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Sad News, America: Johnny Depp Is Now Old And Ugly


Since our childhood in the 80s, Johnny Depp has always been there for us when we needed a crush. Christian Slater creeped out and embraced his receding hair line, River Phoenix died, Keanu Reeves sold his brain for a movie career, but Johnny has always been there for us – sexy, stable, but with enough bad boy in him to keep us interested. But recently we’ve noticed that the actor’s looks – yes men can (and should) be superficially judged on their looks alone – have taken a nosedive into rock bottom territory.

Beginning sometime in 2009, Johnny grew a gut which leaked into his face, turning those iconic cheekboners (copyrighted term) into chipmunk territory. Not to mention, the hair grease finally won out and his locks now just look straight up straggly. Also, did Nicole Kidman take him to her botox doctor? That forehead is peculiarly smooth, and we like our Depp with some dips in his skin.

Look, we know the guy is 47, but he was still doin’ it for us in 2008. We could forgive the ridiculous grunge garb if he would just keep things up in the looks department. Doesn’t he know it’s his job to keep all the women who once taped 21 Jump Street on their VCRs interested?

We spent hours (our job is awesome) checking out pictures of Johnny through the years and have assembled our proof below. The guy started out as the Robert Pattinson of the 80s, and he was good to go in the looks department until sometime last year. On the set of The Tourist, which he is currently shooting with Angelina Jolie, he looks bizarrely bloated. Do you agree that Johnny’s looks have gone downhill or would you still take a little loving from ol’ Scissorhands? Tell us!


Robsten Gets Physical: Breaking Down Their Body Language On Oprah


As all true Twi-hards know, the Eclipse trio (+1 Dakota Fanning, briefly) made their epic Oprah appearance today. While the Big O may not have succeeded in getting Rob Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) to admit they’re dating (on-air, at least), she did get an adorably goofy quip from RPattz, “Kristen’s pregnant,” followed by KStew saying he’d be the one birthing the child. A sincere confession was not necessary for even a mildly observant viewer, as the duo did enough oogling, eye-f*cking, and making each other LOL to confirm what we’ve known for months… there’s no way these two aren’t bumpin’ pasty uglies. Allow us to break it down for you.


1. Is it possible that Kristen is doing anything but undressing Rob with her eyes? We think not.

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Amanda Seyfried Makes Waves At Juliet Premiere

Amanda Seyfried

Hollywood ahoy! Dog lover Amanda Seyfried showed up at the Hollywood premiere of her latest romance, Letters To Juliet, wearing strapless dress adorned with blue spirals. While her outfit probably isn’t appreciated by the easily seasick, we think she looks just swimmingly—especially compared to the drab black dress Stephanie Pratt showed up in. See these stars and more in the gallery below.

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Cate Blanchett Shows Cannes How To Shoulder Pad

Is Cate Blanchett interested in a superhero movie? Because after seeing the shoulderpads on her Armani dress at Cannes yesterday, we think she’d do a great job as The Wasp in The Avengers. Cate’s in France to celebrate the premiere of Robin Hood, in which she plays Maid Marian against Russell Crowe‘s titular archer. Though Crowe’s shoulders looked plenty sharp in his suit, the actor’s real weapons were his young sons Charlie and Tennyson, who finally have an unrestricted film of their father’s they can see on the big screen (we bet they wish Russell brought his sword, though). See photos of the stars in the gallery below.

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An Open Letter To Ashley Greene And Kellan Lutz, Who Think They’re Worth $8 Million


Dearest Ashley Greene and Kullan Kellan Lutz,

Well look at that – Kellan, I spelled your name wrong in my open letter to you! I’d apologize except that I think it’s a perfect example of how insignificant you are. I’m a massive Twi-dork and I sometimes forget your name. So why then do you guys think your irrelevant asses deserve $4 million for each Breaking Dawn movie?

Look dudes, I get where you’re coming from. You’re part of a mega-franchise, with the second installment, New Moon, raking in $140.7 million in its opening weekend alone. So sure, $4 million (or $8 million, if Breaking Dawn is split into two movies) doesn’t seem like that much compared to how much the Twilight franchise makes (and how much Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are reportedly earning). But let’s be realistic here.

Ashley, you were a waitress at the Belmont Cafe before some casting director huffed crack and gave you the role of Alice Cullen – probably because your inexperience made you an affordable option. Sure, you were already a A-List star, what with your role as “McDonald’s Customer” in the movie no one saw, King of California, but Twilight kinda gave you a career bump, dontcha think?

Kellan, you look like every other gym-addicted, protein smoothie guzzling, tank-top wearing, girl in a club grinding, douche bag infesting America today. The most important thing you do in Twilight is pat Bella on the back. We’re confident Mike from Jersey Shore could handle that situation, and would be happy being paid in steroids and vodka tonics to do so. Sure, you had some bit parts on shows like The Comeback and 90210, but your most high profile role pre-Twilight was appearing in a Hilary Duff perfume ad. You should try letting the rain fall down and wake you from these salary dreams, bro.

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FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson is a man who carries a lot of baggage. He’s also a rare thing in Hollywood: a genuine larger-than-life movie star. Guy’s had a good track record of bringing out the best from even the most generic material, too. In this post-sugart*ts comeback vehicle, Mel’s grizzled cop is out to avenge his slain daughter and will let nothing stand in his way. Directed by Casino Royale helmer Martin Campbell, the material plays to Gibson’s single-minded strengths and provides him with an entertaining foil in the shifty form of Ray Winstone (The Departed). Things go boom, bones go crunch, and anybody looking to waste a little time will be happy.

Extras: The standard DVD has a selection of deleted scenes. Blu-Ray features more deleted and alternate scenes and a featurette on the story’s journey from BBC miniseries to the big screen.

- By C. Bottomley

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes DVD bonus clip above.


Cheetah Print And Hammer Pants: Mary-Kate Olsen FTW

Mary-Kate Olsen

Most would see the premiere of a low-profile indie movie like Holy Rollers (starring Jesse Eisenberg as a Hasidic teen caught in the drug racket) as a chance to dress casual, but Mary-Kate Olsen found the perfect opportunity to remind us why she’s (allegedly) a rising star in the world of fashion. Really, what says “flattering” and “fashion-forward” like a cheetah print top over baggy pants? It’s schlubby chic! Some might say she looks like David Lee Roth trying out for the Golden Girls, but those philistines don’t realize that “elderly ballroom dancer” will be the look in 2011. Find out what Ashley and everyone else wore in the gallery below.

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SATC 2 Stars Can’t Decided If They Hate Each Other Or Not


Sarah Jessica Parker opened up about the catfights on the set of Sex and the City 2, saying,”Sometimes feelings get hurt”. Even when you’re wearing vintage Halston, apparently! SJP finally addressed the constant reports of hardcore rivalry between the four ladies that have stuck around from when they were filming Sex and the City 2. She told Marie Claire, “When you’re on set, you’re working 90-hour weeks, you’re never home, you’re exhausted. There are times when all of us have been sensitive and sometimes feelings get hurt.” She added. “But I don’t have any regrets about how I’ve treated people.”

Cynthia Nixon agrees, saying that there have been ups and downs, but  enmity between the fab four doesn’t exist. “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. But the idea that we’re somehow adversarial is ludicrous.” She added that the ladies do hang out off set too, “We go to the theatre together or just go to one of our houses for dinner.”

Kristen Davis addressed rumors that she refused to have dinner with Kim Cattrall while filming in Morocco: “There was a very strange piece in one of the tabloids that said Kim and I would eat in the restaurant of our hotel and not sit together, which cracks me up. When I would get back from the set, I would go to the gym and get room service.  I’m not a put-on-decent-clothes-and-go-to-the-hotel-restaurant person. But Kim is. The story was that we don’t like each other. Ridiculous.”

Cattrall says much of the same but denies a bitter rift, “Nineteen-hour workdays are stressful, whether you’re driving a truck, working in a coal mine or on a set and trying to be your brightest at 4 o’ clock in the morning.  But there’s a camaraderie that happened through all of that…The chemistry among the four of us is very strong.”

Okay so what we get from the gals is: we’re not BFF but we make do! Fair enough.

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New Eclipse Still Delivers Steaminess The Trailer Lacks


We recently vented about the latest Eclipse trailer and its lack of sexual tension. Looks like Summit heard our cries, and released this bonerlicious still of Bella and Edward about to suck face. We’ll take it. [Photo: Summit Entertainment]

Another just-released still in the gallery below, of the hunky Cullen men planning their attack on Victoria and the newborn vamps.

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Robert Downey Jr.’s Top 20 Craziest Outfits


It’s hard to think that in 10 years Robert Downey Jr. has gone from being a jailed heroin addict to one of Hollywood’s most wanted actors. It’s also just as hard to believe that he’s been walking red carpet events for 30 years and has yet to pick up a single fashion tip along the way. How is it that someone with such a GQ face always looks like he walked straight out of the K-Mart bargain bin? With the sequel to last summer’s blockbuster Iron Man coming out this Friday, we thought we’d take a look at RDJ’s worst fashion choices.

1. Disco Dreadful

2. Zipper Issues

3. Denim Dud

4. Satin Sexy

5. The Undershirt Protest Phase

6. Pretty in Pink

7. Partying in Plaid

8. Straight out of the Laundry Hamper

9. Clash of the Patterns

10. Mustache Mistake

11. Blond Ambition

12. Bringing Back Prison Colors

13. Masculine in Mink

14. Over Accessorized and Painfully Pinstriped

15. Ready for the 1985 Prom

16. Channeling Samuel L. Jackson

17. Purple Passion

18. The Bucket List

19. The Opposite of Business Socks

20. Floundering in Fuchsia

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