Looking Good Is The Best Revenge


After starting off the year with a heated divorce court battle with ex-husband Peter Cook, who she busted sleeping with his 18-year-old assistant last year, Christie Brinkley emerged at the Southhampton Hospital’s 51st Annual Summer Summer Benefit Gala in Southhampton looking like a vision in yellow. The former supermodel accessorized perfectly with a minimally made up post-divorce glow on her face, gladiator flats, a turquoise cocktail ring, gold bangle earrings and a multicolor necklace that made her yellow floor length dress pop. Take that! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Check Out Jessica Simpson’s Panties!


Jessica Simpson will be adding lingerie to her burgeoning merchandising empire which already includes clothing, luggage, bikinis, and fragrances.

“My intimates are feminine and sweet with a hint of fun,” Jessica says of her new lingerie line. “I love lingerie. What girl doesn’t? My lingerie reflects the way I’m feeling when I wake up and helps me set the tone for my day.”

“We spent a lot of time on the details,” Jessica says. “I really wanted to make this line special.”

Would you wear Jessica’s lingerie? [Photo: Getty Images]


Diva Alert! Elle UK Editor Calls Lohan’s Shoot Unpredictable, Confusing

Back in June, Lindsay Lohan shot a photo spread with Elle UK (see video from the shoot above). You may recall that she was accused of stealing at least $45,000 worth of jewelry from the shoot and was being investigated by British police for the incident. Now, the September issue of Elle UK is out with Lohan on the cover (and the sub-header “7 Unbelievable Days With Lindsay Lohan”), and it does sound like the time the magazine spent with her was unbelievable – some (er, us) might even say intolerable.

Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy wrote in her letter from the editor, “Lindsay Lohan wrote me a note during this month’s cover shoot. It read, ‘Let’s do it again some time.’ I’ve put it on my office wall because, in all honesty, I don’t know if I could. This was the most unpredictable, and confusing cover shoot in my magazine career. First, Lindsay was about to arrive. Then she was in Paris. She was almost on set, then she disappeared into her hotel room. She was ready for her interview, then she had to have a fake tan! But we got there. And what we got was amazing. This shoot is truly original, just like Ms. Lohan herself. In the end, she did her job brilliantly and, I hope you’ll agree, so did we.”

We’re getting agita just thinking about what these people had to deal with. In the cover shot, Lohan’s image is overexposed, ironically, to make her appear pale white – so much for that extra tanning sesh.


Mischa Barton Also Needs Fashion Rehab


We are really pleased that Mischa Barton spent some time in rehab recently. We really hope it’s done her a lot of good, and that there’ll be less incidents of the starlet rocking up to events clearly off her tree and pretty miserable. We’re really happy that she’s dyed her hair a shade of brown — doesn’t it look nice? Um, we’re really pleased she’s smiling in this photo, too — isn’t she pretty?

OK, we’ve ran out of positive things to say, now. That dress, dear God, the dress! Mischa! Please stay sober and everything, but we cannot be supportive of such a heinous gathering of fabric, ever. Did you wear this for a bet? Or was it from the set of your new show?  Or do you need a fashion “sponsor” to accompany you now at all times, gently urging you to step away from the cutaway Lycra bondage dresses? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Style Wars: Rihanna Vs. Ciara

Rihanna is always on the cutting-edge of style (helloooo, dagger-shaped nails) and must be used to posers imitating her bold style. But apparently the singer was a little peeved with Ciara recently copied her cropped look – even though RiRi hasn’t worn her hair like this since January 2008. Says a spy, “Ciara has always looked up to Rihanna, so this is not a big surprise. They used to be friends, but Rihanna’s over her. She’d like Ciara to get her own look.”

Damn! Was she mad when Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen totally ripped off her “Shhhh” tattoo too? We’ve got both the ladies and their competing hair-dos above. Which singer do you think pulls it off? Vote above and tell us!

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Kylie’s Frumpy New ‘Do


It’s been said that there are three stages to a movie actress’s career: babe, District Attorney and Driving Miss Daisy. And although Kylie Minogue hasn’t done much film acting (we don’t really count Street Fighter and The Delinquents, sorry) the singer has slipped neatly into her second stage with this new haircut. We’re not really loving the boofy sensible ‘do, but it’s sometimes hard to remember that Kylie is actually 41. Welcome to District Attorney land, Ms Minogue! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Rihanna Shows Us Her Nipple Petals Again


We can’t really work out why Rihanna didn’t wear a bra with this outfit. It’s a long-sleeved black top which in no way would be compromised by the addition of supportive underwear. Still, thanks to Ri-Ri’s reluctance, we got a flash of her favorite nipple petals, this time in bright pink. The superstar was headed out to pal Katy Perry‘s concert afterparty  at Club Griffin in NYC and livened up her demure outfit with a cheeky addition.  It’s not half as daring as her sparkly nipple-petals-with-tuxedo look of a few weeks ago, but it’s clearly a trend. Yikes. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Gisele’s Disappearing Baby Bump


Wow! Doesn’t Gisele Bunchen look incredible in this new photoshoot? The supermodel shows off her killer body while posing in a trenchcoat and not much else — although you may be wondering just where her pregnancy is hiding itself. Not to worry, it’s been digitally removed to, um, respect her privacy. Say again?

“Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele Bundchen in nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump. Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life,” said Dari Marder, Chief Marketing Officer of London Fog.

Eh? What “visible baby bump”? Perhaps if Gisele’s privacy was of such paramount importance, she wouldn’t have posed in just a pair of heels and a come hither look? Hard to see how a little few pounds of extra bumpage on show would affect this. We’re just sayin’. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lily Introduces Her Bling With Another Nip Slip


Lily Allen launched her new range of jewelery in London’s chi-chi Claridges hotel this week, and looked like an extremely sophisticated young businesswomen while doing so. Comprising “Lily Allen” nameplates (hey, did someone forget to tell us about the 1999 revival?), letters, chunky panda necklaces, fish earrings, a “coin” range and more, the collection looked cute — but we have to admit still having a sneaky preference for Nicole Richie‘s gorgeous House of Harlow line.

In typical Lily style, she inadvertently flashed a boob during the photocall, but otherwise kept it demure and stylish. Sigh — whatever happened to that sneaker-and-ballgown-wearing girl of a few years ago? [Photo: Getty Images]


Jennifer Lopez Looks Amazing At Surprise 40th, Gets Pissed At Latecomers


Now that’s one hot mama. Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 40th — 40th!! — birthday over the weekend at the Edison Ballroom in NYC.  Husband Marc Anthony threw the multitasking diva and mom of twins a surprise party for her big b-day on Saturday night.

According to reports, Jennifer was touched to tears as Marc sang her a song in Spanish, but she was also upset that so many of the guests showed up late. Attending the “An Evening For Lola” bash was Jennifer’s manager Benny Medina, Ricky Martin, sister Linda, L.A. Reid, Alicia Keys and boyfriend Swizz Beatz (latecomers!), and Liza Minnelli.  Not in attendance were Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, which allegedly upset the birthday girl.

We hardly need to point out that in her goddess-style Grecian gown and flawless makeup, Jennifer looked totally amazing, too. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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