Style Wars: Who Wore It Better?

When we first saw the photos of Jessica Alba arriving with hubby Cash Warren to last night’s Global Green USA Pre-Oscar party, we felt both confusion and déjà vu. Confusion as to why nominated-for-nothing-but-a-Razzie Alba was at an Oscar-associated event, and déjà vu in regards to her cute, but familiar, ensemble.

After a minute of racking our mental red carpet archives, we recalled that Avatar‘s Zoe Saldana wore a very similar, though not identical, dress to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards two months ago. Both actresses looked gorgeous in their respective draped cream dresses tied together with a black belt, but who looked hotter? 

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Keyshia Cole Has A Baby Boy

Keyshia Cole

It’s a boy! Singer Keyshia Cole and fiancee/Cleveland Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson welcomed little Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr. into the world late last Tuesday, just before midnight. “Both mother and baby are doing great,” said the singer’s publicist. “Keyshia would also like to give a special thank-you to her fans that have been with her since the beginning, sharing in her growth as a woman and an artist.” And we’d like to give a special thank-you to Keyshia and Daniel for naming the kid “Daniel, Jr.” instead of “Boobie, Jr.” Keyshia, scheduled to release her fourth album later this year, makes her cinematic debut in Why Did Get I Get Married Too next month.

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Angelina And Johnny’s Sex Scene: Is His Girlfriend Jealous?

Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is trying to get out of filming The Tourist, after longtime girlfriend (and mother of his children) Vanessa Paradis objected to her man filming love scenes with Angelina Jolie, according to Page Six.  We remember when Melanie Griffith supposedly stayed on set when husband Antonio Banderas filmed nude scenes with Jolie in 2001′s Original Sin, and everyone knows Jolie respectively stole Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Pitt from Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston during film shoots. But are Hollywood’s better halves still worried about losing their fellas to Jolie now that she’s settled down with Brad and their barrel of children?

“[Paradis] found out that there was a real long and intense love scene between [Depp] and Jolie,” says their source. “He’s currently trying to [get out of the movie], but I don’t know if he’s succeeded. But he’s trying and they’re talking about replacing him with [Jolie's partner] Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio.” Considering Depp is already on set and has praised Jolie in print (“She’s a nice woman. What she does she takes very seriously. I was really impressed by her and I’m thrilled to be working with her”), we kind of doubt he’s still ringing the “save me, she’s too sexy!” alarm. Not that a gossip site like ours would mind if Angelina cheated on Brad with Johnny…we just don’t think we’re that lucky.

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Robert Pattinson: I Have No Commitment Problems At All

We caught up with Robert Pattinson on the Remember Me red carpet, and the actor gave us a rare glimpse into his super-private dating life. When asked by VH1′s Janell Snowden if he had any commitment problems in relationships, RPattz replied coyly, “None. At. All.”

Well, hey now. We’re just going to jump out on a limb here and assume he’s talking about his not-so-secret relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart, which is allegedly pretty serious behind the scenes. Though they’ve never officially come out as a couple, KStew walked the Remember Me red carpet which, in Hollywood, is like walking around with a t-shirt that says “Yes, I’m Dating The Hot Vampire From Twilight.” What with their recent rendezvous in London and her walking around in Rob’s t-shirt (er, so says some fan sites), it seems like she doesn’t have any commitment problems either.

Rob also talks about the most insane fan freak out moment from his short career and who he thinks makes a better boyfriend: Remember Me‘s Tyler Haskins or the world’s most beloved immortal, Edward Cullen. Though clearly, commitment-loving Rob is the best of all.


Celebrity Oscar Picks: Avatar, Clooney To Win

Throughout awards season, our friend Janell Snowden at VH1 News has been asking celebrities like Nick Jonas, Marion Cotillard, Sean Paul and Death Cab for Cutie for their 2010 Oscar predictions. If the sum total of these celebs are correct, then Avatar will win Best Picture and George Clooney Best Actor at Sunday night’s Academy Awards. Precious and Crazy Heart stand a chance, too. Listen to the hodgepodge of celebs give their predictions, and you’ll catch noteworthy moments like Avatar director James Cameron admitting that his ex-wife’s movie The Hurt Locker might take home the top prize.

Don’t miss our Live Oscars Viewing Party on Sunday at 7PM EST.


FABlife’s DVD Pick Of The Week


The story might sound familiar. A goldfish falls in love with a human boy and is determined to live with him on land. This Japanese ‘toon is much more than a Little Mermaid retread, though. Its reservoirs of emotion seem like a force of nature, while Ponyo and Sosuke’s relationship plays out against a tsunami that devastates the boy’s seaside town. Adults will enjoy the story’s surreal touches and environmental message. With its adorable characters, stunning animation and catchy theme tune, it’s very much for kids, too. It might seem like they don’t make them like this anymore, but they do. Matt Damon and Tina Fey are among the voices. Be sure to seek out director Hiyao Miyazaki‘s other masterpieces My Friend Totoro, Castle in the Sky and Kiki’s Delivery Service, reissued this week by Disney.

Extras: Disney’s Blu-Ray combo includes an interactive visit to Japan’s cutting-edge Studio Ghibli, whose run of films inspired Pixar. There’s also a storyboard presentation and producer introduction.

- By C. Bottomley

Check out our exclusive DVD bonus clip above!

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Robert Pattinson Brings Kristen Stewart, Goofy Faces To Remember Me Premiere


Think you can handle photos of Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart without freaking out?! We hung out on the Remember Me red carpet with VH1′s lovely Janell Snowden, and got an eyeful of Robert Pattinson in all his awkward, hair-grabbing glory. We spent Saturday staring at him at the movie’s press junket as well, and can honestly say this: up close and personal, he doesn’t radiate sex as much as he does goofy cuteness. The dude has tiny features (his head seemed like it was the size of a grapefruit), and his humble, self-deprecating nature, while charming, totally comes across in how he carries himself. Don’t get us wrong, we found it totally refreshing, and we’d still do him in a heartbeat. But man, is this one awkward heartthrob.

We were happy that Rob’s cohort in introversion, Kristen Stewart, came out to support him, lurking on the red carpet in mustard-colored pants. If this doesn’t confirm for people that they’re lovers underneath the covers, we don’t know what will. Rob did pal around with co-star Emilie de Ravin on the carpet, but it seemed totally platonic. Her outfit was adorable up close (high five, stylist), and she is teeny-tiny and super sweet.

Not so sweet: the f*cking paparazzi. Holy crap, you guys, we’ve never heard people scream like the photographers did last night. And not just squeals of excitement; these were downright terrifying wails that channeled the voices and spirits of 1000 demons. “ROB! ROBBBBBBB! PUBLICIST, MOVE! WE NEED A SHOT OF ROB!” Yes, the fans were 100 % more polite in their screaming. It’s no wonder Rob and Kristen cower every time someone with a camera steps in their way. We were curled up in a ball on the red carpet, and no one was even trying to take our picture.

Check out more pics from the Remember Me premiere below, and if you have to scream, remember – inside voices only!

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The Costume Designers Guild Awards Get A Little Loud

Anna Paquin, Emily Blunt and Mona May

Was last night Hot Mess Night and no one told us? While the Character Approved Awards were confusing passerby in NYC, the Costume Designer’s Guild Awards was bringing the noise in Beverly Hills. Ladies like Anna Paquin, Emily Blunt, Kristen Bell and Anna Kendrick—not to mention fashion-forward fellows like Eddie Izzard and Alan Cummings—were on hand to celebrate those who keep actors looking great on screen. While you’d expect such stylists to make a big impression on the carpet, some—we’re looking at you (and quickly looking away), Mona May—might have been trying a little too hard. See who wore what in the gallery below.

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Clive Owen Is Still Handsome, Whether Or Not You’ll See His Movies

Clive Owen

Clive Owen‘s film career has been something of a flop commercially (our last post about him asked if Duplicity would end his losing streak and…uh, it didn’t), but that doesn’t keep the Children Of Men actor from being one rugged Romeo. Seeing the studly Dudley saunter through the Giorgio Armani party at Milan’s Fashion Week yesterday got us all excited for next year’s promised The Inside Man 2, which may finally bring Owen the blockbuster he deserves (hopefully they won’t make him hide behind a mask this time).

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Disheveled Stars Show Up At Most Random Awards Show Ever


What. The. F-Word. USA (yes, the TV network) hosted something called the Character Approved Awards last night in NYC, which honors innovative players who are “shaping our culture.” Oddly enough, a strange mix of A Listers (Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gabby Sidibe) and F-Listers (Tiffani Thiessen, Piper Perabo, Tinsley Mortimer, Constantine Maroulis and his butt-shaped chin) showed up to toast them, and everyone – regardless of their star power – looked like sh*t.

Let’s start with Piper Perabo’s bizarre, neck-contorting pose and swollen lips, which resulted in a horrific, unintentional Brittany Murphy impression (RIP). Then there’s Gabby Sidibe’s outfit, which would be appropriate for a gal shopping with her friends at the mall, but for an Oscar nominee?! She should be milking her buzz for what it’s worth, and what it’s worth is thousands of dollars of free designer clothes. And then there’s Maggie. Poor, frizzy-haired, ugly hipster dress-wearin’ Maggie. We’re taking back her Queen of Alt Fashion crown and selling it to our favorite vintage store here in Brooklyn. She does not deserve the honor anymore, what with this disastrous look.

Some of the other D-Listers lurking around looked fine, but what right do they have to even walk the red carpet anymore? No offense, Tiffani (AMBER) Thiessen, but you went out of style the second you ditched Zack Morris for your boss at The Max. Time to head back into obscurity where you belong.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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