EXCLUSIVE: Nicky Hilton: Paris And I Are “Polar Opposites”


Sisters Nicky and Paris Hilton always make headlines with their fashion choices, but according to Nicky, dressing up wasn’t always fun and games. TheFABlife caught up with the younger of the Hilton sisters at Charlotte Ronson‘s runway show today at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

“We fought over clothes. We did not like sharing,” Nicky told TheFABlife. As for now, the two sisters have no problem fighting over duds, because, according to Nicky, they don’t like the same things!

“We have such different styles, polar opposites, so it’s not really a problem,” Nicky tells TheFABlife. [Photo: Getty Images]


BREAKING NEWS: 15 Seconds Of Paula Promo Footage Unearthed

Above is the extended cut of the jokey employment-office commercial that VH1 Divas host Paula Abdul appeared in to promote the show. Take all the time you need to process the fact that we are offering you 15 seconds of additional Paula hilarity. Take more than 15 seconds, even. But, whoa, 15 seconds of footage. That’s 15 million microseconds, people. That’s a microsecond for each American that suffers heartburn daily or a microsecond for each overweight Canadian.  We are far, far too good to you. You are very welcome.

VH1 Divas premieres Thursday, Sept. 17 at 9/8c.

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Taylor Momsen: Underage In Underwear


Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen‘s mother clearly did not see her outfit (or lack thereof) as she left for Fashion’s Night Out yesterday in NYC. There is no way any parent would approve of their 16-year-old daughter going out in public wearing nothing but a sheer button-up, a garter belt, and  sequined panties.  Lil J’, you’re growing up too fast! We’re worried. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Gwen Stefani Pulls Off Blue Eyeshadow


Not many people could pull off blue eyeshadow, but leave it to fashion forward Gwen Stefani who brought back the 80s trend last night when she appeared at a Fashion’s Night Out Bloomingdales event. Gwen kept with what seems to be the all-black trend at this Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, but added her own stylish twist with some black, green, and yellow platform sandals. Gwen was perfectly funky yet fashionable as usual! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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TheFABlife At Fashion Week: Mary-Kate And Ashley Make A Mean Cocktail


Pint-sized billionaires Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aren’t just merchandising and entertainment moguls, they also make a mean cocktail, as TheFABlife tasted first hand at the Bergdorf Goodman Fashion’s Night Out party last night. The line was out the door on the seventh floor of the luxury New York City department store at 7 pm, when the twins were scheduled to appear. Although there were hundreds waiting to see what Mary-Kate and Ashley would mix up, only a few party-goers were let into the seventh floor bar, and luckily one of them was us!

Mary-Kate and Ashley, who channeled the 80s with tousled hair and dark lipstick and were dressed all in black, happily mixed up pink cosmos for the  crowd. Ashley was quite a friendly bartender, making us a tasty cocktail and then asking if it was OK. Although the drinks were delicious, we couldn’t stay long, as we had another celebrity pal to meet up with downtown. Cheers! [Photos: Stephen Mao]

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TheFabLife At Fashion Week: Our Night With Rihanna


You would think that after a traumatic year filled with court appearances and constant paparazzi attention, an A-list diva like Rihanna would keep to herself. Not so, as TheFABlife discovered after hanging with RiRi at the Intermix/Paper Magazine event in new York City last night.

Rihanna arrived at the Fashion’s Night Out soiree at a little after 9 pm, and stayed for only a few minutes, but luckily spent some time hanging with us. Although the singer has been chased by media for the last few months, the perfectly put together starlet was happy to chat with TheFABlife about our other favorite thing: fashion!

“I’m so excited for Fashion Week,” Rihanna tells TheFABlife. “I’m wearing Alexander Wang and Balmain,” RiRi said of her futuristic sunglasses and black veil dress that hugged her curvaceous figure. After being ushered into a private corner of the store, Rihanna and TheFABlife shared a laugh about the circus that the event had become. Overall, she seemed to be in great spirits, and with a collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye West under her belt and a new album allegedly on the way, why shouldn’t she be?

“Time to go,” the singer laughed before being escorted out of the event and through the SoHo streets, which had become cluttered with fans and party-goers waiting to catch a glimpse of the “Disturbia” singer, until she was whisked away into her chauffeured SUV. [Photos: Stephen Mao]

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Victoria Beckham Forgets How To Pose


A raft of A-listers like Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Charlize Theron and more took to the streets of NYC last night to lend their support to Fashion’s Night Out, including one Victoria Beckham. But something doesn’t seem quite right about Posh’s appearance at Bergdorf Goodman.

The normally immaculately dressed fashionista wore an outfit that just screamed junior hooker (sorry, but skintight flouro dresses and thigh-high leather boots just say Pretty Woman to us) and proceeded to pose incredibly, unbelieveably awkwardly for the cameras. She’s had enough practice at it in the past so we’re baffled – was it those ordinary, normal sized people standing too close that made Posh nervous? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Drew Barrymore: Two Tone Hair Mare


Drew Barrymore has been our favorite celeb to watch for, er, bold fashion choices recently. There was the bandeau 80s boob tube under a t-shirt, and then that lovely tablecloth. Now she has returned to her roots for her new hair color, but instead put her roots on her tips. Or something. Anyway, however pretty and adorably nutty Drew is, we can’t approve of thick black dip-dyed hair with blonde under any circumstances. Sorry! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Kendra’s Candyland Baby Shower


Kendra Wilkinson is about to pop out her baby boy and the E! reality star had a Playmate-studded baby shower to get ready to welcome her new little one into the world. Hugh Hefner, new girlfriends Crystal Harris, and Karissa and Kristina Shannon attended the event. “The girls are going to Kendra’s baby shower today,” Hef wrote on Twitter. “Crystal, the twins, Holly, Bridget & Kendra will all be there. How can I stay away?”

Playboy Mansion secretary Mary O’Connor hosted the Candyland themed event at her home, and former Girls Next Door Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt arrived early to hang blue balloons and blue streamers. One former playmate who was clearly NOT invited: Kimberly Hefner, who Hef filed for divorce from this week after an eleven year separation. [Photo: Getty Images]


Miley Cyrus To Join SATC Cast?


In the first Sex And The City film, Jennifer Hudson was cast as the ingenue that Carrie Bradshaw mentored in the ways of life, love, and handbags, but we didn’t even consider who else besides the usual suspects (and Mr. Big) to expect in the sequel. Now all of a sudden, word on the street is that Miley Cyrus will be making an appearance in the new film. Of course we don’t know if she’ll be taking over Hudson’s role as Carrie’s assistant, or if she’ll appear in the 1980′s scenes that are being filmed right now (we’re so excited for that – it’s like the SATC creation myth!) or what.

Even though she isn’t even 100% confirmed, a source says they’ve set aside a day of filming in October to fit her schedule. It might seem weird, but really, it makes sense for Carrie Bradshaw to meet her heir apparent, Hannah Montana. We love it! [JustJared]