Hermoine Trades Hogwarts Duds For Burberry Glam


In the Harry Pottersphere, Emma Watson has risen to fame as a spirited member of Hogwart’s clique of kid wizards. Off the set, 19-year-old Watson is making her mark in the fashion world. She’s frequently seen romping around London in chic ensembles and earlier this spring, she proved her model worth in a stunning Interview spread. Now, the budding star has become the new face of Burberry, filling the shoes of supermodel Kate Moss. Watson’s role as the feisty Hermoine may have helped her land the deal. Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey stated, “I felt Emma would be strong enough to hold the campaign as the only girl, and I loved the idea of her being surrounded by these young, cool British guys.”

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[Source: Daily Mail; Photo: Warner Bros., Mario Testino for Burberry]

After the jump, preview Hermoine’s latest work in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, hitting theaters July 15th.

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Is She For Real? (Part Two)

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum normally always looks fantastic, pregnant or otherwise, so we can only blame a rush of hormones to the head for this choice of outfit. Swathed in a cacophony of what looks like old curtains, Heidi’s followed in the footsteps of  Drew Barrymore’s tablecloth tragedy in thinking more is more when it comes to material. It may be an economic way of getting a new look – just pop round to Grandma’s and get her to run you up a giant new catsuit with those 1960’s soft furnishings! – but we’re not convinced. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Whitney Port’s Short Shorts: Faux Pas or Fashionable?


Whitney Port was spotted trotting around the Big Apple this weekend, decked out in a pair of barely-there shorts and a skimpy crop top. But while she showed off a ton of skin, her outfit was more “working out” than “going out.” While we often admire Whit for her fashion risks, these booty-revealing shorts are a little too risque for our tastes. Keep it in your pants, pretty lady! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Friend-Less Pothead Megan Fox Flaunts Legs

Megan Fox

Megan Fox strolled the red carpet last night at the Tokyo premiere of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen with her best foot leg forward, demurely posing for the paparazzi posse in a stunning eggplant-colored gown. But her beauty hasn’t won the starlet any BFFs. “I have no friends and I never leave my house,” Megan told The Sunday Times.

She continues: “It’s easy when you feel upset or depressed about something to want to go to a club and want to drink. But instead I just force myself to sit and feel it and deal with it, and try to grow from it, because I don’t want to go down that path. I’m one of the most isolated people in existence right now. But it’s worth it. Because if I wasn’t making that decision I would be throwing away my career.”

But the actress has discovered a hobby that keeps her very busy – and high. In a recent interview, she tells GQ UK that her favorite pastime – besides acting – is hittin’ the bong. “I can’t tell you how much bullsh*t I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed,” she fumed to the mag. “People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, f*cked-up thing to do. And it’s not! I hope they legalize it and when they do I’ll be the first f*cking person in line to buy my pack of joints.”  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Rumer And Evan: Separated At Birth


Have Rumer Willis and Evan Rachel Wood been swapping style tips? The two actresses turned up at the Young Hollywood awards at the weekend looking remarkably similar. Both had died their hair the same shade of “electric copper” ( (c) Murray from Flight of the Conchords), wore dresses in on-trend monochrome, sported lilywhite skin and the hand-on-hip photog pose so beloved of old hands Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Seriously, are we seeing double? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Is She For Real?


Yes, Drew Barrymore really went out in public wearing this tablecloth last night. Her outfit is so odd that we barely even noticed that she was holding hands with her “ex” Justin Long while leaving the Green Day concert in Los Angeles. There are so many questions to be answered in this photo! What is she wearing and what is up with their on/off/on relationship?[Photos: Splash News Online]

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Nicole Richie Looks Stunning As Baby Bump Finally Arrives

Nicole Richie baby bump

Does anyone do pregnancy better than Nicole Richie? The jewelery designer and fashion plate arguably looks her most gorgeous when expecting a baby, and turned up to host a runway event with Pete Wentz yesterday looking particularly yummy-mummy-esque.

With her baby bump now firmly in place, Nicole looked amazing with a simple black top and trousers dressed up with a cropped jacket and that now-famous House of Harlow necklace (she’s a smart lady). We’re getting all girl-crushy on her, now. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Kimora Simmons Names Baby Boy Kenzo


Only a fashionably fabulous name would do for Kimora Lee Simmons and boyfriend Djimon Honsou‘s new baby boy.  The couple named their new bundle of joy Kenzo Lee Honsou, after famed Japanese fashion icon Kenzo Takada.

“He’s a little prince,” says a pal. Kenzo joins Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, Kimora’s children from her previous relationship with Russell Simmons. [Source: New York Post; Photo: Getty Images]

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Pink Hates On Fur-Loving Kanye West


Pink better be ready to get her ass handed to her in all caps and exclamation points. The songstress has attacked Kanye West for – hilariously – complaining about the lack of fur at staunch animal activist Stella McCartney‘s spring fashion show (where the two hung out, above). She complains to FHM Australia:

“Kanye West is the person pissing me off right now. I was at Stella McCartney’s Paris fashion show with the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Paul McCartney and Kanye West. The entire time Kanye is going, ‘They need more fur in this show.’ He just wouldn’t shut up about how he loved fur. I mean, he’s saying this to me, the PETA guy and Paul McCartney! I was just so grossed out by him. I’m like, ‘You’re an idiot!’ There are so many people who I think are a waste of skin and he’s up there. I should wear him. Go on, donate yourself Kanye. People can wear your fur.”

For someone who insists he will “design dresses that will end up on red carpets at the Oscars,” Kanye is pretty ignorant about some basic fashion knowledge, like that the super-famous Stella never uses animal products in her line. Maybe he should take a crash course in Fashion 101 before he heads to the tents at Bryant Park.   [Photo: WireImage]


Sandra Bullock’s Sloppy Chic

sandra bullock

We know it looks like Sandra Bullock‘s dress isn’t on right, but—trust us—it is. Thanks to an asymmetrical top and an intentionally bunched bottom, Sandra defined disheveled at the premiere of The Proposal in LA yesterday. Maybe she was going for “windswept.”

Shayne Lamas (hair ribbon and low-cut lingerie top, good one) and Malin Akerman (did a fish die to make those shoes?) also committed fashion crimes on the premiere’s red carpet. Were they trying to make the movie seem funnier? Check it out in the gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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