Style Wars: Cammy Vs. Katie

Clearly you know the answer when we pose the question “does Cameron Diaz or Katie Price look the most stylish when arriving at Heathrow airport?” But hey, we just like to have our fun. The two celebs touched down within hours of each other yesterday in London, and in the blue corner, Katie rocked her usual acres of orange skin teamed with a symphony in turquoise Lycra. Meanwhile, Cammy kept it achievably sexy with a blazer, scarf, skinny jeans and boots in classy neutrals. And — shocker — she wheeled her own suitcase! We think she wins hands down. What do you think? [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Rihanna: Hot Hair, Freaky Nails

The always fashion-forward Rihanna got in a little shopping time in New York City this week before jetting off to London. While browsing in the Big Apple, RiRi – decked out in a see-through top – showed off her new hair-do and freakishly long nails.  Her new look might not work on most people, but we think the singer pulls it off. Are you feelin’ it? 

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Style Wars: The Hilton Sisters

Both Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton went shopping in L.A. yesterday. Nicky was spotted shopping with her mom for shoes at Christian Louboutin in West Hollywood and Paris hit up a pet store in Beverly Glen, probably buying shi shi treats for her chihuahuas. Both sisters wore large shades and showed off their slender frames with thigh-high summer dresses. While Paris gussied up her outfit with high heels, Nicky went for a more laid back aesthetic by wearing sandals. Which Hilton sister looks hotter?

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Kim Kardashian Goes Goth


Kim Kardashian is all about trying new looks, but this is one we did not expect from the reality starlet. Kim goes totally goth in a new photo she posted on her blog, where she sports pale skin, dark lips, and no eyebrows!

“Since vampires are all the rage right now, Troy Jensen and I thought it would be cool to try out a more gothic, almost sinister look! This look was inspired by Prada’s Fall 2009 runway show and it is so unlike anything I’ve ever done! And no, I didn’t actually get rid of my eyebrows, haha. Troy used an eyebrow concealing wax to hide them! Pretty creepy, right? I call this my Twilight look!”Kim says.

What Kim doesn’t explain is what this was for. Was this for work or is this just what Kim Kardashian does on a random afternoon if there is nothing else to do?


Jessica Alba, What Are You Doing?


Yikes! Jessica Alba normally looks like she has the sort of deft stylish touch that’s made Kate Moss into an icon (see above for her past fashion hits), but we’re really not sure what she’s trying to do here. Aside from the ill-advised love-in with a bottle of peroxide (although we’re hoping that’s for a role) the knee-length dress looks like something our moms would have made us wear to look “smart” at a family gathering when we were 13, and the shoes also scream “sensible!” And once we’ve gathered ourselves, we’re then assaulted by the terrible, terrible wrongness of her scallop-edged shiny leather jacket. It’s so sad seeing a beautiful woman in bad clothes… [Photos: Splash News Online]


Cheryl Cole Hits L.A.


She’s already conquered TV and music in Britain, and now Cheryl Cole has landed on U.S. shores, and seems to be making just as good of an impression as she does in the UK. The Girls Aloud star and X-Factor judge is taking a break from filming to record some of her solo material in Los Angeles with Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.Am. Cheryl landed at LAX early yesterday wearing a thigh-skimming babydoll dress, and was reportedly surprised by the level of pap and fan attention at the airport.

Cheryl is also rumored to be in town to discuss starring in an American version of X-Factor as a judge, something which mentor Simon Cowell is said to be lining up for her – as long as she loses her Geordie accent. “He’s joked about her needing elocution lessons, but in all seriousness, it’s something she’ll have to consider,” reports Now magazine. Judging by the effort she made to look stunning after an 11-hour flight, we’d say the problems of a pesky regional accent wouldn’t be too much. [Photos: Splash News Online]


Mousketeer Lady Gaga Is “Married” To Kanye, Disses X-Factor


Even by Lady Gaga standards, we’ve been impressed by the crazy level in her outfits the last few days — first there was the Muppet skirt and now she’s slinking around London after her gig dressed as a mouse. Gaga dined out at hip Soho restaurant Balans in a woolly black dress (despite the hot weather), topped off with a pair of veiled ears. Yep, she’s still got it.

Despite her ever-wacky dress sense, beneath the costumes lies a pretty astute woman. Gaga spoke out about why she can’t stand the plethora of music contest shows, like Britain’s X-Factor. “I’ve not been asked [to appear], but I would never go on anyway. Music is not something you should judge others on. I have nothing to say about Simon Cowell,” she said. And then she goes and confuses everybody again by claiming she’s married to Kanye West. “I’m married to Kanye. I love and admire him so much. As I say, we’re married,” she said. Whatever you say, Gaga. We’re not going to argue with a woman with spiky ears. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Emma Watson Does Not Want To Dress You

Emma Watson

Considering the fact that a handful of celebrity clothing lines (including Jennifer Lopez‘s Sweetface and Mandy Moore‘s Mblem) have gone under in the past month, it seems like Hollywood is learning a hard lesson that an interest in clothes does not necessarily make one a fashion designer. Luckily there are awesome young actresses like Emma Watson who, despite being beloved by designers and having great style, have no desire to pretend to be the next big thing on the runway.

Watson told WWD recently that she would only consider designing something if it was for charity, otherwise, she’s happy just being an actress. “I’m really not interested in doing it for my own ego. I’m not a designer. If someone asked me to do something that was beneficial to a cause, then maybe I’d consider it, but not just [to be able to say] ‘Look at me! I’ve got my own line!'”

And as for a fragrance, forget it. “[It’s] gotten so ridiculous. The idea of making my own perfume makes me want to vomit.” Love her so much. Interesting though that she doesn’t mention wanting to create her own spray-tan line, since that’s also an option these days. [Photo: GettyImages]


Fashion WTF: Bai Blinds Us With Bad Fashion


When we go out shopping, we usually pull on some yoga pants or maybe our cleanest pair of jeans and an old T-shirt. Not very eye-catching, to be sure. Luckily, we have found the yin to our yang in old reliable Bai Ling.

Ling stepped out in all her bizarre, potentially crotch-revealing glory while shopping in L.A. recently and  to the innocent bystander, it was just like looking at one of those magic eye posters – eventually you have to squint and your eyes cross a little for staring too long. [Photo: Splash News Online]
For more of Bai’s beauty – and baffling fashion sense – check out our gallery below.
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Lady Gaga Brings Muppets To Manchester, Flashes Nip


Did we miss the memo where muppets were declared en vogue? While we’re unable to identify which muppet Lady Gaga specifically beheaded for her skirt, we know one thing for sure — it’s hideous. She rocked the Jim Henson look from head to toe at a charity concert in Manchester, UK, paying homage to Miss Piggy with her blonde ringlets and light pink lipstick. While lost in Muppetland, Gaga let her nipple loose, to the paparazzi’s delight. See pic below.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]