Solounging On Grassy Knowles


Solange Knowles may be a globetrotting diva, but the songbird showed that she doesn’t require a posh private pool at the Four Seasons in order to work on her tan. Beyonce‘s little sis’s tanning venue of choice on Tuesday was none other than the general public patronizing Central Park in New York city. No hotel key or velvet ropes here; Solange and a pal lounged on a blanket while listening to music, reading Dwell magazine and even chowing down on a sandwich and some chips for lunch. Solange is just like us! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Style Wars: The Return Of Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City 2 has been filming for no more than a day and the glamorous outfits already abound, excluding Sarah Jessica Parker‘s 80s-inspired disaster. SJP was seen yesterday bounding down the sidewalks of Manhattan in gold sparkly Louboutins and donning a chic wrap dress. Later that day, she strutted in a vibrant purple number accessorized with an oversized pink purse. While we’re worried about the plot lines of this seemingly unnecessary sequel, there will no doubt be plenty of fashionable eye candy. Which first day outfit looked more fabulous? [Photos: Splash News Online and Getty Images]

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Please Shield Our Eyes From This Hair Horror


We have just one thing to say about this shot of Sarah Jessica Parker from the set of the new Sex and the City movie, currently filming in NYC. Please say this is for an 80’s flashback segment. Please. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Fashion Designer Anand Jon Sentenced To 59 To Life


Fashion designer Anand Jon, who had appeared on “America’s Next Top Model” and designed clothes for Paris Hilton and Mary J. Blige, has been sentenced to 59 years to life in prison for sexually assaulting seven young women and girls he enticed with the promise of modeling jobs.

Anand acted as his own attorney and asked for a new trial because of juror and prosecutorial misconduct. Judge David Wesley denied his request.

His victims looked on and wept from the jury box. Several victims spoke before the sentencing including one who said, “I was 14. You took my adolescence, my trust, my dream, and completely manipulated them for your sexual desires.”  [Source: LA Times; Photo: Splash News Online]


Victoria Beckham Makes Incomprehensible Dress Commercial

We like to think of ourselves as pretty smart, and don’t expect all of our advertisements to say – HEY! BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT’S GREAT! to understand the message behind it. But really, coming across the new commercial for Victoria Beckham‘s latest line of dresses has confused us completely.

It’s models on swings. In a London street. For ages. All the while someone is singing opera very badly. Then someone says a few colors, and then we see the side of Posh’s head – because she’s swinging from a bus stop. Ahhhh, yes of course, the symbolism is obvious! Ahem. Actually, it’s one of the worst, most pretentious ads we’ve ever seen.  And we can’t even make out the damn dresses properly.


Bolton Goes Gaga

File this under weirdest music news of the day: Lady Gaga and Michael Bolton are collaborating on some new songs together. The 56-year-old Bolton had never heard of Gaga until she approached him to work together and now they will be co-writing songs for his latest album. He said, ” My manager and the label tag-teamed me on the phone about writing with a young artist named Lady Gaga who I had never heard of – but they were raving about – they said that she was a huge fan of mine and wanted to write with me.” Bolton was impressed with Gaga’s artistry, saying she reminded him of a young Madonna. We can’t wait to hear what this collaboration sounds like. Can we expect the “Time, Love and Poker Face” world tour?

Bolton has never been someone whose music appealed to us, but perhaps Lady Gaga will breathe some much needed life (and Spandex and lucite and underpants) into the album. And we know that Bolton has had a haircut since 1990, but we had to post a photo of him in his heyday with that hair because it’s just too good not to show off.  [Source:; Photos: Getty Images]


Rihanna Pulls A Grace Jones For Italian Vogue


“Project Runway’s” Nina Garcia said recently that the ’80s are back. So are the ’60s, ’70s and ’90s. But whatever. The new cover of Italian Vogue, featuring Rihanna splashing water from a bucket instead of blocking it with her umbrella, definitely looks like a throwback to ’80s style icon Grace Jones.

In the shoot, by Steven Klein, Rihanna has the same angular makeup, including Grace’s patented Cat Eye on Steroids look. Rihanna also sports a Grace Jones-like vertical hairdo and even a similar badass glare. Now if someone could just get Rihanna to recreate this iconic image, we could die happy. [Photo: Vogue Italia]

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Miley Cyrus: Soaked And Singing On “The Today Show”

VH1 Diva Miley Cyrus took to the stage in Rockefeller Plaza this morning to perform on “The Today Show,” gettin’ down for a sea of fans despite the gnarly weather.  Before singing such hits as “The Climb” and “Party In The USA,” the singer chatted with Matt Lauer and revealed herself to be surprisingly mature for someone who’s just 16 years old.

“I’m not here to say I’m perfect ’cause I’m far from it,” said Miley. “My mistakes are kind of a little bit harder because they are in front of millions and millions of people. It’s hard sometimes to smile about it, but it also makes you want to try harder the next time.”

The singer performed live in the pouring rain to a huge gathering of fans – watch video of her doing “Party In The USA” above and “The Climb” below. And be sure to watch Miley on “VH1 Divas,” airing live on Sept. 17 at 9PM EST. Until then, check out the official Divas site, follow the VH1 Divas Twitter and watch videos by the artists in the lineup. Plus, leave a testimonial for one of the divas at

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Elle Macpherson’s Dog Is New Fashion Superstar

Elle Macpherson

Believe it or not, those amazing Elle Macpherson model genes haven’t just passed on to her two cute sons. No, the supermodel effect stretches far and wide, even to her pet dog. A news release has announced that Elle’s labradoodle Bella Macpherson (ahem) has landed a top “five figure” gig as the face of designer dog accessory brand Dogside.

“We’re delighted to have Bella on board and are certain she will be able to turn the heads of the nation’s eight million dogs,” says a rep. Pix of Elle’s (admittedly) cute dog strutting her stuff are available here – we just hope Elle herself doesn’t have to endure any future diva tantrums and phone-throwing from the newest star in the household. [Photo: WireImage]


Tori Amos Doesn’t Foresee Lady Gaga’s Staying Power


Tori Amos is sort of like the matriarch of eccentric pop stars, but she has some criticism for Lady Gaga, who she fears has more style than substance. The 46-year-old Amos has been in the public eye for over twenty years, but she doesn’t think someone like Gaga has such staying power.

Amos explained, “She’s what I call a meteor – singers who entertain people for a while. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. But then there are people like Neil Young who show up at Glastonbury 40 years into their career. And that’s a very different kind of artist. Neil Young doesn’t have to get his bum out on stage!” Now we have a mental image of Neil Young in chaps, thanks for that, Tori.

She’s not entirely critical though, as she thinks Lady Gaga does have a place in entertainment right now. “She wants to entertain people. Right now, half the world is depressed and they need to be entertained. So her timing’s perfect.” We agree with Tori, but at the same time, no one could have predicted the longevity and appeal of a redheaded songstress who regularly credits faeries for helping her write her music. [Photos: GettyImages]