Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Red Carpet


The much-anticipated Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World finally premiered in Los Angeles last night. The film stars Michael Cera as downtrodden bassist-hero Scott Pilgrim whose sole purpose is to defeat the seven evil ex-boyfriends of his beloved Ramona Flowers, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. We just finished the final book in the series last night, so we’re pretty psyched to see the film adaptation, directed by Edgar Wright (who’s responsible for our most favorite zombie movie of all time, Shaun of the Dead). Check out all the film’s stars as they walk the red carpet in our gallery, which is the perfect storm of hipster Hollywood talent, glamorous up-and-comers, and scruffy facial hair.

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Robert Pattinson Looks Best When Pissed Off


We’ve avoided getting into Robert Pattinson‘s (photos) weekend confrontation with the paparazzi, because, you know, being both a celebrity gossip blogger and a Twilight fan puts us in a precarious position sometimes. So we’ll just say that we feel bad for Rob, we love that he’s protecting his (and his “roommate’s”) address, and we think that his giant car is the stupidest, most ridiculous thing everrrrrrr (Seriously Rob, if you really don’t want to be noticed, drive a Honda.)

So that’s that.

Rob was photographed yesterday on the Water For Elephants set and damn, is he still looking mad about this weekend’s run-in! We, for one, couldn’t be happier about his current mood, because a pissed off Rob is a RILF (figure that out, horndogs), and right now we’re about to take off our shirt and start making out with our computer screen.

Did we just say that?

Yes, we did. So we’ll just let the embarrassment of the above statement sit while we offer a silent prayer of gratitude to Kristen Stewart (photos) for teaching her man how to bitch face the cameras. Nice work, girl.

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FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Clash of the Titans

Aussie hunk Sam Worthington sure knows how to pick his blockbusters. After cleaning up at the box office with Avatar, he strapped on the sandals for this hit remake of the beloved 1981 myth-take. As directed by Louis Leterrier of Transporter fame, the emphasis is squarely on big beasts and derring-do. So don’t expect to feel like you’ve earned a PhD. in Ovid. Silly people of a certain age will enjoy screaming “Release the Kraken!” along with Liam Neeson, who plays a lightning bolt-tossing Zeus like he’s Mr. Sandman.

Extras: Standard DVD has deleted scenes. Blu-Ray also boasts in-screen commentary, featurettes and an alternate ending.

– By C. Bottomley

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes DVD bonus clip!

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Gwyneth Paltrow Belts One Out for America

In her latest film, Country Strong, Gwyneth Paltrow plays a country singer who leaves rehab to reclaim her former glory, with help from her husband, played by Tim McGraw. Which begs the question: Reeeeeeeeeeeeally? Gwyneth Paltrow? Replace “rehab” with “kombucha detox” and “former glory” with “organic chamomile eye pillow” and maybe we’ll talk. Unless it’s a movie version of Green Acres with Paltrow playing Zsa Zsa Gabor while wearing marabou-lined silk robes and falling over a pig into the mud, we can’t really picture her living the country life. However, we would watch that Green Acres five times in the theater, so maybe this is a step in the right direction.

Whether or not Gwyneth was the right person for the role (seriously, was Sandra Bullock too booked to knock this one out of the park?), she does have a significant pair of pipes on her, as she proves by belting out the title song.  Now, call us a Negative Nancy if you will, but this whole movie seems to be a cheap ploy designed to profit off Gwyneth’s epic film Duets, in which, according to IMDB, “A professional karaoke hustler reconnects with his daughter and a bored suburban businessman turns outlaw karaoke singer, among other plotlines.” Among other plotlines! While snubbed by the Academy, Duets experienced huge success in the 13-Year-Old Girls Who Can Only Get Movies Out From the Library demographic, due in large part to Paltrow’s vocal stylings on “Cruising,” her duet with Huey Lewis.

We hope that her new movie surprises us by being palatable, and if not, we will write that Green Acres script this weekend if anyone wants to make it.


Rihanna Gets A Part In The Battleship Movie


Battleship, the game of naval strategy and guessing letter-and-number-combinations is coming to the big screen. Yes, they are turning our beloved Milton Bradley game into an action flick starring Alexander Skarsgard and, wait for it. . .Rihanna. From the photos taken at her stage show, maybe she has a destructive military streak in her after all. (Doesn’t she look like she needs the stump of a cigar to chomp on in that pic?) Battleship marks Rihanna’s acting debut, though we have no idea what role she will play because the film is based on a game that has no people, just beeps and computerized explosion sounds.

Personally, we feel that this casting choice only makes sense if they can squeeze RiRi’s single “S.O.S.” in the flick somewhere (this is a game that relies entirely on distress signals after all). We doubt that they’ll use that old song though, you just know that they’re going to try and cram the line “You sank my battleship” into a dance remix. (“You sank-ank-ank-ank my bo-o-o-oat”?) The film is set to release in May 2012.

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Angelina And Her Thigh Promote Salt In Japan


Angelina Jolie has been busy promoting her new film Slit, er, Salt this week overseas. Jolie went beyond the call of duty at the Japanese premiere of Salt, mingling with fans for nearly an hour (fans who likely wanted a better look at Angie’s exposed gams). PopEater reports that, “no one expected her to sign autographs at the premiere for over 45 minutes, pose for pictures with fans and shake hands before walking the red carpet. Even partner Brad Pitt looked confused watching her spend so much time with all the fans.”

The site also reports that, “the studio was shocked when Angie agreed to go to Comic-Con.” Hey, for $20 million, we’d mingle with fans and go to a convention too. Not sure we could pull off that dress though.

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Zach Braff Puts On His Director’s Scarf To Make Another Mopefest Or Two

Fedora-wearer Zach Braff has been so busy at his day job acting on Scrubs (which, despite numerous attempts at cancellation, only just kicked the bucket this year) that he didn’t have time to create a follow-up to his 2004 film Garden State until now. First, Braff plans to direct the upcoming film Swingles which is about thirtysomethings in the dating scene, which he also helped write. Swingles. Hmm, that sounds familiar. Oh, wait no, we’re thinking of Weality Bites. (We just found our new favorite game, “Movies of the 90’s as pronounced with speech impediments.”)

Braff is also writing another film, which he says will be more personal, and that even though he’s “not going to pontificate about the state of twentysomethings or thirtysomethings every time I make a movie” that this one will be more “in the Garden State oeuvre.” In other words, that hopeless feeling you’re going to get as you leave the multiplex while also humming a song by Bon Iver? You just got Braffed.

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Katie Holmes Sexes Up The History Channel


Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present Jackie O-my-god-that’s-Katie-Holmes. Alright, we’ll be the first to say we were skeptical when we heard that the former Dawson’s Creek dweller would portray iconic first lady Jackie Kennedy in the upcoming miniseries, The Kennedys. The eight hour epic TV movie will be the History Channel’s first attempt at a scripted drama, documenting the scandalous, private lives of the famous family. While we haven’t seen her act the part, we’ve got to admit that she looked amazing while shooting in Toronto. Nice doppelganger work, girlfriend.

‘”We have these wonderful seamstresses who are creating beautiful dresses that are obviously replicas of real things she wore,” Katie told Two of the dresses she wears were stitched by her friend Georgio Armani. Legendary designers tackling classic style?  Screw Glee, Katie should try for a guest spot on Mad Men!

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Mila Kunis And Justin Timberlake Are Having A Laugh


Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake cracked up on the set of their new film, Friends With Benefits, which is currently shooting in New York. But what exactly was so funny? Could it be the sidewalk caricatures that were supposed to be drawn in their likeness? Possibly, but here are a few other thoughts.

“I can’t believe That 70’s Show lasted as long as it did either!”

“Remember the time you and Britney Spears wore matching denim formalwear??”

“And then he goes, ‘Hey, I’m not Tobey Maguire, I’m Topher Grace!'”

“My girlfriend was on 7th Heaven!”

“No seriously, Ashton is really smart.”

Feel free to add your own caption in the comments!

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Brad Pitt Brings Sexy Back, And The Look That Made Him Famous

Goodbye Billy Goat Gruff, hello J.D.! Reviving the feathery mullet from his breakthrough role as J.D. in 1991’s Thelma & Louise, Brad Pitt was back to his studly self last night at the Salt premiere. His drop-dead gorgeous date, and star of the action flick, Angelina Jolie, didn’t look too shabby either, in a more-playful-than-usual Emporio Armani sequined black mini. Hollywood’s super couple (sorry, Robsten) looked smitten and carefree at their first red carpet appearance since last December. My, how we’ve missed them! [Photos: , MGM]

More shots from the premiere below, including stars from all ends of the fame spectrum – Kristin Cavallari, Amber Heard, Real Housewife Gretchen Rossi, and a stunning Naomi Watts.