Mariah Carey Blames Precious Director For Drunken Speech


Mariah Carey got a mulligan last night at the People’s Choice Awards. She proved that she’s capable of delivering a sober, though maybe no less crazy, speech after her inebriated ramblings at the Palm Springs Film Festival, which practically blew up our awards season Twitter Tracker. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though, as her hubby Nick Cannon had to practically hoist her up on stage when her too-tight gown inhibited her from climbing stairs.

After winning Favorite R&B Artist, she told reporters why she was a wee bit wobbly the night before. Mariah claimed she and Precious director Lee Daniels hadn’t seen each other in a while and were celebrating their film’s success. She stated, “I love Lee, but he’s a bad influence.” [Source: MTV; Photo: Getty Images]

Check out photos from the People’s Choice Awards below, including Taylor Swift, Olivia Wilde, Mary J. Blige, and Jessica Alba.

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Eli Roth Gets Inglouriously Stung, 200 Times


Last night, Eli Roth, “Bear Jew” of Critics’ Choice-nominated Inglourious Basterds and the writer/director behind the Hostel series, tweeted quite the real-life nightmare. While kayaking off the coast of Mexico, his kayak suddenly sank, stranding him about a mile off shore. He was forced to climb deadly sea urchin-covered rocks to an island, and when a wave knocked him over, he was stung over 200 times. Lucky to be alive, he was rescued by a fisherman.

Drunk tourists harassed him upon his arrival back to the beach, while he was covered in blood and in dire need of medical attention. Finally, he was brought to a hospital and forced to endure getting all 200 pins removed, without anesthetics due to swelling. TMZ obtained a disturbing photo of his mauled foot.

Roth plans to hobble to the People’s Choice Awards tonight. A trooper to say the least. [Photo: Weinstein Co.]

His entire horrific tale – via Twitter – after the jump.

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Mariah Carey Slurs Through Crazy Acceptance Speech At Film Festival

Voters for future film awards will think twice about praising Mariah Carey‘s performance in Precious after seeing her acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival, except those who hope to see her embarrass herself all over again. Stepping on stage to accept Breakthrough Actress with director Lee Daniels—was he there to prop her up?—the superstar danced a little before pausing, sighing and announcing “Please forgive me, because I’m a little bit, um…” Following an unkind suggestion from the audience, she nodded “Yeah…”

Rambling on about the film, the book Push and meeting Lifetime Achievement Award winner Helen Mirren (coincidentally cast for Carey’s role in Precious before dropping out), Carey began applauding, dropped a finger snap and admitted she could be “difficult.” Several minutes—and attempts to applaud her off–later, she thanked the audience for “listening to her little spiel” and departed. Said Sean Penn later in the night, “Think anything’s going to make YouTube tonight?” Uh…yeah.

Other winners at the bash were Jeff Bridges, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Renner, Anna Kendrick and Morgan Freeman—all of whom are nominated for trophies at the upcoming Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. Check the stars out—and Carey!—on the red carpet in the gallery below.


Kevin Bacon To Receive Joel Siegel Award At CCMAs


Actor Kevin Bacon, star of such iconic movies as Footloose, A Few Good Men, and Frost/Nixon, will be honored at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards as the recipient of the Joel Siegel Award. Meryl Streep, his co-star in The River Wild, is set to present him with the award.

Check out the official press release under the jump, and visit the  CCMA’s website and Tweet Tracker for the latest news on the show, which airs on VH1 on January 15th at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

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Vince Vaughn Gets Married

Vince Vaughn & Kyla Weber

Here come the  Swingers and Wedding Crashers jokes! Vince Vaughn married girlfriend Kyla Weber at a private ceremony in Chicago last Saturday. “They could not be happier,” an insider told People. This is Vaughn and Weber’s first marriage, though the Four Christmases star was previously attached to Joey Lauren Adams and, most notoriously, Jennifer Aniston after her split with Brad Pitt (Vaughn had co-starred with Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith). Vaughn proposed to Weber in February of last year.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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FABlife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 

When somebody is attacked by a flock of hungry roast chickens, it’s clear that this isn’t your everyday animation. Capping a tremendous year for ‘toons, Cloudy‘s bizarro set-up involves a young inventor who creates a device that makes giant morsels fall from the sky. The road to surreal excess is paved with good intentions and soon chaos reigns along with the bolognese. Anna Faris and Bill Hader’s voices are in amongst the weirdness.

Extras:  The two-disc special edition boasts Hader’s commentary track, featurettes on the production and vocal cast, games, deleted scenes and more.

– By C. Bottomley


10 Movies To See In 2010


The New Year is upon us, and while resolutions and wishes are abound, we’re wondering what’s brewing in the world of cinema. Anticipation is already sky-high for the third film of The Twilight Saga and the first half of the final film of the Harry Potter series, but what else is waiting in the wings? We’ve got Angelina Jolie in a wig, Megan Fox in a corset, and an uber buff Jake Gyllenhaal.

Here are 10 movies worth your $12.50 + popcorn in 2010.

The Wolfman: February 12th

Benicio Del Toro has been holding out on us! Typically attracted to critic-friendly films (Traffic, Things We Lost in the Fire, Che), Del Toro gets horrific for Valentine’s Day weekend in The Wolfman, starring as the legendary moon-hatin’ monster. Critics’ Choice-nominated Emily Blunt plays his fur-lovin’ love interest and always-great Anthony Hopkins co-stars as Del Toro’s father.

Alice in Wonderland: March 5th

Tim Burton + Johnny Depp. Do we really need to say more? Previous collaborations of the eccentric duo include Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This fantastical gothic version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale is sure to be visually stunning and over-the-top. Naturally Johnny Depp is The Mad Hatter, while Australian actress Mia Wasikowska snagged the role as Alice. Burton’s wife Helena Bonham Carter plays the part of The Red Queen with Anne Hathaway as The White Queen. Other highlights include Alan Rickman as The Caterpillar and Michael Sheen as The White Rabbit. Can you feel our excitement?

Eight more movies to see after the jump!

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Marion Cotillard’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Golden Globe and Academy Award winner, Marion Cotillard has raised the bar once again with her performance in the musical Nine earning her a CCMA nomination and another Golden Globe nomination. Marion not only enchants on the big screen, but she also dazzles us with her remarkable beauty on and off the red carpet. Browse through 25 of Marion Cotillard’s hottest looks throughout the years and be sure to tune into the CCMAs on January 15 at 9 PM EST on VH1.

1. Glam Goddess
2. Yellow Fever
3. Flower Power
4. Tons Of Tulle
5. Pretty Doll In Polka Dots
6. Just Peachy
7. La Vie En Rose
8. Cotillard Blanc
9. Out To Sea
10. Oversized Trench
11. Little Black Dress
12. Simply Beautiful
13. Smooth Criminal
14. Perfect In Pink
15. Hollywood Starlet
16. Cute & Casual
17. Bold In Black
18. Pleated Princess
19. Parisian Pride
20. Well Wrapped
21. Little Mermaid
22. Happy Holidays
23. Winter Wonderland
24. Black & White
25. Mod Mode

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Today’s Celebs Won’t Look So Hot In 2020


What better time than the end of a decade to muse about aging, decaying and even death? Maybe that’s why forensic artist Joe Mullins used “the latest computer technology” to predict what some of today’s biggest celebrities will look like after another decade passes. Interestingly, he  “took into account each of the A-listers’ lifestyles to predict how they might look in 2020.” (Translation: Forensic artists know what cocaine and eating disorders do to a body!) But what the artist could not know is that Madonna will replace her face with a new one by 2020 – and it will look exactly like this!

Check the gallery for a glimpse into the future, where flawless skin and gorgeous features give way to wrinkles and big bags under eyes. Only Angelina Jolie fares well. In fact, this forensic artist clearly thinks she’s still going to be a total MILF in 2020. Also included: Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Paris Hilton, David and Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

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FABlife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Jennifer’s Body

Nobody watches Megan Fox for the acting, but she’s wickedly entertaining in Juno scribe Diablo Cody‘s take on the high school horror genre. Slutty Jennifer (Fox) and good-girl Anita (Mamma Mia!‘s Amanda Seyfried) are BFFs. Following her abduction by a pathetic indie band, Jennifer starts behaving very strangely. She’s still slutty, though. This being Cody, there’s plenty of verbal wit and smart observations to go with the ectoplasmic vomit and dismemberment. Worth checking out.

Extras: The standard DVD has commentary tracks from Cody and director Karyn Kusama. The Blu-Ray also offers deleted scenes, featurettes, a video diary and a gag reel.

– By C. Bottomley

Check out our EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes clip above!