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World Knows About Tori Spelling’s Surgery, Despite Dean McDermott’s Desire To “Keep It Private”

Tori Spelling Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Private isn’t a word most people associate with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.  For example, remember when Dean accidentally tweeted a photo of Tori topless? Of course, we completely understand why the couple want to keep information about an emergency surgery on lock. On the other hand, when fans get accustomed to you tweeting every aspect of your lives and then you don’t tweet about a widely-reported medical emergency…yeah, you can understand why some people might have assumed something was drastically wrong.

Luckily for everyone, the Home Sweet Hollywood star and her hubbie are doing just fine. “Tori underwent emergency surgery over the weekend due to complications from her c-section,” Spelling’s rep told People. “She remains in the hospital and is resting comfortably.” Tori has had a total of four c-sections during just as many pregnancies, two falling within a single year. Tori’s last c-section was on August 30 when she delivered son Finn Davey and now we are losing consciousness due to how many times we’ve had to type “c-section.” Meanwhile, Dean responded this afternoon to frantic followers worried that something more dire was going on with his spouse. “She’s good. Just testing,” Dean finally reported on Twitter, “I didn’t want to alert the world. No TMZ knows. Was trying to keep it private.” Sorry guys! Meanwhile we’re going to give all the credit for Tori’s recovery to their baby…Dr. CoolBaby.

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Blowing Up Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale’s Spot On Twitter? Chris Zylka, Please Check Yourself

Chris Zylka Talks About Lucy Hale Break Up On Twitter

We’re going to apologize now if our wagging finger whips up a giant shame tornado in the middle of Brooklyn, but we haven’t been able to lower our index finder or unpurse our lips since we read that Chris Zylka discussed his breakup with Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale on Twitter…unfavorably. “Don’t have a girlfriend — she decided she was too good,” Zylka fumed to a fan who happened to praised Hale. Yesterday the Secret Circle actor added, “If you all even knew :(” and “Never any disrespect towards anyone. Only if you say what you say you should stick to it. If you say you love then love.” To be fair, Lucy Hale also took to Twitter to slam her ex. Haha, just kidding! Lucy Hale would never do that.

As if that didn’t start our eyes a-rolling, Chris was also apparently cut from American Horror Story: Asylum recently due to his reluctance to shave his head. Boy, don’t you know that’s why they have wigs? Oh, did we mention he had been cast as Daniel, a character referred to as the “most beautiful boy in the world”? Look, everyone acts the fool over breakups sometimes, but to lose the opportunity to act along side Jessica Lange? Have you gone completely mad, Chris? She might not be in the same league as your Piranha 3DD costars Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff, but come on.

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Triplets! And 8 Other Tabloid Rumors She (Fake) Confirms

How could you not love Jennifer Aniston even more after the release of this so called “Secret Footage”? In a new ad for Smartwater, Jen pokes fun at herself and all the ridiculous rumors that have been circulating about her in recent years, and there’s no question that Jen has been put through the ringer when it comes to tabloid headlines. There have been so many that it’s getting pretty hard to keep up! So with a little help from Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel, Jen finally puts most of the gossip to rest — or does she? Take a look at what gossip she includes, makes up, and doesnt include at all!

The rumors confirmed!

  • She’s pregnant.
  • She’s a ditz.
  • She has an insane workout routine.
  • She wears a wig.

Call the Enquirer with these scoops:

  • Jimmy Kimmel is her son, whom she’s been hiding for years.
  • She has an alien baby.
  • Her pool is filled with Smartwater.
  • She’s pregnant with triplets.
  • She finishes her nighttime routine by saying, “Goodnight, Rachel.”

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Lady Gaga Tweets Compliment To Christina Aguilera, But Is It Really A Compliment?

Lady gaga Tweets Christina Aguilera

So, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga really, really don’t have any beef among them. Isn’t that a story we’ve been hearing forever now? It all started when Christina released the video to her song Keeps Gettin’ Better, in 2010, and the comparisons to Gaga began. It became so rife that celebrity sides were being drawn. Akon even told VIBE, “I miss the old Christina Aguilera. I like the old one better than the new one. Honestly, Gaga and Christina could probably get together and do something that’s amazing. But that’s impossible if they are both trying to do the same exact thing musically … I just think [Aguilera] just needs to believe in herself more. I think sometimes she gets insecure because of all of the success Gaga has had not realizing that she was already successful before Gaga came out.”

Ouch, right? So obviously, out of all this, news that Christina wasn’t exactly Mother Monster’s biggest fan emerged. Something Xtina denied, of course. Christina said there was no feud between them, and even posted a letter on her website about. Read the post about it here. A section of it stated, “I have absolutely nothing against Lady Gaga or any other female artist in this business. I think she is great, and I appreciate any woman fearless enough to go against the norm …” But now, in a case which could turn into deja vu, Christina just released her new single Your Body. And while no comparisons to Gaga gave arisen just yet, guess who just tweeted her. You got it … Lady Gaga.

Lady gaga tweets Christina Aguilera

That sounds like a compliment on first read. But look closer. Is it really? “Seems the old Christina I loved …” Isn’t the “old Christina” supposed to be the Christina who was trying to be Lady Gaga? We don’t know. It could be innocent. Or it could be Gaga’s wicked sense of humor coming into play!

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Amanda Bynes Locks Herself Into Store Fitting Room For Two Hours, Still Says She’s Okay!

Amanda Bynes Locks Herself Into Store Fitting Room For Two Hours

This Amanda Bynes story just keeps getting weirder and weirder. C’mon, you already know that your life is pretty strange when Lindsay Lohan tweet disses you, right? Maybe she shouldn’t waste her energy getting (allegedly) angry with Lindsay and should instead focus on staying out of the news for sometime. Maybe that would shut up her Uncle Ron who has been busy telling anyone who will listen that Amanda needs to, “stop drinking and driving. She needs help.” Well done, Ron. It’s not like everyone doesn’t know that already! What we’re most concerned with right now though, is all this talk of her supposed mental instability and of a conservatorship that her family now wants because of her increasingly strange behaviour. TMZ says that Amanda is denying all of this, saying that the conservator-family business is all a rumor, and that she doesn’t have a substance abuse problem either. That’s a nod to those dodgy photographs of her smoking a pipe. But then again, she’s also blithely dismissing her hit-and-run, drinking-and-driving cases.

We’re wondering how Amanda’s going to spin this latest story? She was shopping at Kin, a store in West Hollywood yesterday. Pretty normal stuff, really. What isn’t normal is that she locked herself into one’s of the fitting rooms in the store for a whole hour and 45 minutes. You heard correctly. The store’s staff ended up freaking out because they kept hearing “banging noises” coming from inside the room at regular intervals. They had to make a call to one of the other employees, who we’re guessing is a supervisor of some sort, to help out with the situation. One of the staff members has allegedly said, “I was so worried about her. I didn’t know what she was doing in [the dressing room]. I didn’t know if she was overdosing, or doing drugs or what.” Read more…

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Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White Arrested For Public Intoxication

Shaun White Arrested After Getting Drunk And Trashing A Hotel

And there’s the mug shot! Pro snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was arrested yesterday after he supposedly got super drunk at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville. TMZ reports that he not only trashed his room because he got so wasted, but he also started pulling fire alarms when hotel staff tried to get him to behave himself. It’s being said that White also ended up injuring himself pretty badly because he tried to run away from them, and when someone tried to stop him, he kicked the person and tried to get away. Not a good idea when you’re that uncoordinated. The unidentified male he kicked chased after him but ended up running right into White who then fell and hit his head on a fence, apparently. You can see the shiner in his mug shot! He has been booked for public intoxication and vandalism but luckily, not for assault as the person he attacked is not pressing charges. All of this went down around 2 AM and he was only taken to jail after he was treated for his injury. Police say he was pretty out of it when they found him and was smelling of booze. And he’s probably still hungover. We’re not certain if he’s still cooling his heel in jail, though as more news is still emerging.

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We Give Ryan Lochte Eight Swims For Being A Champ About Seth MacFarlane’s SNL Parody

Ryan Lochte Laughs Off Seth McFarlane SNL Parody

Ryan Lochte already owned a tiny, horny piece of our heart after blowing up at the 2012 Olympics. Now we love him even more for being a real sport about Seth MacFarlane’s highly unflattering impression of him on SNL this weekend. “Well I gotta admit that was a pretty harsh one, but it’s cool to have Seth parody me,” Ryan admitted to Celebuzz. “I think he pegged me wrong, but when I heard he did a skit I knew I was in for it!” If it sounds like Ryan isn’t exactly thrilled with the impression, check out the Family Guy creator’s Lochte steez after the jump. Who would be excited about being portrayed as a drooling, mumbly jock with baby bangs? If we were Ryan, we’d never leave the pool! You know, so no one could see our tears?

Maybe it’s all those OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS that make Ryan a bigger person than we. “It’s all in fun and of course if I’m talked about on SNL I know they are gonna get me ‘Go-od,’” Ryan joked. Overall, Lochte declared, “I give Seth two swims!” Oh man, that’s like a thousand thumbs up! On a related note, why do they give all the good lines on Animal Hospital to the monkey? That doesn’t seem particularly fair…

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Amanda Bynes Allegedly Angry With Lindsay Lohan, Probably Angrier With Her Uncle

Amanda Bynes Uncle Speaks About Meltdown

If you had guessed by now that Lindsay Lohan‘s snarky tweet about Amanda Bynes‘ on-going legal troubles would kickstart a feud, we’d say this isn’t your first time at the Celebrity Gossip Rodeo. “I HATE being compared to her,” TMZ alleges Amanda texted a friend about Lindsay’s tweet. We’d probably hate being compared to Lindsay too. It’s just…a really easy comparison to make, you know? It also doesn’t help to hear that Amanda was allegedly driving aimlessly around the Burbank airport “drawing attention to herself” before she was pulled over on Sunday. We’d compare her to George Washington if we could, but the connections are just way harder to make. Amanda doesn’t wear a powdered wig, and George was dead over a century before cars were invented!

As peeved as the All That alum might be at Lilo for calling her out, it’s Amanda’s uncle who will probably bare the brunt of her wrath. “She needs to stop drinking and driving,” Amanda’s uncle Ronald Bynes told Celebuzz. “She needs help.” Uncles, the nation’s foremost news source: because you’re going to tell someone about your driving woes, it’s definitely your gossipy Uncle Ron. Claims Bynes, “[Her father] doesn’t want to talk about her and often changes the subject. The problem is there’s no correspondence [between Amanda and her parents]. I don’t even think they know what’s going on with he.” Says Ron, “They’re very upset about her recent problems, but they’re in the dark.”  On one hand, come on Uncle Ronald! Why you blowing up Mandy’s spot like this? On the other hand…if Amanda’s father honestly can’t even talk about his daughter’s problem, that might explain why her crisis seems to be continuing unabated…

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Miley Cyrus Continues To Be The Anti-Lohan: Security Footage Allegedly Disproves Fight Rumors

Miley Cyrus Secruity Footage Allegedly Proves No Fight Occured

Wait a minute…somebody looked at evidence in a celeb criminal investigation and concluded that they didn’t do it? What is this, Opposite Day? We thought that was in March! According to TMZ, however, sources who have allegedly sneaked a peek at the security footage from Miley Cyrus‘ alleged nightclub fight from last weekend say it confirms what Miley and Liam Hemsworth have been saying all along: Miley never, ever threw a punch at a fellow bar patron. While a police investigation into the event continues, their sources scoffs that he or she is “almost certain” Miley won’t be charged over the alleged event. Where upon we realized that this is only the latest situation where Miley Cyrus’ life could have jumped the rails and skidded off into Amanda Bynes/Lindsay Lohan territory, but didn’t. No, seriously! Think about it!

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Chris Brown Albums Feature “Warning: This Man Beats Women” Sticker In U.K.

Chris Brown's new CD gets a warning label in England

Chris Brown has been doing his best to move on following his 2009 assault conviction for abusing his then-girlfriend Rihanna. But understandably, many members of the public aren’t so quick to forget, not to mention forgive. That would explain why copies of his latest album Fortune were found in a London HMV mega-store sporting an advisory sticker reading: “Warning. Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats Women.”

Thought to be the work of anti-domestic violence campaigners, photos of the stickers have been making the rounds of social media even after the staff at HMV had the labels removed. “Someone went into one of our stores and put the stickers on,” HMV public relations manager Gennaro Castaldo told The Huffington Post. “We spotted and removed them quickly but before we could do so the person circulated a photo to media.” The record retail expressed has apologized publicly for the incident this morning. “It was very much an isolated incident and nothing to do with HMV or representing our views. It would appear a member of the public popped into one of our stores… and stickered a handful of CDs.”

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