Travoltas Bring Daughter Ella Bleu To Old Dogs Premiere

Almost a year after the tragic death of their son Jett, John Travolta and Kelly Preston took their daughter Ella Bleu to the red carpet premiere of Old Dogs in Hollywood last night. All three appear in the film, with Ella making her movie debut. “I want to see her have a fruitful career,” said Travolta last year. “I really think it’s time to introduce her, sort of like Will Smith introduced his son.” Among the attendees were co-stars Robin Williams and Seth Green, though no one appeared more excited about the movie than Billy Idol. Does the ’80s rocker just love family comedies or something? “Awwrrriiiiiight! Old bachelors learning how to be responsible daddies! Yeah!!!”


Eva Mendes Blows NYC Away, Braless Or Not

Make up your mind, NYC! Should Eva Mendes wear a bra or not? Just as her sexy new billboard for Calvin Klein underwear was drawing stares in Soho, the Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans star was getting looks in person for going without. Making the rounds to support her new movie, Eva seemed in need of a little support herself last night at a Manhattan screening. Posing alongside Susan Sarandon (no stranger to breast baring herself), she seemed indifferent to the occasional flash she gave photographers. Eva’s sexy, New York City! Deal with it!

Check out the racy, potentially NSFW pics in the gallery below.

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27 Sexy Vampires We Wouldn’t Kick Out Of Bed


Sexy vampires – from Twilight to “True Blood” – are taking over the world, and we’ve got the photos to prove it! While VILFs (ya know, vampires I’d like to…) may not be anything new (hello, Brad Pitt in Interview With A Vampire), there’s no denying that lately we’ve been bombarded with movies and TV shows featuring smokin’ hot vamps.

Twilight can easily be given all the credit for the recent surge in vampire lust, with Robert Pattinson at the helm. HBO quickly jumped on the vamp wagon with “True Blood,” the CW followed with “The Vampire Diaries,” and screenwriter Diablo Cody didn’t waste any time parodying the whole obsession by recruiting vixen Megan Fox for Jennifer’s Body. Yep, we’re declaring 2009 the Year of the Fanged.

The last three decades have produced plenty of vampires we’d gladly donate our blood to any day, including Salma Hayek, Aaliyah, and Alexander Skarsgard. Check our picks for Hollywood’s sexiest neck nibblers below.

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Will Ferrell Wants A British Bar

As Guy Ritchie’s traditional London pub is reported to be under threat, keen boozers need not worry that there’ll be a gap in the oh-I-don’t-want-to-go-to-a-celebrity-bar-I-love-drinking-in-a-real-place market for “down to earth” stars. Comedy star Will Ferrell now wants to get in on the pub act, and scarily, reckons he could turn a business venture into a new comedy film.

“I wouldn’t want a celebrity place, it would be an old-fashioned pub. I would be hands-on. I could get some great material off all the regulars. I am sure there would be a film in it,” he threatens says.  We can’t wait for the subsequent movie, where Will will depict a “typical” Brit landlord called Dick Cockney and Paul Rudd co-stars as the hilarious drunk regular Boozy McHound. Or something.


Angelina Jolie Orgasms In Salt Trailer

Most of the just-released Salt trailer is a blonde Angelina Jolie running from FBI agents and assaulting police officers, as her co-workers decide whether or not she’s a Russian spy attempting to kill the President. While the action sequences look intense and nobody looks better with a handgun than Jolie, the portion of the trailer most likely to sell tickets happens around 1:45, when we get a sneak peek of the Angie in the midst of a steamy sex scene. Enjoy!

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SJP “Loves The Smell Of Diapers”


What’s Sex and the City star and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker‘s favorite smell? Dior perfume? Brand new Louboutins? Fresh manicure? “I love the smell of diapers; I even like when they’re wet and you smell them all warm liked a baked good. I love the smell of Balmex. Love it,” says SJP in the new issue of Elle. Diapers?! Like a baked good?! Gross!

While SJP is not taking in a nice whiff of those fresh baked diapers (hot out of the oven from her baby twins Marion and Tabitha), the mother of three is busy filming the Sex and the City sequel. Despite rumors that she and co-star Kim Cattrall don’t care for each other, Sarah insists that nothing is further from the truth. “I don’t think anybody wants to believe that I love Kim,” she says. “I adore her.” [Source: Popeater; Photo: Getty Images]

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Nahla Is Over It


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry‘s little girl Nahla has already learned how to bust out the ‘tude face when the photogs come around. The world’s most stunning family was spotted arriving at LAX yesterday, with Halle dragging a giant Louis Vuitton suitcase just days after it was announced that Gabriel will star as the face of the luxe company’s latest ad campaign. We didn’t know such a thing as baby bitch face existed, but clearly Nahla’s got it down. Work it, little girl! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Did Demi Lovato’s Mom Leak Her Daughter’s Love Life Deets?


When we heard that Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas were allegedly an item, we cooed at what an adorable couple they made together. Nothing says love like two g-rated brunettes getting it on! But there’s apparently a darker side to the story. Canadian gossip blogger Zack Taylor broke the news that Joe and Demi were an item and later revealed that his source was none other than Demi’s own mother, Dianna Delagarza, who supposedly texted him tidbits like “they are meant for each other!!!!! don’t you dare say I SAID THAT!!!” WTF x100!?!

For some reason that we’re still trying to figure out, Zach felt as though he had to reveal his source because someone was bashing him to Demi and her family, writing on his blog “Either we reveal our source, or lose all credibility.” With that, he pointed the finger at Demi’s mom Dianna – but only after he received a bunch of angry Twitter messages from Demi (allegedly) threatening to drag his name through the mud if he outed her mother. Confused yet?

You can read all of Taylor’s drama on his website and of course, check out Demi’s twitter, where she’s declared, “There’s been a lot of rumors lately that I’m dating one of my best friends Joe. I can promise my entire career that I am not.”

We just want Joe Jonas and his eybrows to get a little action! Is that too much to ask?  [Photo: GettyImages]


Fergie: Josh “Loves Extra Meat”


At the height of Josh Duhamel‘s affair with a stripper scandal, Fergie “Stand By Her Man” Ferg graces the cover of Cosmopolitan. The Black Eyed Peas singer does look pretty hot in her red dress, and she talks about her allegedly disloyal hubby’s reaction to her putting on the pounds for her new movie role:

“When I came home from filming he was excited. He enjoys having both: the extra meat to grab when it’s there and the tight stomach when that’s there…he’s never been critical.”

Yes Fergie, from what the rumors are, he enjoys having both: eating his meat and having it too! [Source, Photo: Cosmopolitan]



Eva Glitters, Melanie Shivers At Bad Lieutenant Screening

eva mendes & melanie brown

Nicolas Cage wasn’t able to make it to the AFI Film Festival screening of Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans in LA yesterday, but his female co-stars brought plenty of crazy in his absence. Eva Mendes wore a dress entirely made out of old gum…sorry, sequins…and Fairuza Balk‘s black leather gown took us all back to The Craft. But sometimes less is more, as proven by Spice Girl Melanie Brown, whose decision to attend sans pants caught plenty of eyes. It was like something out of a Werner Herzog movie…oh wait, this is one!

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