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Spot The Diff: America Ferrera Is Soaring (On A Dragon)

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Ugly Betty is waving farewell to its fans after four seasons tonight, but that doesn’t mean America Ferrera will be left high and dry. America has already had major success on the big screen and is currently starring in two films right now. Check out America’s visit to the Today Show to promote her new film How to Train Your Dragon while sitting on a huge dragon, of course. Can you spot 10 differences in this pic of America? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Nicolas Cage Brings His Beautiful Blond Self To The LA Kick-Ass Premiere

Nicolas Cage

You want to make fun of Nicolas Cage‘s money problems? Fine. His “frat house bordello” mansion sold for mere millions? That’s fine, too. Still laughing at those Wicker Man clips? Go right ahead, buddy. But never forget that Nic is awesome, too awesome to let his miserable finances keep him showing off his dynamic new blond mane at the LA premiere of his new film Kick-Ass.

Joining Cage in the freak parade were co-stars like Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse and 13-year-old pottymouth Chloe Moretz, as well as celebrity guests like Eli Roth, Nicky Hilton, Jon Voight (guess Mr. “Obama Rapes The Nation” isn’t offended by the teen violence!) and Cole & Dylan Sprouse—you know, Zack & Cody! Will there be enough adults—or older teenagers like the Sprouse brothers—interested in watching the underage swear and pummel to make the R-rated action-fest a hit? Hey, a high school cast didn’t keep Superbad from making millions. See these stars and more in the gallery below.

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Chace Crawford Leaves Footloose Remake After Almost A Year

Chace Crawford

Looks like all those acrobatics lessons were for nothing. Not only did Chace Crawford lose the role of Captain America to Chris Evans, now the Gossip Girl star is walking away from the upcoming adaptation of Footloose after almost a year of pre-production. Initially set to star Zac Efron, the remake has been plagued by numerous problems, including the departure of its original director, Kenny Ortega of This Is It fame. While no official reason was given, it looks like Crawford’s Gossip Girl obligations—which the film’s missed March start date was meant to dance around—was likely the cause for his departure (Julianne Hough is still set to play the female foil).

Entertainment Weekly says the studio is considering a nationwide talent search to find a new star, and with two stylish young stars already passing on the material, it’s not surprising they’d look elsewhere for Plan C. But with no director yet announced as a replacement for Ortega (Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer wrote the latest draft of the script, but is unavailable to shoot), this is looking less like the new Hairspray and more like the new Fame (if you’ve already forgot that was remade, we totally understand).


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

The Slammin’ Salmon

Having scored with Super Troopers and Beerfest, the members of the comic team Broken Lizard have made what could be the funniest film ever about waiting tables. The Slammin’ Salmon is a restaurant owned by a heavyweight boxer (Michael Clarke Duncan) who is in deep with the Japanese mob. The staff learn they must make $20,000 in a single night … or else Duncan will start handing out the haymakers. The assortment of goofy characters include an actor back taking orders after being thrown off a hit TV show, a drunken busboy and a blonde bombshell who has a close encounter with a flaming dessert. There are plenty of fart and dick jokes for those who like that sort of thing, but what’s really tasty about Salmon is the sense of a team of comic pros having dessert carts of fun serving each other one-liners. The cherry on the sundae? Not a “bromance” in sight. Look out for cameos from MacGruber‘s Will Forte, Vivica C. Fox, and Morgan Fairchild.

Extras: Two separate commentary tracks from the Broken Lizard guys, and a featurette on true tales from the kitchen.

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Check out our VH1 exclusive DVD bonus clip, “Morgan and the Dootch.”


Ciara Comes Out For Death At A Funeral Premiere


Ciara‘s new single “Ride” doesn’t drop until later this month, but that didn’t stop the singer from stepping out to the Death At Funeral premiere in Hollywood yesterday. Most of the cast came out for the event, including Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, James Marsden,  Tracy Morgan, Regina Hall and Zoe Saldana, along with well wishers like Eddie Murphy, Kevin James. Rock’s last collaboration with director Neil LaBute, 2000’s Nurse Betty, was a flop—will they have better luck with this twisted family comedy? See photos of these stars and more in the gallery below.

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Brooklyn Is A Shimmery Desert In New SATC 2 Poster


We gathered from the latest Sex and the City 2 trailer that the fab foursome takes a trip to Abu Dhabi and miraculously doesn’t sink in the sand while strutting in 5″ heels. What confuses us about the just-released poster is A) why Sarah Jessica Parker is carrying giant reading glasses in the desert and B) how the reflection in said spectacles possibly contains the Empire State Building. Is the plot of the sequel actually some post-apocalyptic nightmare that strands the women across the East River during a terrible drought where only glitter rains from the sky? God, we hope so.

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ZOMG! Rob And Kristen’s Top Secret Romantic Vacation


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still swapping flannel shirts and getting their fingers tangled in each others’ greasy hair. Hallelujah! Praise Stephenie Meyer! Rob is busy filming Bel Ami in Budapest, Hungary, which is where the couple was spotted this weekend just in time to celebrate Kristen’ 20th birthday. The private pair was seen leaving the local airport…heading somewhere seriously romantic, we hope. Long live Robsten!

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Rachel Bilson Busts Out A Bra-Dress For Her New Movie

Rachel Bilson: she can parade around in a bra and we still think she’s boring. The O.C. star certainly tried to win our attention at the premiere of her new film Waiting For Forever (now that sounds exciting) in NYC, wearing a dress that looks to be missing some fabric up top. Are you unimpressed by this outfit too, or do you think we’re hating on a full-blown hottie? Check out the gallery and let us know in our TheFABLife poll.


Sex And The City: 2 Trailer Looks Every Bit As Ridiculous As We Hoped

We’ve been anticipating the ridiculousness of Sex And The City: 2 (Desert Boogaloo) for months now. It’s the movie we love to hate, for so many reasons. Don’t get us wrong, we’re most likely going to line up to see it when it comes out, and we love a good Sarah Jessica Parker pun, but the franchise is getting more insane by the minute. A plot that takes the girls to Abu Dhabi? Cameos by Miley Cyrus and Liza Minelli? Carrie Bradshaw on a camel? Let’s hope this is the film where the creators decide to draw the line and realize they have taken the glitz and Jimmy Choos about as far as they can.


Stars Look Messy At The Breaking Upwards Premiere


Forgive us, Anne Hathaway. We’re normally huge fans of your work and your style, but at the Breaking Upwards premiere last night, we feel like your limp hair and biker chick look missed the mark. Actually, everyone at the premiere dressed down (save for the film’s star, Zoe Lister-Jones, who looked like she was dressed for prom), including a very casual (bordering on un-showered) Josh Hartnett and Community star Gillian Jacobs. Check out all the stars and their thrown-together outfits in our gallery below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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