Robsten: Keepin’ It Casual And Cute As Ever At Eclipse After Party


After kung-fu gripping each other as they made their way down the scream and flash-filled red carpet, Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) looked relaxed and giddy at the after party. In true KStew form, she swapped her pumps and mini skirt for jeans and sneakers the first chance she got – and we love her 10X more for it. Needless to say, she looked just as adorable in her casual wear as her glamorous red, er, black carpet duds. 

Much to our delight, the blissful pair made zero effort to squash rumors of their romance as they leaned into each other and posed for the paps. See Robsten enjoying the party below with cast mates Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, and Nikki Reed.

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The premiere may be over, but there’s still plenty of Twilight coverage to tide over the hardest of Twi-fans ’til the 30th. Tomorrow night is “Twilight Night,” when MovieFone will be sponsoring screenings of the first two chapters of The Twilight Saga in cities across the country, with cast appearances and fun activities. Don’t wanna leave your couch? Watch their live stream starting at 10PM EST.


Robert Pattinson Fully Morphs Into Morrissey At Eclipse Premiere


Robert Pattinson and Morrissey: Separated at birth! Are we right or are we right? RPatzz has been vaguely reminding us of some God-like celebrity from another era. But we couldn’t put our finger on it — until now. The bouffant hair. The English charm. The pronounced jawline and the well-endowed eyebrows. Come on! They’re practically twins. Rob’s  purple suede jacket at the Twilight Eclipse premiere reminded us of the album cover for Morrissey’s  You Are The Quarry (note the similar duds). Is RPatzz intentionally modeling himself after Morrissey?

Either way, Rob’s striking similarity to Morrissey leads us to two predictions.  1) That Robert Pattinson’s career will be extended at least two decades by the fandom of Mexicans, probably thanks to his near pompadour.  And 2) That Robert Pattinson is a shoo-in to play Morrissey in what we’re guessing is an inevitable Hollywood biopic. More pics after the jump …


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Photos: Robsten Avoids Losing Their Sh*t By Sticking Together


A couple days ago our editor Kate Spencer reported live from Tent City where over 7,000 Twi-hards awaited their chance to catch a glimpse of Rob Pattinson‘s luscious mop and Kristen Stewart‘s tiny bird legs at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

As we patrolled the live stream tonight for any sign of Robsten (photos), the deafening waves of shrieking girls only increased – we’re certain at times their anticipation caused them to yelp at passing production assistants. While we’re sure having gazillions of devoted (and we mean, devoted) fans is beyond flattering for probable-couple Rob and Kristen, there’s got to be moments of claustrophobia mixed in with those gracious autographs and fan pics. Fans of the Twilight franchise are an openly emotional kind, shamelessly making bite requests, and snapping thousands of blurred photos with their cell phones. (Disclaimer: We’re not denying we’d do/have already done any of these things.)

Maintaining a cheerful, grateful disposition amidst all the commotion cannot always be easy, and while Rob and Kristen seemingly pulled off another madhouse premiere tonight, there were some funny face-producing moments of them almost losing their sanity. But for each shot of Rob looking befuddled there were five of the pair gazing into each others’ eyes, smiling, and cracking each other up. Looks like our favorite secret lovers are more likely to breeze to Breaking Dawn than reach their breaking point.

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Style Wars: Who Rocked The Killer Pumps Harder?

In what many would consider a major red carpet faux pas, Twilight stars Dakota Fanning and Christian Serratos arrived to the Eclipse premiere in the same dangerously studded Louboutin peep-toes. While Fanning paired them with an expectedly girly Elie Saab dress, Serratos wore a corseted black dress with a full tulle skirt. Who wore the fierce footwear better? [Photos: Getty Images]

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Style Wars: Sister Vamps In Blue

Two members of the Cullen clan arrived to the Eclipse premiere in decidedly non-gothic gowns – a recurring trend at Twilight premieres. Nikki Reed donned a blue feathered Marchesa dress that left little the imagination – lots of cleavage, leg, and back! Ashley Greene took the opposite route (suprise!), covering up in a mature gray floor-length frock by Alexis Mabille Couture. Which powdery look do you prefer? [Photos: Getty Images]

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80s Alert! Tiffany And Debbie Gibson To Battle In SyFy TV Movie


We never saw this coming: 80s pop star rivals Debbie Gibson and Tiffany will be starring in a SyFy Channel movie together. The name of said movie? Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid.  After 1988 we really never thought we’d hear much from either of these two again, especially not a collaboration but this sounds too good (and by good we mean horrible!) to be true.

The Hollywood Reporter describes their roles, saying “Gibson will play a fanatical animal-rights activist who frees illegally imported exotic snakes from pet stores, sending them into the Everglades, where they grow to mega sizes. Tiffany will play an overzealous park ranger who uses dangerous methods to save endangered alligators.” So to be metaphorical, the snakes represent “Electric Youth” and the gator(oid)s represent “Could’ve Been” and it’ll be a battle to the death to find out which one was the real chart topper. (And for the sake of metaphor, the “charts” we speak of are represented by wetlands.) Sounds like a hit!

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Hot Gals, Schlubby Guys At Grown Ups Premiere


The number of TV shows and movies that involve a slovenly (but usually lovable and funny) guy paired up with a hot, sexy woman is huge. King of Queens, Knocked Up, Entourage, According to Jim, and now Grown Ups are all admissable in this category. If you were a foreigner looking in on American culture, you’d think that all women must be size 2 models whose only desires in a mate are a sense of humor and lack of vanity.

Cut to the premiere of Grown Ups, where this adage proves true, not only onscreen, but off. The male stars of this film couldn’t be bothered to even dress up for the red carpet (to be fair, David Spade and Rob Schneider look nice, but the rest of them – yeesh). Meanwhile, all the women in attendance looked hot and completely out of their league. Salma Hayek would still look more amazing than any of those men if she wore her Frida Kahlo unibrow and her Vampire’s Assistant beard. Need a closer look at the gender disparity? Take a gander at our gallery for proof.

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Live From The Eclipse Red Carpet

This is it, the biggest day in Twilight fandom (well, until Breaking Dawn comes out): the Twilight saga: Eclipse premiere! TheFABlife team is covering the premiere from the red carpet in Los Angeles as well as from our blog headquarters to give you the most complete Eclipse coverage possible.

We’ve partnered with some of our favorite Twilight bloggers and Twitter sites in our live chat above and we’ll have a live stream of the red carpet courtesy of the MTV Movies Blog rolling at 9:30pm EST/6:30 PT. We wanna hear from you so jump in and start chatting with us and say hello to our partner pals who will be joining us: @kstewartnews, @calliopeblabs, Letters to Twilight, RobPattzNews, Spunk Ransom, Twilightish and Twitarded!

When we’re not busy interviewing Kristen Stewart about what kind of pie she wants to bake us, we’ll be tweeting updates from the premiere red carpet and posting tons of red carpet pics, polls and gossip all night.

Check us out in the chat and on Twitter – @theFABlife. You can also contribute to our chat by tweeting #EclipseVh1.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Devon Aoki Are A Couple


Joseph Gordon-Levitt did good! He’s obviously come a long way from 3rd Rock from the Sun taking the lead in indie-gone-huge films like (500) Days of Summer. Now, the actor’s romantic graph seems to be sky-rocketing as much as his career. Joseph’s dating Devon Aoki, a drop-dead gorgeous Japanese-American model/actress. You remember her as the super-hottie in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City. She’s also the Benihana heiress.

They were spotted kissing at the Bing party at Boa Steakhouse in LA. A source told The New York Post, “They were holding hands, kissing and telling everyone they were a couple.” Aoki previously dated rocker Lenny Kravitz and Gordon-Levitt was in a relationship with Julia Stiles.

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