code for, “Dammit, why did I do that more than once?” Despite his threats of massive legal retaliation, the Hulk and Co fear the damage another sex tape could do, especially in the wake of Linda’s arrest last week.

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Demi Lovato Denies Dating One Direction’s Niall Horan, Even In The Wake Of His Vicious Squirrel Attack

Demi Lovato denies dating One DIrection's Niall Horan

One Direction heart-throb Niall Horan is having a pretty crappy week. Not only is Demi Lovato insisting that they’re not dating, but he’s also nursing injuries sustained by a particularly brutal squirrel attack! That’s rough dude, but it happens to the best of us. Right guys? Or maybe it just happens in John Hughes movies. Despite being seen having an “intimate” dinner at L.A.’s Pick Taco following the VMAs on September 6th, Demi basically gave Niall the “Let’s Just Be Friends” talk via Teen Vogue.”He’s a really awesome, sweet guy, but not my boyfriend,” she says. “I’m in a place right now where I really need to focus on myself. Obviously, I’m still going to like people – or love them – but I need to not be in a relationship for a while because I need to be okay with being alone, first.” The newly minted X Factor judge has been shooting down dating rumors left and right in the past few weeks. Is it for real, or does the lady protest too much?

Rejection’s gotta sting, but probably not as much as Niall’s squirrel injuries. The boy band singer was seem limping out of a London television studio on crutches, and has recently undergone surgery to repair torn ligaments in his knee as the apparent result of a squirrel run-in.  “I got attacked by a squirrel in Battersea Park,” he told a British magazine. “They’re dangerous. It’s rare. I’ve torn most of the ligaments in my knee.” What the hell kind of squirrel was it!? We’re kind of thinking (wondering, hoping) that Niall is kidding about the whole squirrel thing, otherwise we’re going to have to think twice every time we go for a stroll in the park. But for now, we’re going to add it to our list of celebs who have gone head to head with the wild…and lost. Check out more bizarre celebrity animal injuries in the gallery below!

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Justin Bieber Beer Pong Photo Proves He’s More Like A Regular Teen Than You Thought

As TMZ points out about the above photo of Justin Bieber they just obtained, there are a lot of questions to be asked about this situation. Where was this photo taken? Was it in the U.S., where the Beebs is too young to drink beer? Or was it in Canada, where the drinking age is 18? When was it taken? One source told the gossip site that it was last June in Alabama, so illegal all around. But wait. Is Justin even playing beer pong here? Or is he merely coaching his friend on the proper trajectory in which to throw the ball into his opponent’s Solo cup? We know his mad basketball skills would come in handy for such a game. Is that even beer in those cups? It could totally be apple cider, you know.

We have one more question — is it such a big deal? We’re frankly kind of relieved to see any moments in which Justin is relaxing and hanging out like a regular kid. We know his mom and Scooter Braun are keeping a super close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t run into the dangers of being a child star. But frankly we worry that if they kept such a close eye on him that he didn’t get to do some totally immature things like play beer pong with a bunch of friends in someone’s crappy basement, he’d one day break away from their control and do something worse. So just relax, world. This is still a kid who gets sick onstage from having spaghetti and milk, not a drug binge.

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Aaron Paul Hangs Out With Pierce Brosnan At A Radiohead Concert, But Almost Gets Kicked Out!

Aaron Paul, Pierce Brosnan At Radiohead Concert

So, how awesome was Aaron Paul hamming it up at the Emmys this year? The Breaking Bad star just got even got cooler in our eyes due to certain updates on his Twitter account. Consider the awesomeness of the picture above. Hell yeah, it’s Aaron and Pierce Brosnan at a Radiohead concert in London! The two actors are currently filming A Long Way Down — an adaptation of the darkly comedic Nick Hornsby novel — together in England and must have become pretty chummy on set, as the photograph indicates. Aaron’s caption for the image reads, “Watching Radiohead in london with James Bond himself!! Love you Pierce. Yeah bitch!! Yeah Science!!”

But that’s when things get a little conky. His later tweets are pretty strange, because it seems like he got into trouble for … dancing. Yes, dancing. At a concert. What just happened there. His first tweet reads, “I’m proud I almost got kicked out of this stadium for dancing to Radiohead! What the hell else are u going to do at a concert?” It wasn’t like this was some run-of-the-mill concert arena, as well. They were watching the band at the O2 arena, which is massive, so we can’t understand why authorities would give him grief over busting a move? Unless he’s a really, really bad dancer, but that’s still doesn’t give anyone permission to throw a Mr. or Ms. Two Left Feet out, does it. His next tweet makes his feelings about the evening pretty clear. Read below and commiserate.

Aaron Paul Radiohead tweet

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Some People Sure Are Peeved About Lena Dunham’s $3.5 Million Book Deal!

Lena Dunham Gets $3.5 Million Book Deal

While we here at Vh1 are all proud alumni of the Get That Money, Honey School of Economics, some people seem to be completely stroking out over news of Lena Dunham‘s alleged $3.5 million book deal. “Lena Dunham became eligible to vote in 2004, so you should listen to her,” Gawker’s John Cook fumes. “Keep your hate pure, kids.” Declared The A.V. Club, “Of course, $3.7 million may seem like a lot, but consider how often you yourself have been tormented with self-doubt about what you’re wearing to the Met Ball, and what you might pay for advice that made you feel as though Lena Dunham understands you.” Lol, guys. Come on. “Hannah Horvath would be seething with jealousy right now,” EW joked about the deal. Yeah, and she’s not the only one. Search “Lena Dunham” and “book deal” on Twitter to behold a diva-off of impressive proportions. Does no one listen to Ellen DeGeneres or Nicki Minaj anymore? Don’t people realize that Lena’s haters are surely her best motivators?

The New York Times announced the Girls creator’s rumored deal with Random House this morning. The book, currently dubbed Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned, will offer “frank and funny advice on everything from sex to eating to traveling to work,” including one essay entitled “Red lipstick with a sunburn: How to dress for a business meeting and other hard-earned fashion lessons from the size 10 who went to the Met Ball.” We just hope Lena writes at least one essay about having everyone in the world be jealous of her. Okaaaaay? Get that book deal scrilla, girl!

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Rihanna’s Dad And Oprah Are Both Cool With Chris Brown Dating Rihanna

Rihanna's father and Oprah give their approval for Chris Brown and Rihanna's Relationship

Rihanna and Chris Brown are by no means an official couple yet, but there are apparently a lot of people who would be happy to see it happen. Among these folks are Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna’s own father! Riri’s pop Ronald Fenty recently spoke to In Touch magazine about the man convicted for assaulting his daughter in 2009. And he you know what? Ron thinks he’s a standup guy! “I love Chris, man. He’s got so much charisma. And he’s always had so much respect for me. That’s what I love about him. He’s always shown me respect.”

Ronald, a recovering drug addict who physically abused Rihanna’s mother in the past, has forgiven Brown for what he did, and urges the world to the same. “I think everyone makes mistakes and they shouldn’t be held to them forever. Everyone should be forgiven once. There’s a lot more to Chris than the whole world knows.” That may sound like a surprising move for a parent, but bear in mind that this is also the dude who called Rihanna fat. Read that back to yourself. Rihanna. Named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive last year. Fat. We’re not confrontational people, but we may have a problem with Mr. Fenty and his opinions.  But it’s hard to argue with his last statement on the matter, we guess. “I know they love each other. They always have. She’s happiest when she’s around him, and as long as she’s happy, I am happy and the whole world should be too.”

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Very VH1: Monday, Monday! Let’s Discuss Pitch Perfect, Lady Gaga’s Barf Video And So Much More

On today’s episode of Very VH1, we’ll be chatting about Lady Gaga tweeting her own humiliating concert moment, the greatness that is Pitch Perfect (specifically Rebel Wilson!), our feelings and emotions about Danny Devito‘s suprise divorce from Rhea Perlman after 30 YEARS OF MARRIAGE,  and the peanut butter/chocolate/more peanut butter combination that is Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling in the new Terrence Malick movie. Tell us about all your feels at 2pm! You can watch the video below, and click the icon in the top right corner to chat with us.

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Danny DeVito And Rhea Perlman Split After 30 Years Of Marriage

Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman split after 30 years of marriage

Prepare to have Matilda ruined for you forever, you guys. Celebrity evergreen couple Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are separating after 30 years of marriage. The adorable couple’s rep confirmed the sad news to Entertainment Tonight earlier today, and it gave us the worse case of the Monday’s ever. The pair have known each other since 1970, when Perlman saw DeVito performing on Broadway in The Shrinking Bride. Sparks flew pretty quickly, and they moved in together after only two weeks! Perlman told People back in 1983 that DeVito “was a lot more fun and a lot more sexy” than other guys in her past.

They tied the knot in 1982, and have three children together. The actors became close professionally as well, working together in episodes of DeVito’s classic television sitcom Taxi and of course as the parents from hell in the aforementioned Matilda. Together they founded the production company Jersey Films, which was responsible for hits like as Pulp Fiction, Garden State and the TV show Reno 911. We have to admit that we’re honestly really sad about this news, but we tried hard to find a silver lining. The best we got is: Hey ladies, Danny DeVito is back on the market! We hope the sharp-tongued twosome find their way back to each other.

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Nicole Scherzinger The Latest Pop Star To Break Our Hearts With Struggle With Bulimia, Self-Harm

Nicole Scherzinger Opens Up About Eating Disorder, Self-Harm

In case the recently clusterbleep about Lady Gaga’s weight hadn’t tipped you off already, today’s lady singers feel an immense pressure to be thin. Probably even more so when they have to function as both a vocalist and a burlesque dancer, like former Pussycat Dolls‘ singer Nicole Scherzinger. In her upcoming Behind the Music special airing October 7, the “Don’t Cha” singer opens up about the disordered eating and self-harm that have accompanied her pop stardom. As you can imagine, it’s pretty brutal.

“It’s embarrassing. I never spoke about it. Like I said, I never want to play a victim, and I never wanted my family to hear about things from me because I think it would break their heart, you know,” Nicole reveals. “I guess it was like my addiction, right? I never did drugs, but kinda doing things to myself was my addiction. It’s like when I got off stage, I was on this high, and I’d come back to my room and I’d be alone, so I would just do things. My bulimia was my addiction; hurting myself was my addiction.” Ugh…we feel genuinely guilty for liking “Buttons” while Nicole was going through all this. We know that kind of random guilt doesn’t help anyone, but that’s just how we feel.

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