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Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder! 20 Photos Of Smolderholder Being A Beautiful Person

Ian Somerhalder turns 34 today

We could write this post all about how much we’d like to go for a swim in Ian Somerhalder’s beautiful eyes, or how much Damon makes us squeal and laugh and cry every week on The Vampire Diaries. But the funny thing about Mr. Smolderholder is that’s probably not how he wants us to celebrate his 34th birthday today. Instead, he’d really, really like us all to donate to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation — which supports initiatives for the environment and animals — via the Mozilla Firefox Challenge on, so that he can get the company to ante up $50,000.

It looks like fans are doing their part so far, but if you need a little motivation, here’s a gallery showing Ian being a beautiful person, inside and, yeah, outside too:

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[Photos: Twitter, CW]

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Apologies To Will Ferrell, But His New Dad ‘Stache Must Join Our 10 Worst Celeb Mustaches

Wille Ferrell Sports Mustache In Miami

Good lord! That’s the most severe case of Dad ‘Stache we’ve ever seen! Will Ferrell was spotted at Art Basel in Miami this week, wearing what we can only assume is a costume for his upcoming role as a wise old fisherman. Or our uncle from Chicago. Our wise, old fisherman uncle from Chicago. Seeing as how the SNL alum is usually clean-shaven/the star of our elaborate Anchorman-themed fantasies, these photos go to show the devastation a bad mustache can bring to a celebrity’s handsome face. Ferrell obviously isn’t the only one to suffer a terrible lip rug, as our 10 Worst Celeb Mustaches can attest. Michael Cera? James Franco? Mickey Rourke? We don’t know why a line of hair can make so much of a difference, but it does. A terrible, terrible difference.

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[Photo: Getty Images/ Splash News Online]

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Gisele And Tom Brady Welcome Baby Girl Vivian … World’s Next Top Model QB, Obvs

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's baby girl

Congrats to Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady! The supermodel and QB took the non-tabloid, low-key approach to announcing the latest addition to their family, baby girl Vivian Lake, who was born on Wednesday.

“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” the couple announced on Gisele’s Facebook. “Vivian Lake was born at home on December 5. She is healthy and full of life. Thank you all for your support and well wishes. We wish you and your families many blessings.”

We are now immediately wondering whether little Vivian will grow up a tomboy — what with her football-player dad and two older brothers, 5-year-old Jack (Brady’s son with Bridget Moynahan) and Benjamin, who turns 3 on Saturday. Or will she follow mom’s footsteps onto the catwalk? No rush, little one! Enjoy the best of all worlds.

Gisele Bunchen pregnant with baby Vivian earlier this year
Contrary to the typical patterns of celebrity parents these days, who document their pregnancies with tabloid announcements and nonstop Twitpics and Instagrams, Bunchen and Brady never publicly acknowledged that they were expecting. Instead, the Brazilian beauty was content to be photographed with her ever-growing bump and a knowing smile. Kinda refreshing, no?

[Photos: Facebook, Splash News Online]

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Beyonce Outshined By Savannah Brinson At Sportsman Of The Year Awards

LeBron James' fiancee Savannah Brinson outshined Beyonce last night

Oooh, we know why Jay-Z’s giving us that look right now. Because we dared think the blasphemous thought that at the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Awards last night, Beyonce was not the best-dressed lady in the house. We get that B’s oversized red suit — worn without a blouse and no doubt a lot of double-stick tape — was on trend, but it also kind of reminded us of something our moms used to wear to business meetings. Meanwhile, Savannah Brinson, whose fiance LeBron James was receiving the titular award, was slamming in a purple Emilio Pucci dress that emphasized all of her assets. Here’s another look at them (and another glare from Hov):
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Demi Moore, WTF: Has Actress Returned To Loopy, Partying Ways In Miami?

Demi Moore photographed partying hard at Miami party with Lenny Kravitz, Stacy Keibler

We totally get it, Demi Moore. If we looked as hot as you do at age 50 and had a hot 26-year-old art dealer boyfriend, we would also be living it up at all the parties going on during Miami’s Art Basel festival. Also, we really love that gray romper you’re wearing. But don’t say we didn’t warn you that the photos taken of you at the Chanel Beachside BBQ celebrating at Soho Beach House on Wednesday night are gonna raise a lot of questions.

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Questions like:

  • If your boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, was at this party, and you were even spotted making out with him there (per E!), why are you hanging all over Lenny Kravitz?
  • Is that really just Red Bull that you’re drinking?
  • Didn’t you just go to rehab this year?
  • Does Zooey Deschanel know you’re trying to steal her adorkable shtick?

But whatever, let us ask those questions. As long as you’re happy and healthy (and not putting on an act or something), you keep doing you.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Renesmee, Sookie, Magnus And More: 25 Supernatural Characters Who Dazzled Us In 2012

Anna Paquin, Joseph Morgan, Mackenzie Foy and Godfrey Gao

Around this time last year, we made this list a roundup of our favorite vampires of 2011 — though we named Bella Cullen as our fave, it was Damon Salvatore who ruled your hearts. This year, we took a look around at our favorite movies, TV shows and books and discovered that, while the bloodsuckers of True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries were still among our faves, they had some competition from other supes, too. There were the characters wielding magic for good or evil — Snow White and the Huntsman’s Queen Ravenna, Beautiful Creatures‘ Lena, The Mortal Instruments‘ Magnus, TVD’s Bonnie. We had a nice crop of werewolves — Teen Wolf’s Scott and Derek, Nightshade’s Calla, True Blood’s Alcide. And then, of course, there were gods, genetic mutations, time travelers and Shadowhunters. Whether they were on the page, the screen or both, these beautiful, dangerous, ever-seductive heroes and villains made us feel a little bit inadequate for being mere humans. But there’s one power we have that they don’t: the ability to vote on which of these 25 characters was our favorite of the year. Take a look at the gallery and then vote!

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Stick with MTV as we count down the Best of 2012, including the Best Songs of 2012, Live Performances, Movies and EDM Videos of the year.

[Photos: HBO, The CW, Summit Entertainment, Twitter]

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Kate Upton Acts Out At Least 11 Female Fantasies In Vogue Germany Video

We already knew Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton was great at being the object of men’s fantasies — hello, “Cat Daddy.” But lately, she’s been getting pretty good at appealing to women too. There was the unicorn-baby video she shot over the summer that tapped into some kind of Jungian symbolism we sort of got. And now, courtesy of Vogue Germany and director Bruce Weber, she’s fulfilling a bunch of literal fantasies we women have had — and some we didn’t even know we had until now. Enjoy the sounds of Bobby Darin’s “It Had to Be You” as we count all the ways in which we’d like to be in Kate’s shoes/bare feet.

1. Very cute boy trusts us enough to let us groom him.

2. We playfully roll down a hill like little kids, except he’s shirtless. Oops! We might bump into each other!
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Hush, Hush Angels Fall Onto The Big Screen: We Fantasy Cast The YA Hit

Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush has been optioned for the big screen

Ever since we first read Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush, back when a slew of angel-themed YA novels threatened to wipe vampires off the shelves in 2009, we’ve been wondering what was taking Hollywood so long to snatch up the series. It’s got all the elements of a great addictive movie franchise: relatable heroine (Nora Grey, a science wiz and cellist whose father was murdered recently), irresistible mysterious bad-boy (Nora’s new biology partner Patch, who ditches homework for the pool hall), hilarious best friend (Vee, we can’t even describe her in a phrase) and complex mythology that unfolds carefully throughout the book. There are fallen angels, love triangles, murder mysteries and a seedy New England setting in the mix too. And yes, today, finally, comes the news from Entertainment Weekly that LD Entertainment will adapt the four-book saga for the big screen. Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith will write the screenplay.

Hush, Hush fans have been fantasy casting this story for years now, and even Fitzpatrick once had her own dream choices for the roles. “I started writing Hush, Hush almost ten years ago, so I was picturing actors who are obviously now too old to play the parts. I wanted Steven Strait for Patch and Emmy Rossum for Nora, but that won’t work anymore,” she told EW. Now she thinks some undiscovered actors should star. Fair enough, but we took a shot at choosing some up-and-comers we love for the roles. Check out our choices and then chime in with your own!

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[Photos: Getty Images]

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Man Of Steel Poster Inspires All Kinds Of Wrong Thoughts About Superman

Henry Cavill as handcuffed Superman in the Man of Steel one-sheet

Sure, they walk around in skintight clothing and rescue kittens and girls from great heights and all that, but we were never really sure if it was OK to lust after superheroes. Well, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel looks like it’s settling that debate for us. How else are we supposed to feel about seeing a jacked-up Henry Cavill in handcuffs? (Worried about his fate, and thus the fate of Earth, or something? Psshaw.) Nope, those tiny cuffs aren’t actually going to hold Superman. Much the way other kinds of cuffs, say the Fifty Shades of Grey kind, are actually not that hard to get out of for normal people.

Tell me, Warner Bros. Did you mean to put these thoughts in our heads when you posted this new one-sheet poster on Facebook last night? Too late if you didn’t. Now we’re fully expecting even more dirty thoughts when we see the trailer before The Hobbit — and that’s kind of frustrating when you’re about to enter the sexless realm of Middle-earth. Well, thanks anyway!

Man of Steel

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Amber Rose Baby Bump Pics Will Make You Feel Better About Life

Amber Rose shows off her baby bump on Twitter and Instagram

Seriously, I can’t be the only one who feels this way: Every time Amber Rose posts a new photo of her pregnant self, I feel all warm and fuzzy about the world. There’s something about her sweet demeanor and willingness to bare all — without selling it to a tabloid — that makes me excited for her and her impending motherhood. Even before she got pregnant, she was a model whose normal body didn’t make women feel bad about their own, and now, as she shows off her huge bump and enhanced curves, she’s also making me embrace my own. She’s posted the above two pics in the past few days, promising that in the naked-seeming one, she’s actually wearing shorts, “but my belly is so big u can’t see them Lol.” You want heart-melting instead of revealing? Peep the photo of Wiz Khalifa after he apparently fell asleep caressing his fiance’s belly. Prepare yourself for a lot more “aww”-ing as you browse through the gallery below.

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[Photos: Twitter, Instagram]