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Happy Birthday, Emma Stone! Celebrate With Her 10 Most Charming Quotes

Emma Stone turns 24 today

Emma Stone has packed a whole lot of career into just a few short years, so we’re kind of amazed that she’s just turning 24 today — not that she can’t keep playing teenagers! As much as we love her looks and her too-adorable-for-words relationship with Andrew Garfield, what we really admire about Emma is her self-deprecation and her comedic timing. That’s why to celebrate her birthday, we decided to gather 10 of our favorite quotes from The Amazing Spider-Man star’s interviews. We dare you not to be charmed.

“I haven’t really heard any rumors about me, but I keep encouraging people to please make some up. They are always so much better than the truth.” — People, September 2010

“I challenge myself to take at least one fashion risk a day, otherwise I get stuck.” Allure, January 2009

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Who Wants To See Daniel Radcliffe And Jon Hamm Naked In An Old-Timey Tub? Oh, Everyone?

Jon Hamm And Daniel Radcliffe Naked Tubtime For A Young Doctor's Notebook

Do you know someone who has a hyperspecific fantasy about Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe lounging nude together in an old-fashioned steel bathtub? You do? Then tell your mom or your roommate or yourself or whoever it is to get off the couch and come look at this photo! The Hollywood Reporter posted the first promo shot from the Sky Arts miniseries A Young Doctor’s Notebook. According to THR, the series is “darkly comedic” tale of a doctor remember his youth during WWI, but it seems to us that the title A Young Doctor’s Notebook is ambiguous enough to fit any kind of story you can think of. Any kind at all. You perverts.

“It was great, because you know you are the envy of every woman ever,” the Harry Potter star joked earlier this fall about shooting the tub scene. At least Daniel appreciates the position he’s in! We should probably add that Radcliffe actually plays a younger version of the Mad Men star, so their tubtime is merely a tubtime of the mind rather than, say, a naked ghost tubtime situation. And if you’re into that situation, good luck to you. You’re going to have to keep looking for a long time. That cannot be an easy thing to find. We imagine.

[Photo: The Hollywood Reporter/Sky Arts]

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Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie Bell Get Married; We Can’t Wait For Their Vampire Ballerina Babies

Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood got married in California earlier this week

Our hearty congrats go out to actors Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell, the latest celebrity couple to get married in secret. The pair tied the knot in front of family and friends in California on Tuesday, Wood’s rep told E! Online. The former True Blood actress, who wore a Carolina Herrera gown, tweeted about it yesterday:

Evan, 25, and Jamie, 26, first met back in 2005, when they starred in a Green Day video together. After dating for a brief time, they broke up and Evan moved on to Marilyn Manson for four years. She reunited with the Billy Elliot star last year. Is it wrong that we can’t wait to see their beautiful, ethereal babies? OK, we’ll just hope for them to make a movie together first. Just look at how sweet they look together:

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Congrats, Chris Brown: You Win The Worst Halloween Costume!

Chris Brown and his friends dressed as terrorists for Halloween

We are really beginning to wonder about Chris Brown. That is, wonder whether medical researchers are looking into what it is about certain people who seem to be completely missing the filter that says, “You may find this funny/acceptable/cool, but you will actually make yourself look like the worst human being, so don’t do it.” The latest evidence of CB’s missing filter is the above Instagram, which he posted yesterday with the caption: “Ain’t nobody F—ing wit my clique!!!!#ohb.”

Best case scenario, they were simply dressed as “nomads,” crossing the line of political correctness by using an ethnicity as a costume. (And that tattoo really was just supposed to be a Day of the Dead mask, too, right?) Worst, they are dressed as terrorists and making a statement about their attitude toward the rest of the world. Probably something in between. Like Breezy genuinely thought this would be funny. And again, turned out to be horribly, horribly mistaken. Oh, and did we mention he posted this on his way to Rihanna’s Halloween party?

Here are some other celebrities’ whose costumes in recent years didn’t come across quite as they’d intended:

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[Photo: Instagram]

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Dem Babies, Nahla Aubry Top Our 10 Cutest Celeb Kid Halloween Costumes

We love sexy orthodontists and zombie Paul Ryans as much as the best person, but the best kind of costume would have to be the kid costume. Lady bugs, teddy bears, pumpkins, more teddy bears: there is nothing more adorable then a screaming, candy-filled kid on Halloween (provided, of course, they are not our kid.) Luckily, celebrities seem agree and have taken the Tums and migraine medication necessary to take their offspring out on the town in costume for us to squee over. They’re all super cute, but between Monroe and Moroccan Cannon and Honor Warren, we think we found the ten definitive cutest. Really. They’re like the Avengers of cute kid Halloween photos.

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Coco, Kate Upton And Kim Kardashian Bring You The 50 Most Scarily Sexy Twitpics Of October

The hottest Twitpix of October

Halloween is finally here, and to celebrate we’ve rounded up the most scarily sexy twitpix from this October! OK, we do it at the end of every month, but today we’ve got a bumper crop of 50 (count ‘em!) of the hottest photos from the last month to light your jack-o-lantern. All of your favorites are here, including Queen of the Selfies Kim Kardashian showing off two smokin’ hot Halloween costumes. We’ve got super stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Fergie, and super models like Heidi Klum, Kate UptonMiranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Bar Refaeli! VH1’s Couples Therapy star Courtney Stodden makes an appearance, as does former My Fair Brady goddess Adrianne Curry. But of course, lording over it all, is Twitter favorite Coco, back from her intrepid reporting on Hurricane Sandy. It’s all here in the gallery below! Make sure you take a look before you head out to trick or treat, folks.

[Photo: Twitter]

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Become The Fierce Five And Go For The Gold (For $20 Or Less): A Celebrity Halloween How-To

Shara Morris shows us how to dress as one of the Fierce Five for Halloween

As a young kid, there’s no dream like qualifying for the Olympics. Whether you grew up admiring Kerri Strug, Mia Hamm or Michael Phelps, you’ve probably pictured yourself on that podium, waving your hand proudly in the air to fans as the National Anthem blares around you. Well, not many of us become professional athletes, but Halloween is that time where we can fulfill that little fantasy of ours. And because the 2012 women’s gymnastics team is AWESOME, here’s how you can become an honorary member of the Fierce Five and take home the gold this Halloween! (And if you can rope in four other friends to join you, even better.)

1. Buy a plain red leotard online at a discount dance supply store ($18.05)

2. Dot the red leotard with Lumiere Dimensional Metallic Paint & Adhesive from an art supply store ($1.99)

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Stacey Dash’s Photo Op With Paul Ryan Looks Like Your Next Halloween Costume

Stacey Dash tweeted a photo of herself with Paul Ryan

All that backlash Clueless star Stacey Dash received earlier this month for tweeting her support of Mitt Romney seems only to have fired her up.

“Fighting the good fight. Godspeed. @reppaulryan @MittRomney #Romney/Ryan20,” she wrote yesterday, posting the above awkward photo of herself and Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. The unintended consequence of this photo, and its late October timing, may be that the unlikely duo becomes a brand new Halloween costume meme. We’ve seen so many Paul Ryans out there already, a Stacey Dash impersonator would get points for extra currency. (For added impact, we recommend those in warmer climates don the red Baywatch-esque swimsuit she wore in her first controversial twitpic.)
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Spy Kids‘ Alexa Vega Turns Up the Heat, Celebrates Halloween As A Sexy…Whatever This Is

If you’ve seen Mean Girls (i.e. if you live in the Western Hemisphere and are between the ages of 3 and 70), you know that Girl World has it’s own rules when it comes to Halloween costumes. As Cady Heron (a.k.a. the Lindsay Lohan we have preserved forever in our minds) would put it, “The hard-core girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” Honestly though, who really needs the animal ears? Not Spy Kids star-turned-hottie bombalottie Alexa Vega, who visited Matthew Morrison‘s Halloween party this weekend dressed as the sexy version of…uh…jeez, Neon Velma from Scooby Doo? Some sort of futuristic burlesque librarian? Anime Black Swan? Tell us if we’re getting close, girl!

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Is This Tom Cruise’s Intruder? Meet Jason Sullivan, Model, Interior Designer And Aussie Reality-TV Vet

We think this Jason Sullivan is the guy who accidentally broke into Tom Cruise's house

When you first hear of a celebrity’s house being broken into, you’re maybe not immediately drawn to the story — those rich folks are always getting burglarized, right? But sometimes, it’s all in the details. Take Tom Cruise’s alleged intruder: First of all, the guy got Tasered by Cruise’s security team (after his arrest he was immediately taken to the hospital). Second, according to TMZ, he was actually Cruise’s neighbor, who was drunk when he scaled a fence last night and was met by aforementioned unfriendly Taser. To be Tom Cruise’s neighbor, you probably have to be enormously rich and successful, right? Which brings us to point number three: Jason Sullivan is reportedly a model and interior designer. Based on the photos TMZ posted, we hunted around the Web and discovered some pretty amazing things about this guy’s life, before he became simply known as Tom Cruise’s intruder. (This is all still speculation, mind you. Maybe this guy just shares the same name, curly blond hair and lithe build as the guy in the cuffs?)

The 41-year-old model Jason Sullivan is from Sydney, Australia. As part of his transition from international male model to international male model/designer, he entered the Aussie reality-TV competition Homemade and won it in 2009. That apparently led to another TV gig, in addition to launching his design career. Here’s his show reel.

Based on those clips, he seems like a pretty nice guy, right? Even the police don’t really think he’s bad. They told the L.A. Times that he “was intoxicated at the time of the incident and may have confused himself and entered the wrong property.” Update: TMZ’s sources confirm this, saying Jason was driven home from a party by friends, and when they dropped him off, he mistakenly entered the wrong yard. Also, they say he’s just staying at this swank house and doesn’t own it.

We might even forgive his really narcissistic Twitter feed — hey, he’s a model, what do you expect? Still, these photos are kind of irresistible, in that they make Jason seem kind of like a made up character that should be played by, say Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey or Owen Wilson. See for yourself:

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[Photo: Twitter]