Off the Court and Onto the Red Carpet: The 20 Most Fabulous Athletes at the ESPY Awards

Want to see some fresh faces on the red carpet? Well, athletes like Maria Sharapova and Danica Patrick left their rackets and racecars behind last night while they attended the ESPYs in Los Angeles. We counted down the best dressed celebs from last night’s star-studded event, but we also want to show you tons of athletes got all glammed up and looked completely stunning at the award night!

As much as we love watching our fave football players —those tight white pants!— running around on the field, Tim TebowDrew Brees and Victor Cruz sure do clean up well! We love any opportunity to see athletes strut their stuff in their red carpet best and they definitely did not let us down.

We barely even recognized some of these athletes without a ball or surfboard in hand. Check out the gallery below to see them getting down with their glam selves as well as wearing their game faces!

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ESPN’s Body Issue Confirms That We Want An Athlete’s Body

ESPN‘s fourth annual Body Issue is out and we are all drooling over this year’s athletes. Honestly, who even knew that the human body was capable of looking like this? The English dictionary needs to seriously be updated to include a word that fully defines just how really, really ridiculously good looking these champions are, because calling them “toned” or “hot” seems like the understatements of the century. Regardless of their sport, from golfing to surfing to running, these athletes show how exercise does miracles for one’s physique and confirm that we all need to really start using our gym memberships…or better yet, purchase a gym membership.

While looking at ESPN‘s photos may make you want to never wear a bikini again, don’t lose all hope: these sports’ superstars actually give us a pretty refreshing view on body image. Rather, viewing their bodies as machines that must perform at the highest level possible, the Olympians seem more accepting of their figures and less concerned about their weight — it’s really refreshing to see bodies in a magazine that aren’t stick thin. Check out what some of these athletes have to say about their bodies. It seems some of them have more than just athletic skill but also have a pretty good knack for inspiring and entertaining us.

Maya Gabeira: “Most women are afraid of being too strong. When you surf, your muscles get bigger, especially your shoulders.”

Danell Leyva: “After I’m done training, all I want to do is eat a huge meal and go to bed. But sometimes I think about trying to get better abs.”

Tyson Chandler: “I’m pretty much a normal person’s size — just stretched out.”

Abby Wambach: “Female athletes are getting very, very thin, but I’m a bigger woman — I have bigger muscles, and that’s OK.”

Maurice Jones-Drew: “I’m a cross between the Hulk and Iron Man.”

Carlos Bocanegra: “We hear from members of the opposite sex that they enjoy our legs.”

Ronda Rousey: “People made fun of my arms and called me ‘Miss Man.’ It wasn’t until I got older that I realized: These people are idiots. I’m fabulous.”

Jose Bautista: “It’s pretty funny that people think I’m supposed to have big arms just because I hit home runs.”

Candace Parker: “The last time I was on the cover [in 2009], I was pregnant, so it’s nice to see the body transform.”

Megan Hodge: “The bodies are different because the positions we have are so different. You have little people, tall people, big, skinny — you have everything.”

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Miley Cyrus Debuts Her Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Tattoo. Yup, Add That To Our List Of WTF Celebrity Ink

Miley Cyrus gets a Teddy Roosevelt tattoo

Ke$ha topped the list of our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos a few weeks back when she proudly displayed her inner lip ink reading “Suck It” on instagram. But now the dollar-signed-one might have some competition in Miley Cyrus, who was seen today showing off her new Theodore Roosevelt-inspired tattoo. We say “might,” because honestly we’re not sure how to feel about it. Body art inspired by our 26th president isn’t something we come across on a regular basis. On one hand, we guess it’s a pretty cool quote taken from a 1910 speech in which he said “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” But on the other hand…what? And furthermore, WTF? We know you’re just being Miley, but damn. Maybe she’s still feeling the patriotism from her 4th of July festivities. Head on down to the gallery below to see more celebrity tattoos that left us scratching our heads!

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Lily Collins And Jamie Campbell Bower Look Mighty Flirty As They Prep For Mortal Instruments

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower

Much as we thought Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright were an adorable couple before their split last month, we must admit to squeeing with delight when we saw these photos of Jamie with his Mortal Instruments co-star Lily Collins in Toronto yesterday. According to the Daily Mail, the two arrived in town for pre-production meetings for City of Bones, the first movie based on Cassandra Clare‘s gorgeous urban-demon-hunter YA series. And you don’t have to be an expert in body language to read these pics as serious flirt-town. She touches her hair as they chat at an outdoor table. She pats his hand as they walk. He leans into her as he says something funny. They laugh hysterically at each other’s jokes.

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower
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VH1 Celebrity Bikini Awards: Courtney Stodden, Maria Menounos And All The Other Ladies Who Defy Categorization

Arianny Celeste, Maria Menounos, Courtney Stodden

It’s the second week of the annual Bikini Awards, and you’d think we’d run out of sexy men and women to objectify in their tiny triangles of fabric. But though we’ve thoroughly covered the supermodels, pop singers, Disney alums, reality-TV stars, Hollywood stunners and, of course, the boys of summer, we have one more category of bikini greatness to share with you. Only we have no idea what to call them, as these ladies kind of defy simple categorizations. We have the likes of Maria Menounos, TV presenter and now an expert ballroom dancer. There are foreign hotties like Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, Swiss-Italian TV hostess Michelle Hunziker and Miss Finland, Sara Chafak. UFC Octogon girl Arianny Celeste basically dons bikinis for a living, but that doesn’t mean she minds wearing them on her days off too. Courtney Stodden demonstrated earlier this week that she’s as good at dancing in a two-piece as she is at floor-flashing in one. Socialite Tinsley Mortimer manages to make her dip in a pool look super classy. And though since dating George Clooney, Stacy Keibler has been covering up more than flashing her amazing gams, she still managed to land a magazine cover baring her magnificent midriff. Which of these multi-talented women do you most love seeing splash around at the beach? Peruse the gallery and then choose. Voting ends July 15 at 11 p.m. ET.

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Welcome Back To America, Lady Gaga’s Butt! We Missed You!

Lady Gaga LAX Welcome

Did you know Lady Gaga has been gone on her world tour for exactly 666 days? Okay, we made that up, but that’s the only thing that would have made Gaga’s triumphant return from her shows in Australia much more bad-ass. Flying into LAX today, the “Princess Die” singer greeted the U.S. the only way she knows how: middle fingers blazing, butt clearly visible through her pantyhose. Actually…this is really embarrassing. Was no one else wearing see-through tights over a thong while she was gone? Why wasn’t anyone keeping the faith alive? We needed you back, girl! The nation needed you back.

Lady Gaga Arrives At LAX

Maybe Gaga is just getting into the mood for her next album, for which the singer says she has the title and concepts; it seems like a middle-finger-plus-visible-cheeks endeavor. “Let’s just say I feel, I feel that when I wrote Born This Way, I demonstrated a sense of maturity,” Gaga told her Perth audience this past weekend. “And I feel that, on the next album, there’s a lack of maturity, it’s a tremendous lack of maturity or sense of responsibility.” That sounds…incredible. You know, literally seeing Lady Gaga’s behind back on American soil — it feels like today is the real Independence Day. If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go listen to Martina McBride and drive around on the back of a cherry red Ford pickup.

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Tyson Chandler Goes Nude For ESPN‘s Body Issue: Here’s 26 More Athletes We’re Gonna See Naked

Tyler Chandler goes nude for ESPN Body Issue

We’ll be honest: ESPN‘s Body Issue gives us body issues. Have you seen some of these athletes!? Their toned and tanned torsos look like slabs of beef, whereas ours has more in common with a bowl of oatmeal. A large bowl of oatmeal. The body really is an amazing thing sometimes, especially with people who devote their lives to physical fitness. ESPN created the annual Body Issue basically to stare at these incredible masters of muscle. They even lay it out in their mission statement:

“Each year, we stop to admire the vast potential of the human form. To apologetically stand in awe of the athletes who’ve pushed their physiques to profound frontiers. To imagine how it would feel to inhabit those bodies, to leap and punch and throw like a god. To … well, gawk. So go ahead; join us.”

This is all well and good, but it sounds like just another excuse to get attractive people naked. And hey, we’re totally cool with that! New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler graces the cover of this fourth annual issue, with just a basketball covering his, well … basketballs. “‘The Body Issue’ is a chance for the ‘average person’ take a good look at athletes bodies and why we are able to do the things we do,” he told the magazine. “I wanted people to look at my body and see why I’m able to do the things I do on the court.” So go ahead folks, look at his body. Go on, LOOK AT IT!

And get ready, because he’s not the only fitness fiend we “average people” are going to get a chance to feast our eyes upon. Check out the gallery below for the rest of the athletes who stripped down for the issue. You’ll get a chance to see ‘em all when the issue hits newsstands on Friday!

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Jon Hamm’s Baseball Pants Own Today’s Internet

What’s the word for when you’re swooning, but also you’re shrieking at the top of your lungs at the same time? Shrooning? Swieking? We are swieking with panicked joy over these photos of Jon Hamm at the 2012 Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game yesterday in Kansas City. Our hands are flapping so hard with excitement, we’re about to rocket out the window to Don Draper beard scruff heaven. And if there had been any visible Taco Bell in these photos? Forget about it. We would be lying under this computer in a heap. We know, we know, it’s so embarrassing when we can’t stop ourselves from leering over the Mad Men star, but would you please use your eyes and your soul look at those baseball pants? You. Guys. Good thing we packed our lunch in a paper bag today, seeing as how we need it to hyperventilate into it.

Okay, we’ll reign it it, but seriously, as far as we can tell Jon Hamm is good at everything (everything = looking good while smiling and wearing cleats). The Bridesmaids star joined Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet, Glee‘s Chord Overstreet, America Idol‘s David Cook and a bunch of other people who aren’t Jon Hamm for the game, which airs on ESPN tonight. And then…we guess the Internet is over after today? We could keep it going, but that sort of seems like gilding the lily. The lily being Jon Hamm’s baseball pants, obviously.

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True Blood Remembers Its Horror Roots: The 8 Scariest Moments From “Let’s Boot And Rally”

Jesus' severed head on True Blood

Don’t get us wrong, we love the sex and twisted humor of True Blood. But every once in a while, the show gets so wrapped up in the task of squeezing 15 quirky plots and 50 blindingly beautiful actors into an hour of TV, it forgets another essential element of a show about vampires and other supernatural beings living in a swampy, remote town: the scary bits. To make up for it, apparently, Alan Ball and Co. made last night’s episode, with the deceptively innocuous title “Let’s Boot and Rally,” a full-on horror extravaganza. Here I’ll list the scariest bits, and at the end you can vote for the scene that kept you up all night.

1. Jesus’ head has a message. Poor Lafayette can’t catch a break. In answer to his prayers for help from the boyfriend he murdered, both Lafayette and his crazy mom are visited by the Dia de los Muertos version of Jesus (pictured above).

Rat bodies

2. Rats eat Russell Edgington’s leftovers in the spooky abandoned mental hospital. Love how Sookie fully acknowledges that they’re about to enact the oldest horror-movie scene in the book, but still, we were wimpering right along with Alcide’s employee Doug. Everyone else was just too jaded by life in Bon Temps to flinch.
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We’re Happy To See Awkward 12-Year-Old Megan Fox Had The Same Beauty Regimen We Did

Megan Fox Posts Middle School Photos

Let’s see…pin-straight hair, metal hair clips, super-tweezed eyebrows groomed with an old toothbrush just like Seventeen instructed. Yup, middle school Megan Fox was rocking the exact same look we were at that age. “Say hello to my 12 year old self,” Fox posted to Facebook this morning, along with the adorably awkward photos. “I encourage you to admire my citrus/copper colored highlights (thanks Sun-in!) my braces, and my ever present sunburn. And yeah I’m brushing my eyebrows with a toothbrush in that one picture…” Plus, is that the most severe sunglasses tan we’ve ever seen in our life? If we could just see Megan with toothpaste dabbed on her zits, we couldfinally  die a happy death.

Now, we’re not saying baby Megan Fox isn’t beyond cute. That choker? Please. She would have dominated the last three rows on the bus, aka the cool kid rows. We would have dove out of our seat in the cafeteria if she’d so much as looked at us. But seeing as how the Friends With Benefits actress has always been known as the smokingest of babes, it melts our frozen hearts to see her at her most gawky. First Megan Fox’s pregnancy, than this. The girl has got our number.

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