Michael Jackson’s Parents Furious Over This Is It

katherine & joe jackson

Someone at Sony needs to get Katherine Jackson‘s private number fast. Michael Jackson‘s mother tells TMZ that her family has not been invited to the premiere of the his concert rehearsal movie This Is It. Meanwhile, Sony claims they’ve not only offered 60 tickets to the clan, but a private screening beforehand as well. The gossip site wonders if one of her sons is keeping information from Katherine, and it sure sounds like someone is.

Ironically, Katherine says she doesn’t want to see the This Is It anyway, as it isn’t a finished project—just rehearsal and backstage footage. MJ’s father Joe Jackson has stronger about the project, accusing the filmmakers of mostly using body doubles. “The media is going to tear this film apart.” But with TMZ reporting that the late singer’s children are anxious to catch the film, Katherine and Joe are two people Sony should be eager to please.

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Blake Lively Goes Wild

blake lively

Another night, another movie premiere for Blake Lively. While the Gossip Girl star played it casual at Monday’s Stepfather premiere, Lively pulled out the plumage for last night’s Where The Wild Things Are premiere in New York. Maybe the subject matter inspired her to wild out a little, but how often does someone wear a bustier top to a kid’s film? Party on, Blake!

Check out red carpet fashions from Lauren Ambrose, Karen O and others in the gallery below.

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The Twilight Cast: Before They Were Stars


While Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner may now be international heartthrobs, they each had to start somewhere… whether that be in class with Harry Potter, panicking opposite Jodi Foster, or appearing in 3D as Sharkboy.  The cast members who’ve blown-up since Twilight have not only gained hordes of spastic teenage fans, but have also received seriously glam-tastic makeovers. Take a look at your favorite Twi-stars and see how far they’ve come.  [Photos: Warner Bros., Getty Images]


Before hitting it big time as Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart had already made a name for herself amongst movie critics. She nabbed four Young Artist Award nominations for her roles in Panic Room opposite Jodie Foster (2002), Cold Creek Manor (2003), Undertow (2004), and Into The Wild (2007). Though she’s now grown into a sizzlin’ young woman with millions of drooling fans, Stewart continues to take her work seriously, avoiding the party scene and keeping her love life (she’s rumored to be dating co-star Robert Pattinson) on the down low.

Check out Kristen’s co-stars’ before and after pics – and a giant gallery – below the jump!

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Amber Rose And Coco Get Close At Good Hair Premiere

Coco & Amber Rose

Is there such a thing as too much arm candy? Amber Rose and Coco, best known for respectively standing next to Kanye West and Ice-T on red carpets, got rather affectionate at an afterparty for Chris Rock‘s Good Hair in NY last night. Sadly, Mr. “I’d Do Anything For A Blonde Dyke” West wasn’t there to enjoy the moment, but stars ranging from Al Sharpton to Adrian Grenier to Ashanti (and a pregnant Padma Lakshmi!) were in attendance for the screening. Think anyone knew about that $5 million lawsuit against the film?

Check out who else showed up in the gallery below.

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Taylor Lautner: Werewolf Abs Before Puberty


In recent interviews, Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner has been discussing his strict workout regime to acheive a werewolf-worthy physique. He may have been slurping protein shakes and doing crunches, but these photos we stumbled upon from 2005 prove there are certainly some good genes working in his favor. At the pre-pubescent age of 13, Lautner was already flashing his washboard abs at the premiere of Sahara. Here’s hoping they write Lautner’s break-dancing moves into Eclipse. [Photos: Summit Entertainment, Getty Images]

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Miley Cyrus Is About To Get A Whole Lot Sexier

Miley Cyrus

The rumors are true: Miley Cyrus will have a small part in the upcoming Sex and the City sequel, finally giving tweens and 30-year-old ladies something to squeal about other than Robert Pattinson.  According to our pals at Gossip Cop, Miley will appear in a scene that takes place on the red carpet, in which she and Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall) wear the same dress. Apparently the faux pas causes Mario Cantone‘s character to gasp, “Mother of God:  She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.”

Miley rearranged her busy touring schedule to make the cameo work. We only hope she found a couple of extra minutes to record an intro song for the flick too – anything to erase the memory of Fergie‘s awful SATC number. [Photo: GettyImages]


EXCLUSIVE: New Pirate Radio Trailer!

After receiving critical acclaim in the UK, Focus Features’ comedy about an illegal radio station in the 1960s is jumping the pond with a new title. Known previously as The Boat That Rocked, Pirate Radio has a noteworthy cast that includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Hot Fuzz‘s Nick Frost. The film is about a group of rogue DJs who defy the pop music-hatin’ British government by moving their party to a boat in the North Sea.

Take a look at our exclusive premiere of the freshly cut trailer above and catch Pirate Radio in theaters on November 13th.


Charlize Is Tangled Up In Blue


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Charlize Theron on the red carpet, but when she stepped out last night for the premiere of her new film The Burning Plain, she looked amazing. We think that electric blue dress looks beautiful against her hair and red lips. So, ok, the film didn’t have an official red carpet, but even when she’s walking through some questionable, vomit-like green garbage, she looks stunning. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kim Cattrall’s Crazy 80s Look


We freaked out a bit on seeing Sarah Jessica Parker’s perm frightwig during filming for Sex and the City 2, but that’s nothing compared to Kim Cattrall’s “I’ve covered myself in glue then rolled around in a retro shop” 80s look. Good Lord. Did anyone really dress like this back in the day? We’re thinking not as all we can remember is bad sweaters. But we have to give kudos to whoever achieved that hair and how they worked against the laws of gravity to do so. And love the Walkman touch. Ahhh, nostalgia. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Sex And The City Madness: SJP’s Anti-Aging Hair, Big Should Be Less Big


We’re well aware that since the second Sex and the City film started shooting last week, we’ve all gone bananas again for Carrie and co. Whether it’s mobbing the SATC stars in the street or freaking out about an 80′s flashback hairdo, we’re all obsessed with what the ladies are up to (whether we really want to see this movie or not). And it seems they are too. Britain’s Grazia magazine has reported that not only is Sarah Jessica Parker determined to dress like a fashion freak, she’s also concerned with looking young, way beyond the usual skin-and-fitness-regimens.

“She wants to make sure she gets all the help she needs to look young and fresh. She’s consulted hair guru John Freida [and stylist Serge Normant]. Between them they’ve come up with the perfect anti-aging hair shade,” it reports.

WTF? As far as we can tell, “anti-aging” hair  means it’s not permed and not gray. Even juicier, it seems weight concerns aren’t only limited to the ladies (about time too), as reportedly Chris Noth was instructed to lose 14 pounds at a Brazilian detox spa before filming started. “Both Chris and Steve [Eisenberg] were given personal trainers before shooting began…it’s believed [Chris] has only lost 5lb so far,” claims a source.

Oh happy madness. And there’s months left before the film comes out next May – hurrah! [Photo: Splash News Online]