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Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Coco And More Present You With The 40 Hottest Twitpics Of July 2012

The hottest celebrity twitpics of July 2012

The only thing hotter than the weather this sweltering July was our Twitter feed! Celebrities of every stripe were tweeting teasingly scandalous photos that were not always safe for work (unless you work for VH1 Celebrity, in which case, it’s cool). It seemed like there were more super sexy skin-filled Twitpics in July than in the rest of 2012 combined! Maybe it’s global warming?

Selena Gomez modeled a selection from her new bikini style line, while Adrianne Curry modeled her BDSM-inspired Comic-Con outfits. Rihanna tweeted so many sun-drenched photos from her never-ending Mediterranean vacation that we’re starting to imagine that we were there. Some celebs, like Aubrey O’Day, Heidi Klum and, of course, Coco, tweeted up-close and personal pics of their favorite body parts (spoiler alert, it was usually boobs or butts) and reps from the Kardashian Klan went more for the full body shots. The Spears sisters both weighed in with bangin’ bikini shots of their own, and High School Musical soul sisters Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens did the same.

We had hot moms like Jada Pinkett-SmithSofia Vergara, Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Alba. And Kris Humphries’ rumored GF Myla Sinanaj shared a pic to prove she’s gonna be a hot mom in the near future. And of course models like Candice Swanepoel, Bar Refaeli and Tyra Banks turned even the most humble Instagrams into glam shots worthy of GQ and beyond. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the gallery below. But if you want the sexiest Twitpics of July 2012, you’re in the right place!

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Aly Raisman Is Today’s Olympian To Watch … On Twitter And On Tonight’s Gymnastics Team Finals

Aly Raisman
During the Olympics Women’s Gymnastics qualifying round on Sunday night, we were highly amused by Aly Raisman’s enthusiastic parents, but we now turn our attention to the promising gymnast herself in preparation for tonight’s team finals. Aly Raisman of Needham, Massachusetts, stands out as the team captain and eldest member, at 18 years old, of the “Fabulous Five.” Her leadership helped place them at the top of the team rankings for the qualification round, with higher scores than their tough competitors, Russia, China and Romania. Aly’s rock-solid, dazzling performance also allowed her to qualify for individual event finals in uneven bars and floor exercise, along with the opportunity to compete in the all-around finals. While everyone is still reeling from the shock of her knocking reigning world champion Jordyn Wieber out of the all-around competition, we’re going to take a moment to tell you all reasons we love Aly. The girl’s earned some appreciation, don’t you agree?

1. She’s got her teammates’ backs!

She shows her love for the U.S. men’s gymnastics team, tweeting: “I’m so proud of the guys. They represented our country so well. Can’t wait to give them all a huge hug. They have so much to be proud of.”

2. She is photo-happy.

Aly is always smiling in pics and even indulges Ryan Seacrest‘s gymnastic ambitions by happily showing off her splits.

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Kat Dennings’ Dress Plunges Into Christina Hendricks Territory: This Can’t Be Comfortable, Ladies

Kat Dennings Dress Veers Into Christina Hendricks Territory

Anyone who’s seen Kat Dennings on Two Broke Girls know that she has the kind of magnificent bazooms that make angels weep and infants forsake their mother’s milk. Of that, there is no question. But when we saw photos of Dennings’ dress at Sunday’s TCA Summer Press Tour Party in Beverly Hills, we immediately called to mind another charming, talented actress who often sports a similar style: Mad Men diva Christina Hendricks. While obviously they are both goddesses who can wear whatever they want, we just have to say: ladies, this style cannot be comfortable, can it? Can it?

Kat Dennings Low Cut Dress

Honestly, we’ve never seen this neckline except on Dennings and Hendricks, which makes us think it’s being hand-made in some secret government lab dedicated to making dudes’ eyes explode out of their sockets. Clearly, there are some benefits to that; we’re not total fools. Maybe we’re just not the target demographic, but the top of their dresses look like weird, pointy boob hammocks. We never thought we would ever have to type the words “boob hammocks” as an insult, but here we are. Even worse, Kat’s dress somehow looks incredibly tight and not particularly supportive. All we’re saying is: rock out with your knock(ers) out,  ladies, but maybe not in this squishifying boob suspension bridge ish. Ain’t nothing wrong with a regular bra, especially compared to…seriously, what’s under there? A vise?

[Photo: Getty Images/ Splash News Online]

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True Blood‘s Jason Stackhouse Is Our One True Hero

Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin in True Blood
Am I the only one who started really wishing I had an older brother while watching last night’s True Blood? Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gave Sookie (Anna Paquin) exactly the talk she’s been needing: “You are who you are because you have Mama and Daddy inside you.” (And this after she accidentally zapped him, but of course he cheerfully informed her, “I’m all right; you got me in the head!”) Last week, too, he gave his li’l sis a gentle speech about how he always thought he was to blame for their parents death and was forever grateful that she never blamed him. This is all cementing my theory that Jason is the most emotionally evolved character in the entire series. While Sookie and Bill have become more self-involved thanks to their suffering, Lafayette still wants to escape his reality at any opportunity, Tara can’t let go of her wretched temper, Sam still wants to play foolish hero, Jessica can’t control her wild impulses and Eric is making the tiniest baby steps toward becoming a compassionate vampire, Jason’s been actually building upon five seasons of life lessons. Here’s the evidence.

He accepts supernatural forces enough to trust them to find his parents’ killer. Early Jason never would have tried any fairy hand-holding.
True Blood

Searching for his parents’ killer actually seems like a good mission. Better than saving an entire town of inbred werepanthers or crusading against vampires.
Jason True Blood
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Dutch Women’s Field Hockey? Australian Men’s Water Polo? U.S. Swimmers? Vote For The Hottest Team In The Olympics!

For those of you watching the Olympics for more than just the heat of the competition but also for the incredibly “fit” teams (we’ve been brushing up on our British slang), this post is for you! We love ourselves some hot athletes, and when they’re all on the same team, we’ll definitely be glued to our screens. Cue entrance for the gorgeous girls on the Netherlands’ field hockey team. The team plays on Tuesday against Japan, and we suggest you pencil them in! Yahoo! Sports has taken quite a liking to these girls as well. 

Of course, you already know we can’t get enough of the impeccable (sorry) bods on the U.S. men’s swimming team. We have been loving all of the attention Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have been getting on all of the top hottest athletes lists, but make your own decision while watching the team compete again this afternoon. 

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Then have a look at the beautiful men’s water polo team from Australia. If you didn’t see them today, make sure too watch them compete tomorrow morning — we can’t even comprehend the amount of strength and endurance it takes to bob and weave and throw and block around the pool like that, but we can understand the very nice results. Last but not least, are the gorgeous ladies of the U.S. women’s track and field team, who will start competing August 3. Check out their fan page for tons of photos and videos of these Olympians, and then take a minute or two to vote. May the most gush-worthy team win!

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Is The Internet Getting Tired Of Rihanna Bikini Photos? We’ll Wager No

So, we hear you’re in the market for new Rihanna bikini photos? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We just got the new July 28 edition in, and they are a major upgrade. MUCH higher resolution than the last model, and a smaller bikini! This set shows the singer in the midst of her never-ending chartered yacht vacation off the coast of Portofino, Italy. She and her friends snorkeled in the sea to catch a glimpse of the glorious underwater grottos…or to find a pair of sunglasses someone dropped overboard. We’re not sure which.

We’ll admit, there are a few drawbacks to these spectacular photos. They do come after rumors that RiRi has been using this Mediterranean excursion to rekindle the old flame with her infamous ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. And also, the Rude Girl apparently broke her toe during a brief stint as a guest bartender after dropping a bottle! But despite these two glitches, the photos are pretty solid. So why not head on down to the gallery below and take ‘em for a test drive?

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Ryan Lochte And Michael Phelps Are Today’s Olympians To Watch, But Please Do Not Make Us Choose Between Them

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte

As much as we love the Olympics, don’t worry, VH1 Celebrity is not going to go into the sports-writing business. So if you’re looking for a place to find out whether Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps is going to win more races today, this is not it. We know they are swimming a lot today. Here’s the schedule. And now onto the things we know how to write about: How delicious these 27-year-old friends and rivals are, and what is interesting about their lives outside of the pool.

Are they single?
Rumor has it that Ryan’s got his eye on Australian swimmer Blair Evans. Last year, Michael broke up with former Miss California Nicole Johnson.

How hot are they?
Ryan Lochte in Vogue and Michael Phelps in Details
Sorry that was a gratuitous question so we could share this Vogue cover and Details spread.
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The 25 Most Insane Photos From The Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Here in Los Angeles I’m waiting to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on TV in a few hours. But over in London it sure looks like they’re having a supercalifragilicious expialadocious good time. Chimney sweeps! Ravers! Children jumping on beds! Giant Voldemort-like puppets ready to eat you alive! It’s like Harry Potter and Mary Poppins met up with The Clash for the world’s weirdest acid trip. Here’s 25 of the most insane Opening Cermonies moments so far. USA! USA!

(And check out the 50 Hottest Olympians Blazing London This Summer, too!)

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Lady Gaga-Lindsay Lohan Friendship Has Us A Little Worried (And Is LiLo To Blame For That Nude Pic?)

Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Von Unwerth and Lady Gaga

Earlier this month, we heard stories about Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey striking up a friendship and having a little slumber party at the Chateau Marmont in L.A. We kind of shrugged it off as one of those fever dreams we have after writing too many blog posts. Also, they were reportedly just playing board games and watching old movies, so we really didn’t believe it. But yesterday, Gaga posted pics from their ladies’ night on her site.

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Beyonce Wins The 2012 VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards!

Beyonce wins the VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards

Wow, guys. We knew the Bikini Awards were hot, but we were not expecting this level of heat in the final faceoff! After a whopping 108,432 votes, you have declared Beyonce this year’s winner. It was a close call, though, as followers of Italian model Claudia Romani often gave her the lead in the past few days, with Claudia herself often tweeting encouragement to her fans (not to mention sending us photo after photo of herself!). In the end, she lost by a margin of 53 to 47 percent. Still, if enthusiasm for Claudia on this site is any indication, there are big things to come for her!

During the last round, many Bey fans began requesting a different set of bikini pics of the bootylicious beauty. We’d been keeping the competition down to the most current photos available. But now that she’s taken the gold, we’ll give the public what they demand: Beyonce’s 2007 Sports Illustrated cover and other pics from the past five years. So congrats on all your hard work, Bey Hive. Now you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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[Photos: Sports Illustrated, Tumblr]