Benicio Del Toro Scares Us At Wolfman Premiere

Benicio Del Toro

Grr! Benicio Del Toro bared his claws for the premiere of his new movie The Wolfman yesterday in LA. While it could be argued the Academy Award winner looked a little scary clomping around and hiding his bloat behind an oversized suitjacket, the one-time Sexiest Man Alive contender was less likely to make you jump out of your seat than just wonder when the guy last got a good night’s sleep. You know how people are always noting that male stars don’t get as much crap as women in Hollywood? Here’s a chance to rectify that situation. Hit the gym and preserve that sexy, Benny! CGI can’t save you every time.

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Bradley Cooper, Tone Down Your Tan!

Bradley Cooper & Ashton Kutcher

Either Bradley Cooper was coming down with a serious fever at last night’s Valentine’s Day premiere in Hollywood, or the Hangover hunk seriously needs to work on his tanning technique. It’s gotta be tough to work around manicured stubble, but you can’t just rub, spray or stick a lamp on your cheeks and forehead, dude. When you ignore the ears, jaw and neck it’s just…yow. Hopefully it’s the kind that wipes off fast!

Take a closer look at Coop’s inconsistent orange aura in the gallery below.

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FABlife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Sweet Rachel McAdams has a problem. Her husband mysteriously jumps through time at the worst moments. This leads to uncomfortable situations like their first meeting when she is six and he’s in his 20s and very naked. He’s played by Eric Bana, so maybe it’s possible to forgive the boy many things. Like the best-seller it’s based on, this romance never lets its clever sci-fi twists get too tangled in strong, smart characters that should be together. It may not impress the boyfriend with the Avatar tattoo very much—although what are you doing with that loser anyway?—but Wife is the perfect compliment to a wintry afternoon and a bag of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.

Extras: “Making of” featurette.

- By C. Bottomley

Check out our exclusive DVD bonus clip above!


Style Wars: The Sweethearts Of Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day looks like little more than a well-timed fluffy date movie, its cast is nothing short of all-star. Leading ladies Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, and Jessica Alba were amidst last night’s star-studded premiere in Hollywood. Though all four actresses have a hard time looking less-than-gorgeous, their red carpet garb was hit-and-miss. While Hathaway dazzled in a mini blue number, the other ladies left us bored and/or horrified. Poor J-Biel evoked candy cane dreams in her frilly disaster of a dress. Alba looked okay from the shoulders down, but her mop was in dire need of a blowout. Jen Garner’s body was bangin’ in a form-fitting strapless frock, but she could’ve chosen something less snooze-inducing. Whose Valentine look do you love?

More pics from the premiere below, including Julia Roberts with niece Emma, Bradley Cooper, Taylor Lautner, and Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Gabby Sidibe Wants Justin On Her Arm For The Oscars


Now that she’s been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Precious, Gabourey Sidibe has started thinking about what to wear and how, or rather with whom, to accessorize. The actress has clearly stated in the past her love and lust for all things ‘Nsync and during an interview with the Canadian talk show eTalk, she went so far as to ask Justin Timberlake to be her date at the Academy AwardsJessica Biel be damned!

After explaining that she’d also consider The Hurt Locker star Anthony Mackie as her date, she put the invite out there to JT, saying “Justin, if you’re not doing anything on that night, maybe you could be my date or something. It’s fine. No pressure!”  This might be the greatest coupling ever, so with that in mind let us just say the ball’s in your court, Timberlake!

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Jessica Alba’s Sloppy Hair Hurts Our Eyes

While we appreciate Jessica Alba‘s attempt to uglify herself as a way to connect with the rest of us mediocre looking Americans, we were still horrified by her hair-tastrophe at the Valentine’s Day premiere last night. Jessica is hot – so she should just be hot at all times. Instead she showed up looking like she had let her hair air dry by hanging her head out the window of a moving car – without any products in it. The horror! Her bangs were all up in her face, her style was flat, and her army of fly-aways will haunt us in our nightmares for years.

So what do you think – do you like Jessica’s shaggy, sloppy style, or do you miss her longer, sleeker look?

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Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Think She Has A Chance On Oscar Night


Sandra Bullock made a huge transformation this year from fluff film actress to serious Oscar contender, but even she is skeptical about her chances at taking home an Academy Award next month. “I’m so not winning an Oscar,” Bullock told reporters at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last Friday. “Nine times out of ten I always pick who’s going to win and I already know who’s going to win. I’m not going to say, but nine times out of ten, I’m right.” Those are some decent odds, Sandy. We bet everyone in your Oscar party pool hates you!

We think Bullock is being a bit humble, not because we think she was that amazing in The Blind Side, but because the academy has a history of awarding beautiful women with a statue and then allowing them to go right back to making crappy movies. Halle Berry made Catwoman and Gothika after she won, and Mira Sorvino‘s best role after her Best Supporting Actress win was a guest appearance on Will and Grace. However, Bullock seems gracious and happy just to be a contender in a field of amazing performances this year and we’re already willing to forgive whatever fish-out-of-water romantic comedy she hands us next.

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Mickey Rourke: “Megan Fox Is The Best Young Actress I’ve Ever Worked With”

Mickey Rourke & Megan Fox

Megan Fox has left quite an impression on Mickey Rourke, her co-star in the upcoming Passion Play, which concerns the love between a winged circus freak and a junkie trumpet player (we’ll let you guess who plays what). “I didn’t know too much about her, except what I read. And I think the pleasant surprise was this girl who’s a world-class beauty turned out to be probably the best young actress I’ve ever worked with,” he told Entertainment Weekly. No small compliment, considering he married Wild Orchid co-star Carre Otis and raised eyebrows by flirting with on-screen daughter Evan Rachel Wood after shooting The Wrestler. And who could forget Lisa Bonet in Crazy Heart? Who didn’t believe it when she dripped chicken blood on her chest?

“I don’t know if a lot of her films have showcased her acting ability more than, say, being action-oriented,” he continued. “But [Megan] really stepped up the plate with this one and was very consistent and professional, beyond her years. At 23, I couldn’t do half of what she’s doing…With Megan and I, there’s a lot of chemistry and a lot of respect.” Will Passion Play reveal there’s more to Megan Fox than her Armani ads? The film has no set release date, but producers hope to have it out by the end of the year. Hmmm, is it too soon to put her in the 2011 Oscar pool?

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The True Inspiration Behind Avatar: Playboy?


After seeing Avatar, we wondered how James Cameron and his crew of artists dreamed up the lush, gorgeous world of the Na’vi. We thought maybe his inspiration came from imagining the land inhabited by Native Americans before Europeans pillaged and plowed its people, forests and animals. Zoe Saldana‘s character Neytiri had to be based on Pocahontas, right? How naive!

Playboy seems the more likely source. Having been married five times (often to women who’ve starred in his movies), it’s no secret that Cameron has an appetite for ladies. The above picture of German model Veruschka von Lehndorff is from Playboy’s January 1971 issue, when the director would have been at the masturbatory young age of 16. Before Playboy, Veruschka steamed up the silver screen in Antonioni’s 1966 classic Blowup — a film Cameron is sure to have seen.

Sinewy tree-dwelling creatures with painted skin who have little interest in clothing? Ahhh. It’s all coming together now. Veruschka was probably Cameron’s first love and if she were any younger than 70, we bet she’d be his sixth wife. [Source: via our boss via  Paul Di Filippo]