Shrek Forever After Premieres At Tribeca Film Fest


The stars of the latest (and last) installment of the Shrek franchise, Shrek Forever After, were out in Manhattan last night to walk the green carpet (because Shrek is green! And it’s Earth Day! Let’s pack as much metaphor into this green carpet as possible!) for the film’s premiere as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. That means that festival founder Robert DeNiro was on hand, and plenty of other randos, too. This event is further proof that Kelly Bensimon has become one of those traveling garden gnomes that has its photo taken at every possible opportunity, thus making us wonder how it’s logistically possible for her to be in so many places at once. Check out all the ogre-loving attendees below.

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DJ A.M. Will Appear In Iron Man 2


When Iron Man 2 premieres in May, prepare yourself for a post-mortem celebrity cameo. Adam Goldstein, a.k.a. DJ A.M., who passed away last August, filmed a scene for the movie, but after he died director Jon Favreau had to make a decision whether or not to keep his role in the movie. Favreau opted to leave it in, and to dedicate the film to the DJ.

Favreau explained “We tried to make it respectful and for people who know him, they’ll get a kick out of it and for people who don’t it will sort of slide by without much notice.” One of the film’s co-stars, Don Cheadle said “It was just really sad for everyone and it made it strange, too. It’ll be interesting to see it on the screen,” which is how we feel – sad and strange. It’s a nice gesture for sure, but might make for a jarring, possibly sad moment in an otherwise upbeat, action-filled movie. His is not the only celebrity cameo in the film, but it seems like it may be the one to distract us the most – until we’re further distracted by Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow outfit, of course.

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J. Lo Puts Healthy Dog In Wheelchair For Back-Up Plan Premiere

Jennifer Lopez

No offense to Tom Bosley, but The Back-Up Plan‘s LA premiere was about as low on starpower as that Miami screening last week where Jennifer Lopez dressed up like a cheetah. Forced to think outside the “celeb guest” box, the filmmakers rolled out Nubbins, one of three terriers to play wheelchair-bound Nuts in the movie. Here’s the thing: Nubbins isn’t a special needs dog—he only plays one in the movie. While this must not qualify as animal abuse (the American Humane Association actually teamed with The Back-Up Plan, in which J. Lo plays a pet boutique owner, to promote animal adoption), shoving a dog in a flower-filled wheelchair for a photo op weirds us out just a little. Wouldn’t J. Lo walking a dog be cute enough? Poor guy!

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Leona, J-Hud Will Right Fergie’s Wrong On Sex And The City 2 Soundtrack


VH1 Divas Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis have been confirmed as artists on the upcoming Sex and the City 2 soundtrack. The news comes as a relief to all of us who suffered through Fergie‘s atrocious “Labels or Love,” which was the title track on the movie’s first soundtrack. You remember – it was that nauseating jam that mixed the show’s opening theme music with designer references and a beat a 6 year old produced on Garage Band. It was so bad it probably made Carrie cringe.

The soundtrack will also included a new T-Pain produced Cee-Lo track (auto-tune it up, please!) and two covers: Alicia Keys doing “Rapture” by Blondie and Liza Minelli busting out her version of Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies.” Yes you heard that right: Liza wants you to put a ring on it. Even if the movie stinks, it’s producing what will surely be the greatest cover of all time.

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Rumors We Love: RD Jr. To Star In Wizard Of Oz Prequel


Apparently we weren’t the only five-year-olds intrigued by that wish-granting wiz behind a projector and smoke machine! The LA Times is reporting that Disney is itching to tell the oft-overlooked wizard’s tale of his life pre-Emerald City, with comeback kid Robert Downey Jr. in the starring role. The Great Powerful script is said to present a much darker, deeper wizard than the sillier character in the 1939 musical. If RD Jr.’s stellar performances as Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes are any indication, this wizard is bound to be twinkly-eyed, charming, and totally captivating.

The two very different directors in contention are Alan Shankman (Hairspray) and Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road). If all the pieces come together as planned, Disney would like to start shooting as early as next spring. Fingers crossed (and heels a’clickin’) for Downey! [Source: LA Times]


Zoe Saldana Refused Nude Fight Scene For The Losers

Anyone who’s seen the trailer for The Losers might have a hard time believing Zoe Saldana fought for “believability” on set, but that’s one of the reasons she claims she refused to do a nude fight scene for the action-packed comic book adaptation (co-starring Watchmen‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan and future Captain America Chris Evans). “I literally told the director, ‘If I am going to do this scene, there is no way I’m going to be nude because it just isn’t necessary or even believable,'” she told Parade. “So there was a negotiation and I ended up in my bra and panties. I don’t mind using my physical assets as a weapon, but there’s a limit.” Saldana’s concealed weapons were on hand for the film’s LA premiere last night—see photos of the Avatar star and more in the gallery below.

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Cameron Douglas Gets Half The Jail Time, Judge Calls Out “Problematic Parenting”


He’s got a legendary grandpa, a superstar father and a step-mom who doesn’t do too bad for herself. Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones all wrote letters asking for a lenient jail-sentence for Cameron Douglas in the weeks leading up to his hearing. Looks like the pleas worked, because Judge Richard Berman handed Cameron a five-year jail sentence, instead of a much harsher 10-year stint, for dealing crystal meth. Berman said, “We all need to get over the theme that Cameron Douglas is a victim. Some of the letters reflect a somewhat naive and even misguided viewpoint.” He also warned, “I think this case and this sentencing may well be his last chance to make it.”

Apart from the letters, the judge also noted the eight months Cameron has already spent in jail. He also mentioned that if the troubled rich kid does a drug treatment program behind bars, another year could get shaved off the sentence. Cameron responded, reading from a prepared statement: “Nothing, your honor, is more important to me than my family and the goals that I have set for myself, and I feel adamant that I will not let myself be led astray by my warped thinking and false pretences due to my long heroin addiction.”

Interesingly, Berman also considered that very famous family’s history while doling out his final verdict, calling out “problematic parenting by both his mother and father in the forms of parental absence and distance, parental immaturity and drug and alcohol abuse in the immediate and extended famlies.”  Whatever the dynamics may be, we’d say – stay strong Cameron. You ‘ll be out in no time. But third chances are hard to come by — even for kids of Hollywood’s elite. [Photo: Getty Images]


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week


Poor James Cameron. He only goes and makes the highest-grossing movie ever—twice—and still the guy can’t get no respect. As if looking like an elderly lesbian wasn’t enough, he lost the Best Picture Oscar to his ex-wife and will have to put up with jokes about “Smurf-ahontas” for the rest of his life. But let’s applaud Avatar for what it is: an instance of new 3D IMAX technology masterfully employed to create old-fashioned popcorn entertainment. With added ecological subtext! We’ll be watching again to appreciate the genius that realized the only thing cooler than sinking the Titanic was aliens that look like cats.

– By C. Bottomley

Avatar hits the racks on Earth Day, 4/22.


Jake Gyllenhaal Smacks Down On Source Code Set

Jake Gyllenhaal

Holy crap! Looks like Martin Bashir asked Jake Gyllenhaal the wrooong question about Reese Witherspoon! Either that or the actor was filming a fight scene in Toronto for his new movie Source Code (ok, that’s definitely what was happening). As much as we admired the work put into Jake’s pecs on the Prince Of Persia set, we must admit the sight of the suited stud unleashing the fury on some hapless hood looks a bit more enticing than that video game remake. Plus Source Code—about a soldier forced to relive a terrorist attack in another man’s body (think Avatar meets Groundhog Day)—will be directed by Duncan “Son Of Bowie” Jones, whose Moon was one of the most underrated films of last year. See more of Jake doing his own stunts in the gallery below.

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Jennifer Lopez Shows Her Spots For The Back-Up Plan

The LA premiere of The Back-Up Plan isn’t until next week, but Jennifer Lopez is already rocking the red carpet for her film. Lady Louboutins donned her finest animal print for a screening of the film in Miami last night, joined by husband Marc Anthony and a handful of local celebs (hey, it’s Miami). The film is actually earning some modest praise from early critics—and by “modest praise” we mean it’s a rom-com and no one’s scratched their eyes out yet. Will this be the comeback J. Lo needs? See more photos of her in the gallery below.

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