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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Man Piece At Premiere


Miley Cyrus and boyfriend/co-star Liam Hemsworth strolled the red carpet at the premiere of their new vom-com, The Last Song, looking like a couple of kids who just discovered the magic of hand jobs in love. We must admit that we’re crushing on Miley’s look: slick hair, clean lines and a perfect LBD. It’s when she opens her mouth and words come out that we curl up into a ball of cringe. Oh Liam, it’s a good thing she can’t talk when her tongue is down your throat.

The pair was joined by a bunch of nobodies there to bask in Miley’s teen glow. Pics below!

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“Nanny McPhee” Premiere: Glam And Ham

59995729It’s not often that farm animals attend film premieres, but there was one in attendance at the Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang opening in London yesterday. Star Emma Thompson had to wrangle the animal, luckily handing it over to its trainer before it made on the carpet.

Thompson and co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal looked glamorous regardless of the fact that they were competing for attention with Porky. During filming, Gyllenhaal said of Thompson “Early on, Emma gave me a couple of notes. And she’s not directing me, she’s acting with me! If some other actor started giving me notes I would tell them to f**k off – there is not one actor I would allow that from.But they were fantastic notes – clear and totally helpful.At the premiere, Gyllenhall added “I’m her biggest fan and I know I’m not alone in thinking she is a brilliant genius. I would like to work with her on everything.” For more pictures of the stars in attendance, check out our gallery. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Amanda Seyfried Does It For The Money


Amanda Seyfried has an admirable resumé – she managed to turn her soap opera beginnings into a diverse movie star career full of low budget and big studio films. Even though she accepts some challenging, independent roles, she’s more famous for her romantic comedies (Mamma Mia!, Dear John) and explains that basically, she just does those for the paycheck.

In a recent Vanity Fair interview Seyfried explained her method for choosing roles, saying that it’s hard to say no to a rom-com because “they pay a lot of money. Sometimes, when you want to buy an apartment in Manhattan, you gotta do one or two. . .. It’s making movies for a different reason: for money. And that’s all great. We all want money. I mean, I love my apartment in New York.” She later added that the only other reasons she’d do a big-budget film are “[If] you have a kid, and then, you need a bigger apartment. Or like, I don’t know, if your dog is sick, and you need to pay for surgery.” At least she’s honest. Also, we don’t have pets, just how much does dog surgery cost, anyway? [Photo: Getty Images]


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Acclaimed director Wes Anderson is best known for tweedy films like The Royal Tenenbaums that deal with the eccentric rich. So he may not be the first choice to direct a stop-motion animated version of Roald Dahl‘s delicious children’s tale, where a hungry fox outwits some bloodthirsty farmers. In fact, Fox softens the gore to create a lovely bedtime story. There are animals in corduroy jackets, musical interludes by Jarvis Cocker, and the occasional fox-weasel knife fight. Sure, the meticulous art direction means the wallpaper is important as the characters. But kids will enjoy the badger who sounds like Bill Murray and adults can smile at the odd joke about existentialism. Well, some adults.

Extras: Featurettes include a making of segment and a look at how puppets are made to move.

- By C. Bottomley

Check out our EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes DVD bonus clip above!


Janet Jackson Makes The Married Too Premiere

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson hasn’t had the easiest time since that infamous “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004. In the five years since, she’s lost her brother, broken up with long-time boyfriend Jermaine Dupri (though not before he vomited on her in public), suffered vertigo on stage and left her last record label after only one (flop) album. With all the great music she’s given us, we’re glad to see her smiling away at the special screening for Why Did I Get Married Too? in NYC last night, joined by everyone from Jill Scott and the Rev. Al Sharpton to Ice-T and CoCo (yes, star/writer/producer/director Tyler Perry was there too). While the film is unlikely to top the box office when it’s released in April (a little flick called Clash Of The Titans comes out the same day), Perry’s track record suggests Jackson should have another hit on her hands. She’s earned it!

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Chris Evans To Play Captain America

Chris Evans IS Captain America

Those Marvel guys must love Chris Evans. The actor has reportedly accepted the titular role in 2011′s The First Avenger: Captain America, beating countless Hollywood hunks for the chance the World War II-era superhero. Ironically, Evans has already portrayed The Human Torch in Marvel’s recent Fantastic Four series—guess we won’t be seeing another one of those!

The role is a real coup for Evans, who also played a superhuman in Push and will appear in two other upcoming comic book adaptations, The Losers and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (can somebody say “typecast”?). Though the first film will pit him against Nazi super-villain The Red Skull in the ’40s, a frozen and forever young Cap is set to be found in the modern day by Thor, The Hulk and Iron Man in 2012′s The Avengers—assuming the preceding Thor or Captain America films don’t stink up the box office beforehand. But if it’s a hit, Evans can expect plenty of sequels (and paychecks) to follow.

[Photo: Getty Images/Marvel Comics]

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OMG! Robsten Sharing A Tee!


Really, Robsten? Want to keep your ravenous fans out of your sexy business? We’d advise against post-coital rummaging of each other’s suitcases. Kristen Stewart arrived at LAX yesterday wearing the same raggedy white t-shirt rumored-boy toy Robert Pattinson wore arriving in Paris last November. Next time you guys share clothes, try to grab a garment without distinguishable rips and tears. Or don’t… for our sake. [Source: Robsessed; Photo: Splash News]

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Brad Pitt Flies Solo At Kick-Ass Premiere

Brad Pitt

You just know Maddox is pissed about this. Kick-Ass looks like the perfect movie for Brangelina’s bad-ass son, who was gifted his first set of knives at the age of seven. Unfortunately, the film’s brutal violence and profanity (underage actors saying the c-wordest of c-words? Yeah, that will get you an R) means Brad Pitt wasn’t able to take his flock to see the highly buzzed teen super-hero flick, attending the film’s UK premiere today all by his lonesome.

Frankly, Dad looked a little sheepish standing around with nothing but his creepy hippie beard for company (and we’re not referring to Angelina Joliehiyo!). Will the film’s mix of young heroes and adult material lead to similar awkwardness at the box office? We’ll find out when Kick-Ass hits American theaters in April. As for Maddox, well, he can wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray.

See Pitt, a very pregnant Claudia Schiffer and other stars in the red carpet gallery below.

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Transformers 3 To Get Its Oscar On

Twilight isn’t the only franchise looking for some Oscar luster. While Transformers 3 won’t be replacing trash-tastic director Michael Bay with Ang Lee or Kathryn Bigelow, the on-screen talent is going to get a lot classier. “We just locked in Frances McDormand and John Malkovich,” reported Bay on his website. “Both amazing actors I’ve always wanted to work with.” Yes, after watching an Autobat urinate gasoline on John Turturro in the first movie, we’ve always wondered what movie magic Bay could wrangle out of an Oscar winner like McDormand. And who can wait to see a tete-a-tete between Malkovich and Megan Fox? With those acting fireworks, giant killer robots will only get in the way!

Despite the critical drubbing last year’s Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen received, it sounds like no expense will be spared on the 2011 follow-up. Crows Bay, “We are going to shoot in LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow, and China.” And by shoot, we assume they mean “blow the crap out of stuff.” [via Vulture]

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