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The media is going gaga over Sunday’s Golden Globes, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, people. Do the Globes have Nick Jonas & The Administration as its house band? Do the Globes have Adam Lambert and Sarah Silverman presenting an award together (spoiler: expect something memorable)? Are John Krasinski, Amy Poehler and Death Cab for Cutie paying tribute to John Hughes at the Golden Globes? True, the Globes have funnyman Ricky Gervais as its host, but is he as easy on the eyes as funny girl and CCMA host Kristin Chenoweth? Of course not!

That’s why you’ll want to watch VH1 tonight at 9PM EST (red carpet, 8:30) and join our Critics’ Choice Blog Party right here or via mobile by texting PARTY to 22422. Blogging along with us are our pals Moviefone, The Envelope, The Huffington Post, BestWeekEver and fashion experts Refinery29.

Expect to see most actors nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award at the show (we’re talking A-listers at the George Clooney/Meryl Streep/Matt Damon level), plus a lineup of presenters that includes Kristen Bell, Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Vera Farmiga, Heather Graham, Samuel L. Jackson, Tobey Maguire, Amy Poehler, Zoe Saldana and Susan Sarandon. Critics’ Choice is known as the best barometer for who will win at the Academy Awards. So use tonight to start filling out your Oscar ballots.


EXCLUSIVE: Nick Jonas’ Getting Warmed Up For The CCMAs

We’ve got exclusive footage of Nick Jonas & The Administration hard at work in LA, getting ready for tonight’s Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, where he plans to entertain stars like George Clooney, Meryl StreepWill Arnett, Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Emily Blunt, Cedric the Entertainer, Bradley Cooper, Rob Corddry, Abbie Cornish, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Vera Farmiga, Heather Graham, Ed Helms, Samuel L. Jackson, Ken Jeong, Tobey Maguire, Amy Poehler, Craig Robinson, Zoe Saldana and Susan Sarandon.

Nick’s promised plenty of covers along with originals from his debut solo album—find out what surprises Nick and the guys have lined up for us by watching the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on VH1, tonight at 9pm, hosted by Kristin Chenoweth (red carpet begins at 8:30). And join our Critics’ Choice live blog party either by showing up here on TheFabLife or by texting PARTY to 22422.


Nick Jonas On Fronting The CCMA House Band


If there’s one thing  that will set tonight’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards apart from other award shows, it’s the fact that no one else has Nick Jonas and The Administration performing as a house band. Nick spoke to MTV about his latest gig, saying “There’s a lot of songs that I have to learn still, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s an honor to be a part of that show, and knowing that I’m going to be playing it with the band is comforting, considering they are very experienced and they’ve got a pretty good grip on what they’re doing.”

So what can we expect to hear on the show? Sounds like a little of everything! “[The producers of the show and I] work together on this one to come up with a list of songs that I feel comfortable with and that they were comfortable with as well,” Jonas said. “It’s a big list, but it should be good to see it all come together.” The show will also feature tons of hilarious actors and comedians, so hopefully someone in The Administration has perfected their rim-shot.
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Sneak a peek at Nick Jonas and The Administration rehearsing below.

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Mo’Nique’s 25 Most Unique Looks


Comedian, plus-size model and Critics’ Choice-nominated actress Mo’Nique blew audiences away with her performance in Precious as a monstrously abusive single mother. Long before Mo’ got major props for her acting chops, she was strutting her stuff in outrageous outfits with beaming confidence. We love her brave fashion choices – and just as all risks, some paid off while others flopped. Here are 25 of the most daring ensembles to ever grace the red carpet.

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1. Poof ‘N Shine

2. Disco Noir

3. Metal & Marigold

4. What The Fringe?!

5. Fabulously Feathered

6. Dyed Denim Disaster

7. All Tied Up

8. Chainmail Momma

9. The Casual Powersuit

10. Voluptuous in Violet

11. Curvaceous Canary

12. Keepin’ It Classy

13. Chocolace

14. Goldenrod Wonder

15. Partyin’ in Pewter

16. Platinum Diva

17. Red Hot

18. Body-hugging Blue

19. Straight From The Couch

20. Bronze Beauty

21. Leopard Liberation

22. Snow Bunny

23. Fur to the Floor

24. Slim in Denim

25. Primed For The Party


A Whole New Meaning To “The Gloved One” In Spoof For Critics’ Choice

This Is It was one of our favorite films of 2009, but it was missing something…and we think we just found it. Sure, the film was all about the music of Michael Jackson, but what about giving some respect to his famous glove??? It seems everyone except  Kristin Chenoweth forgot about that notorious piece of handwear. As she gears up to host the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Friday night at 9PM EST on VH1, allow us to provide you with her latest video short, which has her looking like a cross between a flashy disco ball, a gummy bear and an oven mitt. It’s a real sight to behold, and you’re seeing it exclusively here before it airs on the show.

In addition to Chenoweth’s stellar hosting skills, the show will feature a whole boatload of A-list presenters – where else can you find Meryl Streep mixing with Amy Poehler, or Adam Lambert hobnobbing with Bradley Cooper? With this kind of talent on-hand, someone has to cover it, so check back with us while we live blog the whole thing. To participate on your mobile, text TALK to 22422 or search VH1 in the iTunes App Store to download the Watch and Discuss Live Chat mobile app.  It’s free and works on BlackBerry, iPhone and other phones.


George Clooney, MTV And VH1 Team Up For Massive Star-Studded Haiti Fundraiser

Details are trickling in as we type … But we’re hearing about a fundraiser for Haiti that is being masterminded by George Clooney. Allegedly MTV has agreed to air a bi-coastal happening on all of its channels (MTV, BET, CMT and our beloved VH1) in an attempt to provide much-needed support for the devasted victims of the earthquake.

According to Showbiz411, which broke the story today, Clooney was busy recruiting celebs at a party for Up in the Air last night — and Sting, after being approached, was overheard saying “Where do I go?” The timing for recruiting talent could not be better as nearly every A-list actor will be attending the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Friday and then the Golden Globes on Sunday. Expect to hear a lot about Haiti in upcoming acceptance speeches!

It’s hard to imagine this event going down without music. We can’t confirm anything at this time, but a straight talking-head telethon just isn’t how VH1 or MTV rolls. Plus, can you imagine Sting without his guitar? Exactly.

After the jump, we start the Official Haiti Fundraiser Celebrity Lineup Guessing Game, which includes Wyclef Jean, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Diddy, U2, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Shakira, John Legend, Adam Lambert, Ryan Seacrest and the Dixie Chicks. (But first, find out how you can help at the White House’s website.)

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EXCLUSIVE: Kristin Chenoweth, Critics’ Choice Have Us In A Death Grip

When you think of Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock, you think cold and unemotional. When you think of actors that fit that description, maybe Kristin Chenoweth isn’t your first choice, but man, does that woman have range. Chenoweth, who is hosting the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards this Friday at 9PM EST on VH1 is no longer just America’s Sweetheart, she’s Vulcan’s Sweetheart too, judging from this clip, which will be aired as part of the show.

Chenoweth gave a lengthy and hilarious interview to Best Week Ever earlier this week (although we think you should click the link just to see her dolled up like 2009’s most hilarious orphan), and we can’t wait to see what happens when her act goes live. Speaking of live, we’ll be live-blogging the whole affair so don’t forget to check us out. Sign up for a reminder below.


Style Wars: Women Of Nine Lookin’ Fine

Tied with Inglourious Basterds for the most Critics’ Choice Movie Awards nominations, Nine held a screening for the Italians last night in Rome. Gorgeous A-listers Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard represented the star-studded cast on the red carpet, and looked mighty fine doing so. Cruz was elegant in a pale pink curve-hugging beaded gown, while Cotillard showed some leg in a draped black velvet dress. Both of these critically-beloved actresses consistently bring their A-game to the red carpet, but who looked better last night? [Photos: Getty Images]

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Kristin Chenoweth’s “Twilight” Audition Turns Bloody

With a Critics’ Choice lineup that includes Adam Lambert and Sarah Silverman, we had a hunch that this year’s show would feel a bit younger and maybe a bit sexier. Now it’s official! We just got our hands exclusively on a skit that will air as part of the show. The clip contains CCMA host Kristin Chenoweth making a bloody mess of herself while auditioning to play Bella in New Moon. We’re sure these skits will provide comic relief between thoughtful acceptance speeches made by A-list actors.

To find out what other skits might be in store, check out Best Week Ever‘s interview with Kristin Chenoweth. Watch the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Friday at 9PM EST on VH1 and check back here for a live-blog of the show.

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Penelope Cruz’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Stunning starlet Penelope Cruz continues to take our breath away both on and off-screen. She is currently starring in Pedro Almodovar‘s Broken Embraces which is nominated for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Foreign Language Film and co-starring in the musical Nine which is also up for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Picture. When Penelope is  not sizzling on the big screen, she’s busy making jaws drop with her flawless features and fearless fashion picks.

Browse through 25 of Penelope Cruz’s hottest looks and outfits over the years, and be sure to tune into the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Friday, January 15th at 9PM EST – only on VH1. [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Goth Meets Glam
2. Biker Chick
3. Pretty Penelope
4. Let’s Tango
5. Shimmer & Shine
6. Short & Sexy
7. Sexy In Leather
8. Beige Bombshell
9. Beautiful Bride
10. Scarlet Fever
11. Little Black Dress
12. Business & Pleasure
13. Red, White & Blue
14. Bonjour!
15. Red Carpet Hottie
16. Tied Up
17. Lovely Latinas
18. Star-Studded
19. Hip-Hop Honey
20. Dazzling Diamond
21. Lady In Lace
22. Red Hot
23. Cute & Casual
24. Bold & Beautiful
25. Twins

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