Eclipse Sneak Peek: Seven Minutes In Heaven

If you weren’t able to snag Walmart’s Ultimate Fan Edition DVD of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, here’s the sought-after seven minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from Eclipse. It features Robert Pattinson running on a giant treadmill, the brood of newborn vampires training for fight scenes, Bryce Dallas Howard shooting some uber-acrobatic leaps in front of a green screen, and Taylor Lautner¬†skillfully catching grapes in his mouth. The cast also discusses director David Slade‘s darker spin on the third film of the series, as some intense action sequences are previewed.

The final 90 seconds of the preview is an emotional scene of Eclipse, wherein Edward explains to Bella why he’s so hesitant to transform her to a vampire. We’re thirsty for more! Is it June 30th yet?!


Gerard Butler Gets Goofy At Dragon Premiere

Gerard Butler

Turns out Jennifer Aniston was making him mug less! Freed from having to play his Bounty Hunter co-star’s escort, Gerald Butler hammed up one unsexy storm at the How To Train Your Dragon premiere in Universal City. Joining in his goofery were co-stars America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson and Jonah Hill. Hey, anyone notice that Butler (The Bounty Hunter), Ferrera (Our Family Wedding) and Baruchel (She’s Out Of My League) already had movies come out this month? They really should space this stuff out—don’t want to think about a month where you can’t see (or hear) Gerald in theaters. See his continued March movie madness in the gallery below.

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Style Wars: Dakota And Kristen Take The Runaways To SXSW

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were in Austin, Texas last night to promote The Runaways at SXSW, only a day after the film’s NY premiere. This time both stars wore short, strapless minidresses—who do you think pulled it off best? See photos from the event in the gallery below and make sure to read our interview with Fanning, Stewart, Joan Jett and Runaways director Floria Sigismondi, whose biopic of the revolutionary women rockers finally opens in major cities tonight!

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Style Wars: Sex And The City Showdown

Sex and the City 2 stars Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and Sarah Jessica Parker put on their finest spring duds to promote the upcoming film at ShoWest in Vegas. Hooray for the season of colorful patterns, florals, and high hems! Who looked the most fabulous? [Photos: Getty Images]

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George Clooney Is Officially The Most Exemplary Human Ever


Maybe George Clooney looked like he was in a poopy mood at the Oscars this year because he had to sit through almost four hours of drivel knowing he wasn’t going to win Best Actor. How was he so sure his fellow nominee Jeff Bridges was going to take the prize home? For starters, Clooney voted for him.

Yep, a rumor surfaced this week that Clooney voted for Bridges for his role in Crazy Heart, instead of doing the typical vote-for-yourself thing. He then sent Bridges a photo of the ballot and told him “If you don’t win, you can’t blame me.” Page Six spoke with Clooney’s rep who confirmed the story, saying “Story is true. According to George, ‘It was an amazing performance.’” Which just goes to show that while we think we’re so helpful sending a $10 text to Haiti and occasionally giving our spare pennies to the Starbucks baristas, George brings being a good person to a new level. Running Haiti telethons, selflessly losing the Oscars. It makes sense that he got his start on The Facts of Life, because the man certainly teaches us a new one each day. [Photo: Getty Images]


Katherine Almost Shows A Heigl At ShoWest Awards

Katherine Heigl & Billy Bush

We still don’t get why this comes so soon after the Oscars, but last night’s ShoWest Awards were redeemed by Katherine Heigl‘s dress, which broke a during her Female Star Of The Year acceptance speech and almost revealed a prized part of her anatomy. Heigl impressively succeeded in catching the strap before we got a look at her star-shaped aureole pastie, proving just how badly she’s determined to keep nude screencaps of herself off the web. Despite how it looks in the above photo, Billy Bush did not just pull a Justin Timberlake on her.

Many a star was on hand for the annual movie expo, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Hudgens, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Zach Galifianakis. See all these celebs and more in our red carpet gallery below.

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Interview: Fanning Grows Up, Jett Talks Rock And Robsten


The FABlife sat down with Runaways stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, as well as director Floria Sigismondi, and executive producer Joan Jett to chat about the new film, which left us energized and giddy after going into it with mediocre expectations. The round table interviews were a rare opportunity to pick the brains of two of Hollywood’s most promising actresses, a debut director, and a rock goddess. Needless to say, our hearts were racing faster than post-kiss Bella’s to be in their presence.

The petite duo entered the interview dressed casually chic, in flannel, v-neck tees, leggings, and sneakers. We can’t go on without gushing about how gorgeous KStew – or shall we say KStunning – is in person, even with a grown-out rocker ‘do in dire need of a dye job. With milky skin, striking blue-green eyes, and little freckles adorning her nose; the girl truly has both talent and knockout beauty. Swooning aside, they sat close to each other as they answered questions and finished each others’ sentences, showing how tight they’ve become while filming both The Runaways and The Twilight Saga.

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Eat, Pray, Love Trailer Leaks, Middle-Aged Tears Shed

Did you read Eat, Pray, Love? We did – twice – and each time we curled up in the fetal position and wept, cursing our mundane Bali-less lives. After nursing ourselves out of the E,P,L coma with daily doses of Oprah and frozen Lean Cuisines, we’ve once again fallen victim to Elizabeth Gilbert‘s autobiography, only this time it’s come to life in the form of Julia Robert‘s massive mouth.

Yes, the trailer for the movie version of the bestselling book is here, and it’s jam packed with, well, what you’d expect: eating, praying and a whole lotta loving, with help from James Franco and Javier Bardem. Our tears also make a cameo. [via ONTD]