Out Of The Mouths Of Babe(s): Jessica Alba Doesn’t Need No Stinking Script

Well here’s a quote that’s sure to make screenwriters, no, make that all writers, a little mad. In a recent interview with ELLE Magazine, Jessica Alba said “Good actors, never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.” That’s so cool, we didn’t realize just how many improvised movies and TV shows there were. Wait, WHAT? This has to be wrong, right?

It seems like Alba is saying that great actors who think they’re better than the scripts they’re given just make things up as they go along? And pay no attention to the countless hours that the writers spend editing and rewriting? And also maybe instead of giving out Best Screenplay Oscars, maybe we should give out Best Lines-Made-Up-On-The-Fly Awards? We’d love some clarification on this because, Jessica, we love you, but this is insane.


Miley Cyrus, P.I.

Miley Cyrus did say she was giving up music to focus on her acting, but after The Last Song flopped, we figured maybe she was reconsidering that career move. Well, we were wrong. Miley is planning to make another movie, and in this new one she’s going to take all the skills she learned as Hannah Montana (disguising ones self in wigs, mainly) to turn herself into a detective. The film, called So Undercover, will star Cyrus as a “tough, street-smart private eye” sent to infiltrate a college sorority. Of course.

While we don’t have trouble seeing Miley in a fedora and trench coat and playing an investigator, we don’t exactly see her as the “tough, street-smart” kind. More like the “I fell into this because of a crazy science experiment” kind. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out. But so help us, if they have Miley do a remake of Hall and Oates‘ “Private Eyes” we will boycott this movie so hard.

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Love & Other Drugs Uses The Most Effective Ad Campaign Of All Time: Naked Jake Gyllenhaal

Movie makers often spend millions on the trailers, commercials and viral videos necessary to get people off their keisters and into a sticky movie theater seat. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Love & Other Drugs, on the other hand, appeals to its base with the strongest, and cheapest, ad campaign we’ve ever seen: the promise of Jake’s naked butt. Let’s break down the campaign point-by-point to show you what we mean:

In the November issue of Esquire with hits newsstands tomorrow, Jake explains, “I was naked a lot in the movie. I was naked in more of it than was even in the final cut. A director’s cut? I don’t even know how that would be rated.” That statement just guaranteed hundreds of millions in DVD sales right there. The movie could be a line-by-line remake of Good Luck Chuck and still at least 50% of the America population will buy a copy to watch in slow motion. And then another copy for when their DVD players burn a hole through the first one.

When asked who was more nervous about the nudity, Jake or co-star Anne Hathaway, Gyllenhaal laughs, “Annie, because as a woman I think it’s harder. She said at one point, ‘Well, we’re both topless and we both show our butts.’ And I was like, ‘Hmm, but it’s a little different for you.'” See, there’s something in this movie for everybody! Don’t care for a naked Gyllenhaal? Might we offer you something in a lovely Hathaway?  It’s like a real-life episode of Mad Men over here, and we are furiously entering our credit card info into Fandango to prove it.


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Toy Story 3

Has it really been 15 years since Buzz Lightyear first endeavored “To Infinity and Beyond?” Yikes. The friendship between Buzz and his sheriff puppet pal Woody has weathered neighborhood psychos and collectors, but their biggest adversary has always been time. Now their owner Andy is ready to go to college and it’s time to put aside childish things. That means the gang are shipped off to the Sunnyside Daycare. At first it seems like paradise, but you know how these paradises usually turn out. Pixar has once again broken the mold. This is a “threequel” which easily outclasses its predecessors. It’s just as packed with gags and thrills, including a very funny romance between Barbie and clotheshorse beau Ken. The new characters also earn their place onscreen. Lots-o-Huggin’ Bear, in fact, might be the greatest movie villain to ever reek of strawberry scent. As befits an audience that grew up with the other films — many who now have kids of their own — there’s also new emotional depths and a keen appreciation of mortality. Children will love it, while parents may be surprised to find something in their eyes. With No. 3, Toy Story has grown into its classic status.

Extras: Disney’s Blu-Ray/DS combo pack includes interactive games, story roundtable with director Lee Unkrich, commentary tracks and a featurette on the voice talents of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen!

– By C. Bottomley

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Ron Howard Defends The Dilemma’s Awful Gay Joke

In case you weren’t going to see The Dilemma due to its recent controversy, don’t worry: director Ron Howard defended the gay joke in question on anti-censorship grounds. In case you weren’t going to see the movie because it looks terrible, you can probably stop reading right now.

For a little background, Universal removed Vince Vaughn’s gay joke from the film’s trailer following protest by GLAAD. Previously Vaughn could be heard saying “electric cars are gay.”And if that knee-slapper isn’t worth making an entire section of the population feel bad, then we don’t know what is!

Says Howard, “I believe in sensitivity but not censorship. I don’t strip my films of everything that I might personally find inappropriate….I defend the right for some people to express offense at a joke as strongly as I do the right for that joke to be in a film.” Ron has definitely taken a stand against censorship before. Who doesn’t remember the dozens of gay jokes that pepper Cinderella Man and Apollo 13? Frost/Nixon was basically one long  gay joke? Or…at least that’s how we interpreted it.

Warns Howard, “But if storytellers, comedians, actors and artists are strong armed into making creative changes, it will endanger comedy as both entertainment and a provoker of thought.” We wouldn’t want anyone to be denied the thoughts provoked by a joke about electric cars being homosexuals, now would we? Thoughts like, “What?” or “Is that supposed to be funny?” or “Oh my god, why am I in this theater watching The Dilemma when I could be anywhere else in the whole world right now?” [Photos: Getty Images/]


Zach Galifianakis’ Hair And A Bunch Of Other Interesting Looks At The Due Date Premiere

The cast of Due Date is eclectic in its own right. You’ve got Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Juliette LewisRZA. It’s just a fun but crazy group. And that’s exactly the definition of their red carpet looks at the film’s premiere last night – a little bit fun, a little bit crazy. The biggest question on our mind is what’s hiding underneath Galifianakis’ hat – his hair is so pubed up in the movie, and yet it looks so very flat-ironed and warrior-like here. What’s going on? Some kind of Hangover 2 hazing?

For more pics of Zach and Co., check out our gallery below.

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FABLife’s DVD Picks Of The Week


Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy

The second outing of Sex and the City has been described as “thin,” “borderline racist” and “women-hating,” so far be it from us to pour on more scorn. Instead, this week we’re prepping a pair of ’80s marathons, courtesy of two new box sets. The Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy, with Michael J. Fox zapped back in time thanks to Doc Brown’s souped-up Delorean, began as a nostalgic ode to 1950s and somehow by its sequel became The Twilight Zone in a blender. All is made well in a third installment that allows director Robert Zemeckis to tip his Stetson to the TV horse operas like Gunsmoke that he was weaned on as a youth. The comic gusto of the leads is as endearing as ever. Not so Huey Lewis’s theme tune—currently playing somewhere in Guantanamo Bay—or the rampant product placement, which manages to make even far-off 2015 look dated.


Alien Anthology

Leaving aside those awful Vs. Predator movies, the Blu-Ray Alien Anthology collects the quartet, which provided a muscular playground for directors as diverse as Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Avatar), David Fincher (The Social Network) and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie). Scott’s 1979 original is still the game-changer, with its H.R. Giger-designed psycho killer loose amid a spaceship that looks more like a junkyard than the starship Enterprise. But we’ve always had a soft-spot for Alien: Resurrection, whose Sigourney Weaver-Winona Ryder grrl power oomph isn’t a million light years away from Fox trying to fight off his nubile mother’s advances in 1955. Weaver’s heroics are a long way from sipping Cosmopolitans in Dubai. Too bad our movie future has gone in the wrong direction.

Extras: Trilogy includes “making of” featurettes, interviews and music videos. Blu-Ray features allow storyboard comparison and trivia tracks. Alien Anthology includes director’s cuts, commentary tracks, deleted scenes, a disc of “making of” docs, and comprehensive galleries and test footage from all stages of the productions.

– By C. Bottomley


Check Out The Trailer For Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never

The trailer for Justin Bieber‘s 3D biopic (the fact that it’s 3D still kills us) was just released today, so we should probably start calling the film by it’s real name, Never Say Never. Try as we might to scoff at all things Bieber, it looks like a pretty entertaining documentary about the YouTube sensation’s rise to the top. It features adoring fans, old home movies and even Usher shows up to give Biebs some legitimate credibility too. You only have to wait till April 7, 2011 for the film to be released, so feel free to watch the trailer over and over till then.


As Expected, Mel Gibson In A Rage About Being Replaced On The Hangover 2

Last week we speculated that Mel Gibson would probably be pretty upset after getting fired from The Hangover sequel and learning he would be replaced by Liam Neeson. We can now confirm that rage-a-holic Gibson is indeed flying off the handle as a result of the casting change.

A source for Gibson says that Mel “doesn’t understand why Mike Tyson, a drug user who turned his life around, was given a chance while [he] was kicked to the curb. Everybody deserves a second chance.” We’re guessing  that Tyson seemed less toxic and evil for two reasons: one, enough time has passed since his DUI and rape convictions that he seems less threatening, and two, his voice. Like, how can you stay mad at someone with that voice? It’s even cuter than  David Beckham‘s voice.

Mel’s camp has a good point though, although we’ve come to the conclusion that basically everyone in Hollywood has made some kind of pact with the devil, so in terms of judging others for their wrongdoings, it’s six of one, half dozen of the other.

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James Woods Says Kristen Stewart Is “One Of The Best,” Compares Her To Brando

Talk about the compliment to end all compliments. We spoke with uber-iconic, Academy Award-nominated actor James Woods at the Welcome to the Rileys screening and he gushed – GUSHED - about Kristen Stewart (photos).

The pair may be working together on the movie American Girl (he’s directing), and he could not say enough nice things about the actress. You know, like comparing her to Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro and calling her “one of the best of her generation, if not the best.”

No pressure or anything! Do you think Kristen Stewart is the best actress of her generation? The next DeNiro? Oscar-bound? Share your thoughts in the comments and check out pics from the screening below.

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