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Pitch Perfect, Butter Join Our 15 Greatest Competition Movies Of All Time

Best in Show, Drumline, Bring It On, The Hunger Games

The mark of a great competition movie is if you go into the theater either despising or not at all caring about the sport/art/craft in question and you leave promising yourself to buy tickets to the next real-life event in your area. That happened to me with Best in Show 12 years ago — I have been to at least five dog shows since then — and now I’m seriously looking into the next collegiate a cappella showdown after seeing Pitch Perfect. Will I feel the same way about Butter? We’ll see. Anyway, on the occasion of not one but two movies featuring weird but bizarrely obsessive niche contests opening this weekend, we thought we’d look back at some other faves of the genre. Some are high quality films — like Drumline, The Hunger Games and Glengarry Glen Ross. Others are pure camp — Bring It On, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Strictly Ballroom. And a few are great if you fast forward to the preparation montages and the contests/battles themselves — Breakin’, Stomp the Yard, Step Up 2 the Streets. What’s your favorite? Check out the gallery and weigh in!

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The Big Bird Debates: Our 8 Favorite Examples Of Last Night’s Meme

Big Bird Memes

Unless you are a major policy wonk, or were too busy doing other things, at some point during last night’s presidential debate you stopped trying to parse out Mitt Romney’s and President Obama’s opinions on Dodd-Frank and instead entertained yourself with everyone’s smartass commentary on Twitter. And given that at the time, there were 17,000 tweets a minute sent relating to Big Bird, chances are you and your friends were laughing about Romney’s comments that though he likes the giant yellow Muppet, he doesn’t think the federal government should borrow money from China to support PBS. For its part, PBS told Radar that as a 6-year-old, Big Bird doesn’t really care about politics. Before this amazing meme goes the way of Clint Eastwood’s chair, we gathered our five favorite examples of the Internet capitalizing on Mitt’s totally left-field reference.

1. The @BigBirdRomney Twitter account, which made astute observations about the avian economy, and helped make the above Shepard Fairey-inspired “Hope” image ubiquitous for the evening.
Big Bird Romney

2. @FiredBigBird also went viral with his “Will work for food” sign.
Fired Big Bird
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New Jon Hamm Pants Photos Convince Us Those Other Jon Hamm Photos Weren’t Photoshopped

Jon Hamm In Tight Pants

For a split second, we wondered why Jon Hamm insists on wearing such tight pants if he knows he’s going to have such a strained, overstuffed crotch situation. After we subsequently went into the bathroom, stared in the mirror and slapped ourselves in the face a few times, it dawned on us that maybe all pants are tight in Jon Hamm’s crotchular area. Unless there are special pants with extra-baggy crotches (which we imagine has the Mad Men wardrobe department sewing around the clock, maybe this is just what off-the-rack pants are like for him. And no man can wear sweatpants 24/7.

We guess our larger point is that new photos of Don Draper walking around Boston with Danny McBride bring us to the conclusion that those other photos of Jon Hamm were not photoshopped. You know the ones. If you don’t, here they are! Now that we look at them…we like he might be wearing the exact same pair of pants in the two sets of photos. That would explain a lot. The Superficial has about a dozen more Hamm crotch shots if you still aren’t convinced, and even if those don’t sway you…time well spent.

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Barack and Michelle Obama Celebrate 20 Years of Marriage, We Celebrate Their 20 Hottest Looks

We try not to get too political here, unless we’re talking about American Idol politics or Lindsay Lohan vs. Amanda Bynes. But some days you just can’t ignore major political events (and, no, we’re not talking about tonight’s presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama). Today mark’s the 20th anniversary of POTUS and FLOTUS (that’s First Lady Michelle Obama to you) totally and completely committing themselves to one another in matrimony. Now, in politics long marriages aren’t uncommon (even if cheating scandals abound), but in Hollywood years, these two have been married for eons. So to celebrate one of the couples who have restored our faith in the sanctity of marriage, we’ve compiled a gallery of their 20 best-looking moments. Because let’s face it: true love is based on how good you look together, right?

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Lady Gaga Almost Loses Consciousness Over How Good She Looks In That Versace Safety Pin Dress

Lady Gaga Wears Elizabeth Hurley Versace Safety Pin Dress

Are we wrong in thinking that everyone on the planet knows about the Versace safety pin dress Elizabeth Hurley wore in 1994? Maybe everyone in the entire galaxy? We know literally nothing about fashion other than certain things are pretty and/or shiny, but even we remember how the fashion world’s collective head exploded when Liz rolled up to the Four Wedding and A Funeral premiere rocking those pins. All of which explains why Lady Gaga looked like she was slipping into an ecstasy coma while wearing the iconic gown in Milan today. We feel you, girl! If we saw ourselves in Versace…well, there’s a reason we paid good money for this fainting couch.

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New Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Poster Prepares Us For All That Vampire Action

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

After a six-part rollout on all the official Twilight Facebook pages, Summit released the final theatrical one-sheet poster for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 this morning, and man, does it get our blood pumping. Sure, we liked all the intimate family scenes and gathering of special vamps from far and wide that the previous still gave us. But this one, like the sneak peek of the movie we saw during the VMAs, is all about the action. We always kind of dug the way the second half of Stephenie Meyer’s book turns into a sort of X-Men battle, in which it’s all about whose superpowers are superior — even though we know the victory will ultimately belong to those whose motivations are pure and right, rather than petty and vindictive. OK, that sounds cheesy when we say it that way, but it totally works in the book. We are feeling fierce just looking at Edward, Bella and Jacob. Are you?

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Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Looks Like The Most Taylor Swift Thing To Ever Taylor Swift

We’ve seen some Taylor Swift things in our life, but there is nothing more Taylor Swift then the first shots of TSwift’s new video shoot in France. First of all, she’s shooting it in Paris. The whole thing is so French, there’s a window behind her that is inscribed with the word “croissant,” written in gold, and it isn’t even an important detail in the shot. Second of all, please look at Taylor’s baller status outfit. The only human being who can rival Taylor in the vintage patterned skirt and sheer blouse department is Zooey Deschanel, and even then Zooey hasn’t been photographed holding a tiny fruit tart. At least not recently anyway.

Boom! That’s some Taylor Swift game right there! We don’t even have to get into the red lips, do we? The shoot is apparently for Swift’s “Begin Again” video, which makes complete sense…

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New Kate Middleton Bottomless Photo Is Just … Oof

Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge

When those first topless pics of Kate Middleton were published earlier this month, we had two reactions — sympathy for the Duchess of Cambridge for having her privacy violated, and a bit of a shoulder shrug, because tons of ladies sunbathe topless in France and if you’re gonna do that and be famous, you should expect someone to catch you in the act, no matter how private you think your chosen estate may be. But now that a new set of photos has been published by Danish magazine Se og Hor, one featuring her changing out of her bikini bottom, we’re feeling really bad for her, and icky about people in general. We’re all for being proud of your body and showing it off whenever you like. But then we think about those times when we’ve been hanging out in a wet bathing suit and absolutely had to get out of it immediately, so we tried to maneuver our towels over the important bits in order to make a quick change, and then sometimes the towel slipped and we were really really glad no one who cared was around to see us (we think). Of course, the duchess would never be that lucky.

“We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them,” the magazine’s editor told the Belfast Telegraph before the issue came out. “If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we’ll deal with it.”

On the bright side, Kate, these pics are super grainy (OK, fine, everyone, head over to Egotastic to see scans of them). And also, when you guys sue the crap out of these tabloids, maybe you can donate that cash to some awesome charity or something.

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Johnny Lewis Remembered Fondly By Nikki Reed, Katy Perry Reportedly Thought He Was “In Trouble”

Katy Perry and Johnny Lewis in 2006

We’re still getting shivers every time we think about what could make someone dismember a cat with his bare hands, as Johnny Lewis is said to have done before allegedly murdering his landlady and then jumping or falling to his death on Wednesday. But what’s even more confusing is reconciling that with the quotes coming from many fellow actors who remember the 28-year-old as an entirely different person.

“He was the nicest guy,” Nikki Reed told E! Online of Lewis, who appeared with her on The O.C. back in 2006. “I never thought anything but great things about him. I have nothing to say except that he was a really nice guy. It’s just crazy.”

Raising Hope star Shannon Woodward — who we think knew Lewis through his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry —tweeted yesterday, “Johnny Lewis, I love you deeply and madly and always. My heart is broken in a million little pieces. I will miss you every day.” She also said, “He was very, very ill. His actions were a despicable result of that. It was not who he was.”

And meanwhile a source told Us Weekly that Perry knew he had problems back when they dated from 2005-2006.

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Hilary Duff Turns 25! Track Her Style From Disney Princess To Hot Mama

Hilary Duff turns 25 today, and we are happy to say that she’s looking better than ever. Over the past decade (and then some) we have seen her transform from a preteen princess to a sexy, sophisticated wife and mother. There’s no question that Duff hasn’t always been on trend when it comes to fashion, especially during her Disney days, but the star somehow managed to escape her squeaky clean image and has become a full-fledged hot mama! The freshly minted 25-year-old is enjoying her family life, but let’s face it, it’s time for her to get back to work. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that she has signed a talent/development deal with 20 Century Fox TV, in which she will star in a “half-hour comedy vehicle.”  We can’t wait! And if it’s half as funny as Lizzie McGuire it will totally be a hit. So in honor of her b-day we take a look back at some of the star’s best looks throughout the years. Enjoy!

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