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Kristen Stewart And Her Trademark Mini Electrify The MTV Movie Awards

Our favorite ever-evolving style icon Kristen Stewart broke out her skinny stems and slipped on a funky Guishem mini for the MTV Movie Awards. With lightning bolts on the bodice and angular purple streaks down the skirt, we’re digging this edgy, form-fitting frock. Topped off with tousled hair, metallic nails and simple black pumps, she’s surely a contender on our forthcoming Best Dressed list.

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15 Adorable Pics Of Adam Levine’s New Victoria’s Secret Girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

Looks like Adam Levine found a way to soothe his broken heart after breaking up with his girlfriend of two years, Victoria’s Secret model Anne V: Dating another Victoria’s Secret model! The singer/Voice judge/super-hot-lady magnet was snapped kissing, holding hands and joking around with 23-year-old Namibian VS Pink girl Behati Prinsloo earlier this week, where he was attending a friend’s wedding.

While the Daily Mail brings up how awkward it’ll be in the dressing room for the next VS shoot, we would like to focus on something else: How absolutely adorable Prinsloo is. The model, who’s covered several European Vogue and Elle issues and posed for everyone from the Gap to Zac Posen, not only tweets out super cute pics of herself, she seems to have a blast in front of the cameras at red carpets and on the runway. Check out this little collection we put together, and insert a “Moves Like Jagger” joke here:

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Lady Gaga Celebrates 25 Million Twitter Followers, Here Are The 25 Best Reasons To Follow Her

Lady Gaga reaches 25 million twitter followers

Mother Monster has a new title: Twitter Queen! Lady Gaga has busted social media records today by earning her 25 millionth follower on Twitter, making her the most followed person in the entire world. Her closest competition comes from Justin Bieber, who trails by more than 2.5 million. “#25milliontweetymonsters wow! I’m officially feeling like the luckiest girl in the world today,” the music megastar tweeted this morning.

But hang on a second. There are 7 billion people in the world. What the hell are the rest of you 6.75 billion doing!? Join Twitter and follow her! Need a reason? OK, you asked for it! We’ve assembled the 25 best things we’ve learned about the pop goddess since following her on Twitter. Check ‘em out in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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Snow White And The Huntsman‘s Got A Prince Too! Prepare To Fall In Love With Sam Claflin

Even if you’ve been watching all the nonstop coverage of Snow White and the Huntsman, you’d be forgiven for still wondering about that handsome Brit who keeps appearing alongside Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. Your new fairytale prince is Sam Claflin, a 25-year-old U.K. native who’s fairly new to the big screen, but will definitely be making a reappearance. Prior to his role as William in Snow White, Sam’s first big movie break came when he was cast as Phillip Swift in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Across the pond, Sam has already made quite a name for himself after appearing on two award-winning British TV series, The Pillars of the Earth and Any Human Heart in 2010.

Sam’s now the new boy on the Hollywood block and definitely catching everyone’s eye. We can’t help but fall in love with him. Sam is a gentleman, charming, sweet, a terrific actor, and well … pretty darn beautiful. We’ll have to keep our admiration from a distance, though, as Sammy’s taken. He’s engaged to English actress Laura Haddock whom he brought to the London premiere of Snow White. Check out the video above, in which Sam so eloquently describes to our own Kate Spencer what beauty is to him, working in a loving reference to Laura.

If you’re not convinced just how charming he is, browse through this painstakingly created Sam Claflin gallery (it was a tough job, but someone had to do it!).

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Rihanna Gets Topless For Her Esquire UK Cover, New Perfume Campaign, And Just Because

Rihanna Topless On Esquire UK Cover

It’s gotten to the point that we’ve honestly forgotten what Rihanna looks like wearing a shirt. She probably looks…good? We imagine? Riri looks great not wearing a shirt obviously, which is probably why her Week of Nakedness continues today with photos of her upcoming Esquire UK photo spread. “Ain’t like me, dat bitch too phony,” the singer boasts along with photos of herself clad in black lingerie, whistle and/or military dog tags, which we guess could technically count as 1/50 of a shirt? Maybe? As for her cover photo, RiRi says, “They can say whateva, ima do whatever.” Yeah, we guess “whateva” rarely requires you to wear a turtleneck…

On the other hand, if we had to compare them RiRi’s Esquire pics are downright demure next to those in her nude perfume campaign, posted by her pal Melissa Forde. “I got a big shoot tomorrow for a surprise fragrance for my ladies called… NUDE! Bye bye dreadz, for NOW!” Rihanna tweeted about the pics. “Oh, and clothes,” she added. “Bye bye clothes, for EVER!” Okay, so Rihanna didn’t say actually that last part with words. But she did said it with her totally commitment to nudity. She said it…with her totally topless heart.

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Les Miserables Trailer: 8 Things That Should Cheer Up Anne Hathaway And Co.

Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables

Whoa. We’ve heard Anne Hathaway sing a bit before. And we’ve seen her with that haircut. But we’re not sure any of that prepared us for her powerful “I Dreamed a Dream” performance in the teaser trailer for Les Miserables. (It seriously just sent me into flashbacks of dramatically waving fake French flags around our childhood living room and re-enacting all the dying scenes from the musical.) At the same time, the trailer adds a level of sophisticated movie magic that almost makes you forget this story has been told countless times since Victor Hugo first published his novel in 1862. That makes us extra excited for the movie’s December release, and for that reason, we’d like to cheer up Fantine, Jean Valjean and Co. Here are at least eight things that should make them just a little less miserable:

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Post Season’s Cutest Bikini Pics So Far

Jamie Lynn Spears and daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge

You guys can keep ogling those pics we posted yesterday of Gabrielle Union taking in the Miami heat, or admire Kate Upton’s design skill as she posed for her very own line of bikinis. We’ll be over here awwwing over the pics Jamie Lynn Spears Instagram’d of her and 3-year-old daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge on Sunday with the simple captions “#poolday” and “#littlegirls #littlemoments.”

After years away from the spotlight following her scandalous pregnancy at age 16, Jamie Lynn has been getting back in the music biz lately. She performed a bunch of original songs in Nashville (where she now lives) last November and said she’d be releasing a country album this year. She split from Maddie’s father, Casey Aldridge, in 2009, and has since been raising her daughter with the help of her family.

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KStew And Charlize Theron Are Goth Perfection On The Cover Of Interview Magazine

Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron Pose For Interview Cover

The Snow White And The Huntsman trailers already had the 13-year-old Goth inside of us doodling dragons and ogres in her science notebook. Interview Magazine‘s dark and dreamy take on the film’s stars Kristen Stewart  and Charlize Theron  just put more of an adult edge to the gothic fairy tale. If we hadn’t been on board with the burgundy lips and dark couture, they got us with the whole “1920s androgynous lounging tuxedo” look later on. Click past the jump if you want to see what we’re talking about, but please swallow any fluids you might have in your mouth first. You will involuntarily gasp with perfection.

In addition to looking fierce, it seems like KStew and Charlize are also fiercely loyal toward each other. “She is unlike anyone I’ve ever encountered. She is one of those people who walks into a room and everyone knows it,” Kristen tells the magazine  about Theron, adding, “Charlize and I do kind of have similar approaches. We only had a few days together, but we both are absolutely willing to hurt ourselves to do what it takes to get the right feeling, and not all actors are like that. Most actors like to be really comfy.” Praised Charlize, “I’ve been very lucky to work with some great women who know how to hit the ball back really hard. Even the younger girls, like Kristen Stewart, I never look at them that way. I love having women like that in my life.” Meanwhile, we love having these women in our lives. And when when you throw some fishnet veils and smoking jackets into the mix? Perfection.

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A Rihanna Hookup Rumor Timeline: From Drake To J.R. Smith To Drake (Again)

A timeline of Rihanna's relationships

Trying to keep up with Rihanna’s relationship rumors is like trying to keep track of the most complex soap opera in human history. The “We Found Love” singer seems to find new love about as often as the rest of us change socks. At least it you believe the tabloids, that is. For all we really know, Rihanna could be living the life of a nun…a very scantily clad nun. But barely a week goes by when a story of Riri’s new alleged hookup comes spiraling out into the gossip universe, and this long weekend wasn’t any different.

Rihanna was spotted at the Miami club LIV on Sunday getting their swag on in the Florida heat along side long-rumored flame Drake. But they can’t be together because the New York Daily News says she hooking up with bad boy New York Knicks player J.R. Smith. But how can that be if she’s seducing the recently legal Justin Bieber!? No, you’re all wrong: She’s actually entered into a lesbian relationship with her dear friend Melissa Forde. But is Ashton Kutcher involved!? If so, HOW!??!

It’s all too much! So to help you make sense of the swirling vortex that we call Rihanna’s speculative love-life, we’ve assembled this helpful (and very thorough) timeline of all her hookups and relationships, both real and imagined. Enjoy!

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Julianna Margulies Make A Literal Splash At Cosmopolis Premiere

Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge, Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Julianna Margulies at the Cannes premiere of Cosmopolis

From what we can tell, David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is not the side-splitting comedy of the summer. And yet, the photos coming out of the photocall and premiere of the film at Cannes make it seem like the fest’s funniest event yet. Maybe that’s due to star Robert Pattinson’s relentless red-carpet face-making. Or due to the fact that it was pouring at the premiere, and the celebrities in attendance, like Julianna Margulies, could do nothing but laugh at how drenched their gorgeous gowns were getting.

Other random celebs mugging for the cameras at the premiere included Cuba Gooding Jr., Bonnie Wright and Kelly Rutherford. Model Natasha Poly showed the most daring amount of skin at the event, but she had a surprising rival in the side-boob game: none other than Kristen Stewart, in a plunging red Reem Acra stunner. She arrived ahead of her boyfriend and was instead on the arm of pal (and her On the Road co-star) Tom Sturridge.

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