Lady Gaga Is Broke

Style maverick Lady GaGa definitely doesn’t get her outlandish outfits from the high street — and it’s this addiction that has left her totally broke. According to the star, who’s had Number One successes around the globe, forking out on all those gimp masks and bubble dresses has wiped all her cash out.

“I’ve gone bankrupt about four times now. My manager wants to shoot me. Every dollar I earn goes on the show. Now we’re finally getting to a place where it’s not bankruptcy. Then again, with another tour coming up soon I’ll probably be homeless again,” she says.

Never mind, Gaga, when Topshop start copying, sorry, “being inspired by” your designs and 13-year-olds start wearing exploding bra outfits, you can rebel by wearing T-shirts and tracky pants. That ought to save a bit.


Christian Audigier Calls Posh Spice “Simple”


Christian Audigier is famous for his torn, bedazzled $120 Ed Hardy t-shirts, and apparently the designer thinks that anyone whose clothing is not laden with gems and their name is just not up to par. Christian recently bashed Victoria Beckham‘s clothing line, calling Posh Spice’s designs “simple.”

“I like her, she is a nice girl, but she is not completely my style,” Christian says. “I have seen some of her designs, they are very simple. It’s difficult for an artist or a singer to enter the world of fashion.”

Maybe Vicky B.  should glue some gems and paint “Posh” all over her duds and then Christian wouldn’t think she is so “simple.” [Photo: Getty Images]


The 2009 Paris Fashion Week Yearbook Awards

Designers, models and celebs (Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke, Marion Cotillard and Cate Blanchett) have all descended upon Paris for Fashion Week Haute Couture. Big-time fashion fans might be able to look at creations by Karl Lagerfield or John Galliano and understand the fabrics, the themes and the general excellence of achievement. But here at theFABlife we are just laypeople, and so we’re covering this serious event by giving out pointless awards. Enjoy our Paris Fashion Week Yearbook Awards for 2009. [Photos: Getty Images]

Most Likely To Be Sexually Harassed By An Ostrich


Least Likely To Get Swine Flu


Most Utilitarian Outfit Of 2009


Most Likely To Be Mistaken For The Entrance Of A Car Wash


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Hayden’s Fierce Fashion Parade


Hayden Panettiere is on the publicity trail for her latest movie, I Love You, Beth Cooper and has hit the streets of NYC looking absolutely AMAZING. We’ve criticized her before for dressing too old for her young years, but are taking it all back despite the baby that she was inexplicably cradling in her arms. In a series of edgy but sexy dresses, simple styling and bags of confidence, Hayden looks the business. We want her wardrobe (and let’s be honest, her stylist too). [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Megan Foxes It Up At Fashion Show


Megan Fox has started her journey from sexbomb action flick star to serious, fashionista A-lister by attending a proper catwalk show. The actress has already been hailed as the sexiest in the world, and brought her va-va-voom to the Armani Prive runway show in Paris.

Sitting next to catwalk veteran Cate Blanchett, Megan looked gorgeous (as usual) but made some rookie mistakes. Namely, don’t wear the normal four-inches of makeup and vamp it up for the cameras like you normally do. It’s all about pretending you don’t care, and that you haven’t spotted the lenses. Baby steps, Megan. Baby steps. [Photo: Getty Images]


We Like Helena Bonham-Carter’s Fashion Insanity


You’ve gotta love Helena Bonham Carter. The eccentric British actress is starring as Bellatrix Lestrange in this month’s Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, and you might be forgiven for thinking she hadn’t changed out of her costume. But the star, who describes herself as the “Antichrist of Fashion,” can’t be beaten when it comes to combining the maddest style. Come on, we’ll all be wearing the demented-little-girl-as-tramp look next season!? Won’t we? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Chris Brown And Rihanna Look-Alike Get Cozy At Diddy’s White Ball


Chris Brown looked like he was enjoying himself at Diddy‘s White Ball in Beverly Hills over the weekend — and got chatting up close and personal with Rihanna look-alike Teyana Taylor. The two had already been spotted sitting together courtside at the NBA finals, and it was pointed out that her style looked similar to Rihanna’s. But don’t think she’s taken fashion tips from Chris’ ex. “I’ve always dressed like that. I’ve always had style … I’ve had that Mohawk now for months,” Teyana previously explained. OK!

The charity bash was a celeb-stuffed affair, with guests like co-hosts Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Khloe Kardashian, Tila Tequila, Tara Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, Mariah Carey and Russell Brand all nearly blinding us with their bleached-out duds. [Photos: Getty Images Entertainment, Splash News Online]

Many more pics of Diddy’s annual soirée below.

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All Tore Up


Leggings were getting kind of boring, so plain and black and all. Lindsay Lohan tried to spice them up with her line 6126, but now the Saturdays’ Una Healy has taken them to a whole new level with this ripped up version. Hot or not? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lily And Katy Love The Leopard Print


Could they be burying the hatchet and swapping fashion tips instead? Lily Allen and Katy Perry famously engaged in a war of words a few months ago, but it seems all that playground fighting is forgotten now as they’re morphing into style copies of each other. Glossy bobbed brown hair — yep. Big 80′s-style jacket — yep. Horrible neon leopard-print leggings — gah, shield our delicate eyes from this horror! Only girls with the same tastes could think these were a good idea. Surely BFFs are on the horizon. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Rihanna’s Outfit Is Out Of This World


Rihanna hit up the Gramercy Hotel last night in NYC to celebrate Allegra Versace‘s 23rd birthday, looking like some sort of sexy space traveler. The single starlet stunned in black and white, with shades and gloves to match. For more of Rihanna’s out of this world look, check out the gallery below. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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