Penelope Cruz: Layers On A Frayer

penelope cruz

While Penelope Cruz looked as gorgeous as ever at the New Yorm Film Festival screening of Broken Embraces, her latest collaboration with director Pedro Almodovar, we do wish she’d taken her jacket off before stepping onto the red carpet. Not to mention that avant-garde hoodie she’s got on under it. Then again, judging from the frayed hem dragging across the floor, maybe the low-cut dress she’s got on underneath needs all the coverage it can get. Woof.

Take a closer look at Cruz’s fashion victimization in the gallery below.

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Pamela’s Panties, Lauren’s Spikes Steal The Hollywood Style Awards

pamela anderson & lauren conrad

Talk about truth in advertising. Pamela Anderson reminded everybody what real Hollywood style was at the Hollywood Style Awards in LA last night, baring her panty-clad crotch on the red carpet to the non-delight of her stylist’s daughter, who somehow got the unlucky job of holding Pam’s train. Other modern style icons at the event included Lauren Conrad, Hayden Panetierre, and Kim Kardashian‘s ass. Check out all these ladies’ looks and more in the gallery below. Watch out for Lauren’s “spiked” heels, though! That literalization is gonna hurt somebody.

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Katy Perry Should Stick To Singing

Why aren’t celebrities simply satisfied with their chosen career paths? They seem to think that having one hit song gives them license to design a line of dog leashes or mix up a perfume, and sadly that just ain’t so. Katy Perry is the latest celeb to fall victim to Hollywood’s “I can do it all!” attitude, with her recent stint hosting some Fashion Week interviews for

Don’t get us wrong, we love Katy when she’s prancing around onstage and canoodling sex-freak Russell Brand (Katy, he’s gonna break your heart – watch out girl!) but interviewing Karl Lagerfeld? No thanks. The iconic designer didn’t seem all that charmed by Katy’s clumsy on-camera skills – he gently corrected her when she confused a leather dress for metal and said he preferred listening to his pal Lily AllenKaty’s arch-nemesis – when getting ready for shows. Ouch! Clip above. [via ONTD]


Diva Style Shot Of The Week: Pascale


We asked you – our glamorous readers – to send in pics of yourselves that best show off your diva style. Our blog team then picked one of your photos to be featured  here on TheFABlife, and we’ve got our final diva on deck!

Meet Pascale, who is 33 years old and hails from Florida and NYC. She describes her style as “sexy, chic, colorful and fabulous” and tells us she can’t live without her favorite M.A.C. products, Philosophy’s Purity cleanser, and the bangles she designs herself (Pascale’s House of Bling Bangles, ya’ll). Pascale’s style icon is none other than the sexy Kim Kardashian, and is inspired by her skintight bandage dresses – just like in her awesome pic above! [Thanks to our sponsor, Samsung’s brand new DualView camera]

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Fabulous Fall Trends: The 20 Hottest Stars In Leather


From Gaga to “Gossip Girl” fashionista Taylor Momsen, starlets are spending their fall feasting on leather. Yep, your favorite red carpet regulars are addicted to that shiny black goodness, and if a designer can make it, they’ll wear it. From classically cut leather jackets to skintight leggings, leather creates a look that is both timeless and totally rock n’ roll.

For inspiration, check out our gallery of 20 A-list starlets decked out in leather. Brought to you by Old Navy. [Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]

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Nicole Kidman’s Tight Fit, Face

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman squeezed her body into a tight black dress for a photo op at New York’s Omega boutique, and all anyone can talk about is her head! While the Daily Mail goes on about her intense ponytail, a.k.a. the Croydon Facelift, Grazia Daily wants to know what’s up with her new hair color. Unsurprisingly, her wrinkle-free face is getting a little attention as well.

Do you think the 42-year-old actress needs to tone things down, or should she flaunt it while she’s got it? Soak in the gallery below and let us know.

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Who’s This Little Princess?

This Hollywood toddler looked super-fashionable for fall on a shopping trip with her mom yesterday – we can’t get over the cute factor of that denim waistcoat over a cozy thick sweater. Who is it? Find out after the jump!

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Stars, Strong Winds Attend Ballet Gala In NYC

JoAnna Garcia & Emily Rossum

Yesterday was one of the windiest NYC has seen in a while, sending the dresses at The American Ballet Theatre’s Fall Gala 2009 flying like tiles off the top of a Brooklyn brownstone. Among the victims were Gossip Girl‘s Joanna Garcia, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Emmy Rossum, though the dreads of Rossum’s rebound rocker, Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz, paid the breeze no mind. Watch the hair fly in the gallery below.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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EXCLUSIVE: Mary-Kate And Ashley Shop With A Smile


Pint-sized billionaire twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took their boyfriends, artist Nate Lowman and Justin Bartha on a little shopping double date in the City of Light on Tuesday, and despite their wealth and gigantic celebrity status, a source inside one of the stores they popped into tells TheFABlife that the pair were beyond polite and friendly. After smoking outside, Mary-Kate and Ashley walked into the boutique, smiling and joking. When asked if they wanted the store closed for them, the source tells TheFABlife, “They smiled and declined and said it was fine, they would just be a few minutes.”  After perusing the shelves, the source says, “They picked out a few items, spoke with the cashier about their trip in Paris, paid and thanked the staff.”

“They are great customers!” the source continues. [Photo:Getty Images]

The FABlife’s Libby Keatinge is at Paris Fashion Week from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, reporting glam details about celebrities, fashion, runway shows, and parties. Follow the action here and on Twitter at LibbyTheFabLife!


Katy Perry And Russell Brand Continue Their Love Parade


Hot new couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand kept their new love hot in Paris when they showed up with their arms around each other at the John Galliano runway show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday. The “Hot ‘N Cold” singer and the MTV VMA host showed up to the runway show looking very proud to be together, happily posing together for photos and going backstage to chat with the designer. Katy and Russell were escorted to the front row, a few seats down from Prince, with whom they happily chatted. Russell rubbed Katy’s back throughout the “Sunset Blvd.”-themed show and the two whispered in each other’s ears. The couple held hands and Russell even kissed his lady love on the cheek when the show came to a close. Looks like this romance is on!!!

After the show, Katy wrote on Twitter, “Oh my, Galliano was by far the best. It was a dark sexy dream of beautiful mental sparkling women. I can relate to that, the mental part.” Katy and Russell were first spotted together outside the actor’s London home and then he jetted to Paris to be by Katy’s side at the Fendi party. [Photos: Getty Images]

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The FABlife’s Libby Keatinge is at Paris Fashion Week from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, reporting glam details about celebrities, fashion, runway shows, and parties. Follow the action here and on Twitter at LibbyTheFabLife!