The Last Action Heroes

A bunch of actors got together last night to watch a movie they shot for the express purpose of reliving their former glory and to see if they could identify their plastic surgery scars on the big screen. Right??

Cheap aging jokes aside, we’re actually super excited for The Expendables because we l.o.v.e. 80′s action movies, and this movie features almost every action star from that time. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger took time out from governing California to appear in the film, though he didn’t walk the red carpet.

The film was written and directed by Sylvester Stallone (who also wrote Rocky, so the guy knows what he’s doing), and also stars Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Stone Cold Steve Austin, just to name a few (Dear God, we don’t ask you for much, but please let Carl Weathers make an uncredited cameo). If nothing else, at least we know that this bunch of actors knows how to clean up for a movie premiere, the whole lot of them look dapper.

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FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Kick-Ass asks the viewer to consider what it might be like if a high school nerd followed through on superhero dreams. As a satire of suiting up in spandex, the results were like kryptonite. That’s largely due to a character called Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) , who engages in pre-teen ultra-violence with foul mouthed aplomb. Ignore the controversy. Kick-Ass is best when it delivers what it says on the can, with star-of-tomorrow Aaron Johnson and his vigilante friends going up against gangster Mark Strong. It’s a slap-happy fun night at the movies. There’s more, too: Nicolas Cage‘s off-the-map performance as Big Daddy, which owes a great deal to the TV Batman Adam West, is also his best turn in years.

Extras: The Blu-Ray/SD pack includes commentary from director Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake), making of featurettes, art galleries, and BonusView modes.

- By C. Bottomley


Justin Bieber, Comin’ Atcha In 3D!


Oh yes, in 2011, these bangs will be swishing in front of your face in full-on 3D. If it wasn’t enough that Justin Bieber is writing an illustrated memoir now he’s also going to star in a 3D biopic of his life (he will play himself of course, no one else could do that hair justice). To this end we ask, at sixteen, how much life story does this kid have to tell? And why must we wear funny glasses to experience it fully? On second thought, we’d pay serious money to watch a dramatic reenactment of his smacking into a revolving glass door in three dimensions.

The movie will be directed by Davis Guggenheim, who happens to be the Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth. Oh, Davis Guggenheim. It appears that you’re living in your own inconvenient truth right now, huh?

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The Good, The Bad And The Fugly At The Other Guys Premiere

The action-comedy The Other Guys comes out this week, and it was a who’s who of random celebrities at the premiere. Will Ferrell and his co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Eva Mendes were looking good, but the rest of the crowd’s aesthetic was a mish-mash of unwashed beardo chic mixed with weird dress choices, topped off with Coco and Ice-T. We need to get Marion Cotillard to start doing comedies so she can glam up these premieres, some of these looks are just…not good.

Check out our gallery of these guys and some other guys below.

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Lindsay Lohan May Be Replaced In Lovelace Biopic


Not a big surprise, but it appears that Lindsay Lohan‘s career is going to take a hit on account of all that time she’s spending in jail and rehab. The producers of the much-buzzed-about Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, which was supposed to mark LiLo’s acting comeback, might be giving her the boot. Filming was supposed to begin in August, but a 90-day rehab stint would certainly make that hard. Word is the Lindsay will be replaced by Sarah Scott who is rumored to have met with the film’s producers yesterday. So who exactly is Sara Scott? Good question!

The actress has had guest-starring roles on True Blood, Medium, Arrested Development and Nip/Tuck, but this film would mark her first starring role. She’s also got a website where you can watch her acting reel (do yourself a favor and watch till the end – her role as “goth girl on scooter” is a delight). In most of her previous roles and headshots Scott has had blonde hair, but yesterday she was seen with a red dye job which matches Lovelace – and old Lindsay – more closely. Sure, Scott doesn’t share the same alliterative nickname (Lovelace and Lohan are both “LiLo”, or hadn’t you noticed?) but she’s SaSco which is just as catchy.

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Zoe Saldana Strips To Her Lacey Skivvies For Calvin Klein


Following in the banned-in-the-US footsteps of fellow actress and Calvin Klein model Eva Mendes, Avatar‘s Zoe Saldana bared (almost) all in a trademark B&W Calvin Klein ad. While the Fall 2010 ads for CK’s latest line of lingerie “Envy” have been floating around for a month or so, some behind-the-scenes shots just landed in TheFABlife’s inbox. The candid pics flaunt Saldana’s natural beauty, successfully making us “envious.” Think her recent engagement to Keith Britton is the reason for that glowing smile? We’d bet he’s given her sexy CK campaign two enthusiastic thumbs-up. [Photos: 2010 Mikael Jansson, CK]

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I See London, I See France, I See Russell’s Underpants

As this Arthur remake continues to shoot in New York City, our interest continues to grow with every costume change. First of all, the role required Russell Brand to shave his signature chest hair and scruffy beard, then he had to dress as Batman for a scene in the film. Now he’s running through our fair city in nothing but his Underoos and grandpa socks – running out of a church, no less. (And you’ll notice that the makeup people hid his arm tattoo that matches fiancée Katy Perry‘s, guess Arthur doesn’t know Sanskrit.)

There’s only so much more he can reveal after this, huh?

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Three Things We Learned From Today’s Water For Elephants Photos


Another day, another batch of dreamy Water For Elephants pics featuring our man Robert Pattinson (photos) strolling around the steamy set with his sexy new haircut and just the right amount of dirt smeared on his skin. Today’s collection of drool-inducing photos, however, turned out to be quite educational and potentially life-changing. Allow us to explain.


1. We’re in the wrong industry. Mark today’s date on the calendar as the day we quit our jobs at TheFABlife and became wardrobe assistants. This fellow in plaid is living the life. We’d gladly take a paycut volunteer to fondle Rob’s buttons all day. Read more…


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Red Carpet


The much-anticipated Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World finally premiered in Los Angeles last night. The film stars Michael Cera as downtrodden bassist-hero Scott Pilgrim whose sole purpose is to defeat the seven evil ex-boyfriends of his beloved Ramona Flowers, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. We just finished the final book in the series last night, so we’re pretty psyched to see the film adaptation, directed by Edgar Wright (who’s responsible for our most favorite zombie movie of all time, Shaun of the Dead). Check out all the film’s stars as they walk the red carpet in our gallery, which is the perfect storm of hipster Hollywood talent, glamorous up-and-comers, and scruffy facial hair.

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by (@katespencer)

Robert Pattinson Looks Best When Pissed Off


We’ve avoided getting into Robert Pattinson‘s (photos) weekend confrontation with the paparazzi, because, you know, being both a celebrity gossip blogger and a Twilight fan puts us in a precarious position sometimes. So we’ll just say that we feel bad for Rob, we love that he’s protecting his (and his “roommate’s”) address, and we think that his giant car is the stupidest, most ridiculous thing everrrrrrr (Seriously Rob, if you really don’t want to be noticed, drive a Honda.)

So that’s that.

Rob was photographed yesterday on the Water For Elephants set and damn, is he still looking mad about this weekend’s run-in! We, for one, couldn’t be happier about his current mood, because a pissed off Rob is a RILF (figure that out, horndogs), and right now we’re about to take off our shirt and start making out with our computer screen.

Did we just say that?

Yes, we did. So we’ll just let the embarrassment of the above statement sit while we offer a silent prayer of gratitude to Kristen Stewart (photos) for teaching her man how to bitch face the cameras. Nice work, girl.

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