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James Cameron Presents Fergie’s Humps in 3D!

The Black Eyed Peas are teaming up with James Cameron for a concert film that will bring you Fergie’s humps in 3D! Will i. am told Vibe magazine that the band approached the Avatar director to make a multi-dimensional movie documenting their dates in South America.

“It’s a full-length film and it’s based around our tour activities,” he said, “We’ve toured from America and Europe, to the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. It’s not like we go, ‘Yo, we are international, you know what I’m saying? London and Paris!’ No, that’s just two cities. We want to go across the planet.”

“We have the biggest director because we are the biggest group on the planet,” said the not-singer of U2, the Rolling Stones, Radiohead or Coldplay. The film is scheduled for release in 2011 and has a plot line developed by Cameron, which described as “dope”. It better be good, considering they turned down our idea of having a luxury liner full of blue aliens collide with one of Fergie’s lovely lady lumps and sink. Where’s the love, James?

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Andrew Garfield Named Next Spider-Man, Public Asks “Who?”

andrew-garfieldrnrnAfter negotiations between Sony Pictures and Spider-Man director Sam Raimi broke down in January, the studio decided to shutter the whole Raimi/Tobey Maguire/Kirsten Dunst triumvirate and start fresh. They hired the promising yet largely unproven 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb to helm the reboot of the most popular superhero franchise of the last decade and, just yesterday, finally landed on their lead. Ladies and gentlemen, courtesy of our friends over at Movieline, meet Andrew Garfield!rnrnNow, we don’t blame you if you stare blankly at your computer screen and say, “Andrew WHO, exactly?” We did the same thing this morning when we read the news! Fortunately, we’ve done the research on him so you don’t have to.rn Read more…


Rob And Reese Look Polished, Pensive On Set Of Water For Elephants


Rumored Oscar contender Rob Pattinson (photos) was spotted strolling the set of Water For Elephants lookin’ mighty dapper and clean-shaven in a tux. Co-star Reese Witherspoon sipped coffee while looking retro-flawless in a clingy red silk dress, diamond brooch, and pin-curled locks. These sneaky set photos are truly a tease…is it 2011 yet?!  [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Pee Wee Is Going To Have Another Big Adventure


We. Are. So. Excited. There is going to be another Pee Wee Herman movie made, which will be produced by Judd Apatow‘s production company! Oh, how our childhood was molded by Pee Wee’s first adventure, traveling across these great United States in search of his bicycle, all the while discovering the Alamo doesn’t have a basement and trying not to get clobbered by Simone’s boyfriend Andy at the Dino Park.

Paul Reubens revived the Pee Wee character for a stage show which has been performing to sold out audiences in L.A. this year (and will come to New York in the fall). Apatow took in one of the performances and got the idea for a new movie, saying “Let’s face it, the world needs more Pee-wee Herman. I am so excited to be working with Paul Reubens — who is an extraordinary and ground-breaking actor and writer. It’s so great to watch him return with such relevance.” The love is mutual, as Reubens seems equally thrilled to partner with Apatow, saying “There is no one like Judd in our business — he loves comedy with emotion and heart, and he sees what we do as art. I can’t believe I’m getting this opportunity to be working with him.” This can’t happen fast enough, in our opinion. The real question though is will evil bike thief Francis Buxton return??

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Rupert Grint Is The Next Leonardo DiCaprio. Really?


Ronald Weasley just got a huge break (take that Harry)! The redheaded sidekick to Harry Potter has caught the eye of Martin Scorsese, who thinks the actor, Rupert Grint, could possibly become the next He Who Should Be Named. Marty thinks that Grint has mega potential and even compares him to his current muse, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Apparently he thinks the ginge actor could pull off a meaty negative role in one of his films saying, ” I  thought he [Grint] was a great actor in the Harry Potter movies. In a lot of scenes, the boy stole the show. He will always have respect for the movies that gave him such a huge break, but at his age it’s important he doesn’t become typecast. He has to do something really out of his comfort zone in the next few years – play a gangster, play a dirty cop, play a kid with learning difficulties.”

That’s also when he added the movie star comparisons saying, “I would be interested in working with him. I would have no issues in casting him as a gangster, he is a very talented young man … When Leo was in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, nobody saw him becoming a bad ass in movies like The Departed. But he has become one of the greatest actors of all time. The very same could be true of Rupert.”

Okay, who knew Scorsese was such a Potterhead? And while we may not see adorable, if not slightly gormless Ron-Ron as a bad ass, Marty’s the boss. Accio movie!

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SPOILER ALERT: Nine Reasons Eclipse Is The Best Twilight Flick Yet


Last night, FABlife editor Kate Spencer and I had the privilege of attending an advanced screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Being the shameless Twi-hards that we are, we arrived to the theater unacceptably giddy for our age, even snapping a fangirl photo with a cardboard Edward Cullen. After being somewhat let-down by the first two adaptations and covering the sh*t out of Eclipse, we were really hoping the third movie lived up to its growing hype. Crappy wigs aside (ahem, Bella and Rosalie), David Slade‘s film did not disappoint! Here are nine reasons Eclipse knocks the other Twilight flicks out of the newborn-filled water.


1. Intense newborn beheading! Thought the only way to kill a vampire was by setting them on fire a la James? Wrong! Apparently you can also violently snap off their heads! During the ultimate Cullen-werewolf-newborn throw-down, heads were crackin’ off left and right! 


2. The Cullens toned down their cakey makeup. Something about our precious Edward looked “off” in New Moon. His handsome face looked flat and overly powdered. It looks like the makeup crew was revamped (pun intended) for Eclipse, because the Cullen clan was the perfect level of pasty. Read more…


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

The Crazies

We’ve all been burnt by bad horror movie remakes. Nightmare on Elm Street couldn’t have stunk any harder if Freddie Krueger had personally tea-bagged the viewer. So hurrah for The Crazies, a taut update on George A. Romero‘s 1973 chiller. The premise is simple: a town’s good citizens are very quickly becoming homicidal maniacs and nobody is sure why. When the army moves in to restore order, things only get worse. Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant is the upright sheriff who is just trying to get the hell out of there, while wifey Radha Mitchell is turning into quite a scream queen. The suspense scenes are well-handled, too: Olyphant’s attempt to fight off a pair of nutzoids with a knife sticking out his hand ranks as one of the best action sequences of the year.

Extras: Tons of great goodies, including deleted scenes, commentary from director Breck Eisner (Sahara) and a copy of the script.

– By C. Bottomley

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes clip above!

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Ghosts Of Divorce Past Comes Back To Haunt Michael Douglas


OMG! Michael Douglas‘s ex-wife Diandra Luker is Gordon Gekko! So they met in 1977 and divorced in 2000. And now one decade after the divorce, she’s filed a lawsuit against him because she’s gunning for half the money he made on his new film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Greed never sleeps too. Not one decade after. Not ever, as far as some people are concerned.

Diandra claims she’s entitled to Michael’s dough because her divorce pay-out allegedly states she’s supposed to get half of anything Douglas makes on his movies. And this includes spin-offs (the original Wall Street was made in 1987). So now she’s all ‘what’s yours-is-MINE-b*itch!’ Her lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, stood up for her client, telling  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper, “It’s the same character, the same title, just years later.”

But Douglas’ attorney says no way, stating the film’s a sequel and not a spin-off, so ex-wifey should get bupkis. Okay Diandra – we’re all for paying your dues, but you got about $45 MILLION in your divorce settlement. Lay off and stop being such a mooch.

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Our 11 Most Epic Moments From The Eclipse Red Carpet

You guys. YOU GUYSSSSSS! The Eclipse premiere is officially over, and we’re soothing our broken heart with some In N’ Out as we sit here reflecting on the night that was. Before we recap our 11 Most Epic Moments From The Eclipse Red Carpet, let us set the stage for you. We got to the Nokia Theater at 2PM, up-do secured on our head with 108 bobby pins, decked out in a wrinkled Old Navy dress and Haviana flip flops. We never did switch into our heels, because it wouldn’t be fair to dwarf Taylor Lautner on his big day (nor would it be fair to our feet).

We hung out at press check in with the lovely gals from Twilightish and Team Twilight until we finally made it to our spot on the red carpet, directly across from a group of Wolf Pack lovers who howled every time anyone wolf-related was mentioned. It got old fast but you know, they camped out for 4 days to earn the right to howl at the Eclipse premiere…more power to them. We were hoping one of them would imprint on us, but alas – they were saving themselves for BooBoo Stewart.

From that moment on, the red carpet only got wilder, weirder and more wonderfully insane. Behold our 11 Most Epic Moments From The Eclipse Red Carpet. Every single one of these things is true – we’ve got the video above as proof. Awkward, awkward proof.

11. Meeting the world’s horniest Twilight fans. We get it. They’re hot. Yes, we want to spoon with Robert Pattinson while catching up on Modern Family too. But we met some of the most x-rated Twi-fans in the world on the red carpet, with the signage to prove it. We chatted with one girl who referenced Rob and her “itching ovaries” and another who wanted to do illegal things to Kellan Lutz that involved whips and whipped cream. We’re not saying Twilight fans need to get laid (we think they got that covered),  just that we’re jealous of they people they’re doing it with because you know there are feathers and broken beds involved.

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Eclipse Cast Predicts Next Big Sexy Monster Trend

We polled the experts – the Eclipse cast and a few of their close personal red carpet pals – about what they think the next big sexy, supernatural-y monster trend is going to be and we’ve got their ridiculous (and ridiculously adorable) answers above. Yes, we hate to even imagine a world without Edward Cullen, but we also can’t deny the truth – vampires and werewolves have almost jumped the shark. By the time Breaking Dawn Part 2 rolls around in 2012 Taylor Lautner will be dating Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will have a couple of kids and Peter Facinelli will be President. They’ll be over slicing their eyes up with red contact lenses and bathing in white make up and we’ll be forced to move on. Can someone pass us our box of Twilight-themed tissues? We, uh, have something in our eye. Okay, both eyes. Fine! They’re tears.

Face it, Twi-hards – all vampy things must come to an end…except eternal life. Check out the cast’s predictions – and our ridiculous red carpet hairdo – above.